Phone cooking: A renowned chef, his favorite apps, and a contest

Phone cooking: A renowned chef, his favorite apps, and a contest

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Whether you’re a professional chef, a mom cooking for her family, or a single person looking to impress your date, Windows Phone with its Live Tile-enabled food apps can make home cooking fun and easy.  I first realized this one evening when my son ate all of his dinner and I promised him a special dessert.

Rather than doing the microwave popcorn thing (again), I found a recipe for haystack cookies in the All Recipes app on my Windows Phone. By pinning the instructions to my Start screen, it was really easy to know what to do and my son and I had a great time making the cookies together.

I shared the experience with my co-workers and we agreed that just about anyone could cook using Windows Phone. We found a kindred spirit in John Sundstrom, head chef and owner of Lark Restaurant in Seattle, and together we put that theory to the test. Last week, we invited food bloggers from around the country to Lark for hands-on Windows Phone cooking class where technology met food.

A Windows Phone user who’s been featured on Food Network shows like “Best Of” and ”Food Nation,” John showed attendees how to prepare some of his favorite recipes from apps like All Recipes, Betty Crocker, and Epicurious.

The evening’s menu was slightly more sophisticated than my haystack cookies: Asparagus with Parmesan, Caramelized Chile Shrimp, Maple-glazed Wild Salmon, Portuguese Pork and Clams, and even Chocolate Mint Brownie Cookies (is your mouth watering yet?). Recipes were pinned as Live Tiles to the Start screens of each cooking team’s Windows Phone and they were given one hour to prepare a different dish for the meal – from appetizer to dessert.

John also treated attendees to “French 75” cocktails, which he found using Cocktail Flow, and created wine pairings for the prepared meals using Mobile Sommelier. (See what one of the bloggers thought about the event.)

Have you used your Windows Phone to cook? Tell us how in the comments section below and you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win a Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone preloaded with Chef John’s favorite cooking apps and the recipes mentioned above. (U.S. customers only)

The winning entry will be chosen by random selection and notified via this blog post on or before June 30, 2012. To claim the prize, the winner will need to email with your full name, preferred email address, and Windows Phone Blog screen name on or before July 10 and we’ll send you all the details. Make sure to put “Cooking with Windows Phone” in the subject line. Check out the official rules for complete details.

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  • Thanks everyone for the numerous and thoughtful comments.  There were many key learnings like the popularity of One Note for shopping lists and cooking. Alas, the winning entry was chosen by random selection today and it is:  

    To claim the prize, will need to email with your full name, preferred email address, and Windows Phone Blog screen name on or before July 10 and we’ll send you all the details. Make sure to put “Cooking with Windows Phone” in the subject line. Thank you and congratulations.

  • I've used the AllRecipes and Cocktail Flow apps to make some great food for friends! I got all of the ingredients and preperations done ahead of time so when the party started I only needed to the instructions on my Windows Phone to put all of the ingredients together!

  • I haven't used a Windows Phone to cook. How ever my sister-in-law has and I'm going to have to recommend some of your apps to her to get her even more enabled.

  • I'm a huge Epicurious fan and consistently wow friends at parties by making the top rated recipes. Having Epicurious with me at the store lets me change course and find something else to make if the store doesn't have some hard to find ingredient (which happens pretty often with some of the fancier Epicurious recipes). It's my secret weapon.

  • KJ34
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    I use my windows phone to make my shopping lists that I take to the store. I also use my phone to find the lowest price on specialty ingredients that I need.

  • tomina1
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    For my birthday, my husband made me a OneNote file with all my recipes on it. It's great because I can now look up recipes on my phone and all the computers around the house through that. With my windows phone, I can pin my favorite and most popular recipes to the home screen and easily access them whenever I need to!

  • I haven't used my windows phone to help me cook yet. But that is such a great idea. I will try it out tomorrow. What I do use my windows phone for is when my cooking goes bad and I burn something then I use local scout to find me the closest pizza, chinese or thai place so I can go out for dinner.

  • OneNote is great for making lists for the ingredients I need. I also use All Recipes to get ideas. I am more of a free form cook so I get an idea from a recipe and then I improvise a lot.

  • Oh, how I would love to cook with the phone. I do love to cook. And bake,  Just missing the Windows phone. All the comments before me give such  great suggestions that I would not have any troubles to use it. Thanks for a chance to win it.

  • We use ShopGlider too. They have wonderful WP app ( ) powered by the website where you can store and manage all the shopping lists and recipes.

  • While in the kitchen I use it as a speakerphone to connect with smart and creative loved ones - because i need instructions on how to make anything other than a shake :-P

  • I uses One note to keep track of what all is required, With Epicurious and AllRecipes on my phone i get ti try new thing everyday. I use my Pinterest App to find something that looks good, slip the ingredients in to the shopping list app before I head to the store, and the Sommelier app to pair up a great glass of wine. Everything I make I share take Photos and share with my friends on facebook

  • I use the Sticky Note app to create my grocery list and to copy down recipes. This has worked great because I used to be the Queen of leaving your grocery list at home. Now I always have it wiith me. Love the Windows Phone! No Crapple for me! :)

  • I cook often and have All Recipes installed on my WP as the standby sous chef for my kitchen cooking adventures. Like a generous genie, my device and app serves me the flavors of the world whenever and wherever. I can partake in my chef-periences whether at home, with friends as well as on the road. It is the centerpiece for my personal culinary show.

  • I kept my favorite family/personal recipes in OneNote - so easy to copy and paste from from a Word doc to OneNote on a PC and just sync - voila - it's on my phone!

    In combination with that is that I also use the same Note to track the shopping list needed if I want to cook based on those recipes. I open the Note before shopping and check off the items that are in my fridge/pantry and buy the stuff that I still need.

    There you go, a single Note with OneNote, triple the usage: keeping track & sync my recipe collections, shopping list, and for look up during cooking!

  • dj_tof
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    Using onenote to sync all the recipies we already have on our PC

  • nosaeR
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    All recipes to come up with a recipe with whatever food you're in the mood for, then punch the ingredients into the shopping list app (MS) so I can check the things off as I get them.  I would be lost without my phone and have to eat ramen every night!

  • aj34
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    I use my windows phone when I cook to look up new recipes and have them handy in the kitchen.  I put my phone in a plastic bag if I am cooking something pretty messy. That way I can still use it but the phone is protected. My fav sites for recipes are AllRecipes and tastespotting.

  • otelis
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    I am an amateur Chef and I am continuously preparing new recipes. I use Office OneNote to go writing the recipe as I'm preparing it, so keep the ingredients and proportions in one place. When the recipes go well, I took photos of the dishes and share in my social networks. Usually when I go to visit my mom, my family or my friends I am always offering the preparation of a dish, to encourage them show them pictures of my dishes, if they accept, always bring the recipe with me, on my phone. In addition that the advantage is that I can always see it from any computer that has OneNote.

  • I used my Nokia to search for a coffee cake that incorporated blueberries and cream cheese like my friend and I craved, found a great one and improved on it (it obviously needed turbinado sugar and cinnamon in with the nuts and crumb topping!!) we then each consumed 1/4 of the cake while watching War Horse. An excellent night :)

  • I find recipes I want to try on Pinterest just about every day, I am always shopping and cooking through my Pinterest boards, I need to try the shopping list app, sounds great. Most of the recipes have been as good as they look and sound -- a few looked a lot better than they turned out. Then of course I talk, tweet and listen to music while I cook.

  • I use for recipe search, I copy/paste to OneNote and pin it to my start screen.  Shopping is snappy and cooking is a breeze.

  • joern
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    I take photos of great recipes I find with my Windows Phone or type them into OneNote. Shop all the ingredients and get crackin'!

  • kitlerc
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    I've never used my WP7 for cooking, but now I have to try it!

  • i use allrecipies, livestrong, and epicurious apps to make and keep track of all the awesome food i eat

  • Fresh ideas are abundant with allrecipe!

  • I don't own a windows phone but reading all these great post make me really want one so I can try all the different recipe apps so I hope I win.

  • I always pull out my Windows Phone and use the Allrecipes app whenever I make tri-tip.  I don't cook often enough to remember the correct temperatures, so I need something portable in the kitchen during those special occasions when I want to wow my family.

  • Deacon
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    I've used mine to cook right after watching an inspiring episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives lol ... I took the All Recipes and looked up the perfect turkey burger ... while I cooked, I had the Windows Phone on the counter to make sure I was doing the proper ingredients .. worked "nearly" perfect lol

  • Charles
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    OneNote and SkyDrive bring my recipes together.  Windows Phone and my chef's knife get the cooking done.

    My personal recipe book in MS-Word is printed to a PDF file in my SkyDrive Recipe folder.  Windows Phone Office app makes it easy to access it in the grocery store and sometimes in the kitchen, even though a printed copy is handy.

    In the grocery store, as well as in the kitchen, I frequently refer to Bing or Windows Phone apps, Allrecipes, Betty Crocker, BigOven or Epicurious, for meal ideas and ingredient decisions.

    In the kitchen, I'm always referring to the USDA Blog "Cooking Meat? Check the New Recommended Temperatures" because I don't seem to want to memorize the new recommended temperatures.  The trick here is to pin the reference material or recipes while you're cooking -- pin in the app and pin in Internet Explorer.  Pinning working documents while cooking makes it easy to get back to where you were when you're interrupted.  

    While cooking, I keep Windows Phone OneNote open to a recipe scratch pad page and touch the microphone icon to voice record notes of changes or variations to recipes -- that’s easier than writing them down.  Then later at the desktop computer, it's easy to transcribe the changes to the recipe and then delete the voice recordings.  This keeps my personal recipes updated with my new experiences.

    Gathering new recipes is easy with Windows Phone.  I use the Handy Scan app or the Windows Phone Camera to take pictures/scans of recipes, and later, drag them into my OneNote Recipe notebook where they're organized and indexed.  I do this at family gatherings to get copies of handwritten heirloom recipes or to save "according to directions" recipes on boxes.   My new trick is to use OneNote to voice record people giving cooking advice or describing their recipes.  When I'm out shopping anywhere food is discussed, I've learned to always have OneNote ready to record, especially at the Penzey's Spices stores.

    So for me, Windows Phone, with SkyDrive and OneNote, is as essential as my favorite chef's knife.

  • grey74
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    I use the All Recipes app for fantastic ideas for dinners, desserts, breakfasts whatever the need is! The windows phone is so fast and easy to maneuver with one hand, that I can be mixing with one hand and scrolling to the next step in the process with the next. If that recipe doesn't work, I can easily adapt to other recipes and bookmark them for a quick return to the favorites. I don't enter the kitchen without my windows phone!!

  • What's for dinner?? Is a common daily question in our household. Most of the time we are pretty good and plan at least 5 meals a week with options for the 2 and shop accordinally that we actually keep in a Google Calendar called "Dinner" where each family gets to choose a dish of favorites (most are the same) and enter it into the calendar which is shared with everyone. A quick glance at the dinner calendar and we know what we are having and it's off to one my apps on my Windows Phone for the recipe if it is something new.

    My 1st go to app is Allrecipes, which has some nice suggestions in daily recipes,go to my favorites, or I can take a spin on the dinner spinner and it will pick something for us based on our time,dish type and main ingredient we have or feel like having. Another app that puts your home dining selection to chance is Shake It Make It, but this is more of a rainy day-try something new app.

    Big Oven is a great app for making dinner from found left overs in your fridge and has the ability to upload a photo of your famous family recipe with RecipeScan (Pro version only) and it will be posted for you and you can then add it to your favorites to quickly go back to. It also has a grocery list feature and nutritional facts(pro version).

    Epicurious is a great app for finding new recipes categorized by relevance like up coming events (great for party planning) and holidays to categories like healthy eats or kid-friendly.

    For new recipes, tips, and articles on making the perfect dish I find from visiting American Test Kitchen and SeriousEats - I copy and paste them into Evernote in a notebook called Recipes on my PC or Tablet and they are easily accesible on my Windows Phone when I need them in the kitchen or in front of the grill especially since each note(recipe/tip) can be pinned to the Start screen for easy access. I also use MyFitnessPal to scan in the barcode of the ingredients and food I eat to track my calories consumed and see if I can have dessert! :)

    If we can't make anything or decide on something we just use Ask Ziggy and say "We are Hungry" and we can go out to eat to a place recommended nearby or use FoodSpotting that will recommend a great dish of food nearby complete with pictures and then use OpenTable to snag the last available table with out having to wait in line.

    Windows Phone helps answer the question of "What's for dinner?" both when you feel like cooking and for those times when you don't.

  • I use Bing search to find interesting recipes and then pin the recipe to my home screen so the ingredient list is handy when I'm at the market. If I like the finished product, I snap a picture and copy the recipe to my OneNote notebook.

  • IanM
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    I use my Windows Phone in the kitchen in a number of different ways.  Beside using apps such as Epicurious and Allrecipes to find recipes, I like to listen to the radio or music when cooking so apps such as TuneIn are used to play radio stations from my native Australia or I use the built-in music player to listen to music (I have a small set of speakers in the kitchen).

    Because many of my cookbooks are from Australia, the measurements and temperatures are in metric and Celsius, so I use the Unit Converter app to convert to US weights and measures and the equivalent temperatures in Fahrenheit.

    Of course if I mess up and the meal is a disaster, I use Yelp or Bing Local to find a nearby restaurant

  • This is the first I ever heard of this app. I'm always trying to work on my cooking skills. But these apps sound more gourmet. I'm looking for more comfort food type recipes.

  • Windows Phone has given our family more counter space in our kitchen as we no longer need big and clunky cookbooks. We have a simple stand for our phones from which we can read recipes from All Recipes or Epicurious. As we're browsing the Internet and find a recipe, we simply copy it to a shared OneNote Notebook, whether we're on our computer, laptop or Windows Phone.

    We used to utilize OneNote for our shopping lists, until we discovered ShopGlider. We use ShopGlider for creating, editing and sharing Shopping Lists in real-time. My wife can be cooking and send me to the store on my way home from work. While I'm shopping she can (and does) add items for me to pick up. Which is great because if I don't know what something is (happens from time-to-time), I can quickly BingIt to see what I need to buy.

    There's even been a few times we've used the timers on our phones for cooking multiple items requiring timing, since the oven only has 1 timer.

  • jake88
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    I use AllRecipes on my windows phone.  its just easier and much more portable so I can move it around the kitchen.

  • myrox84
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    My Windows Phone has helped me bunches with cooking now that I am off on my own in the working world. All Recipes let's me throw in the ingredients I already have and I get back amazing recipes for delicious dishes. I have even impressed my fiance as well as my parents with my cooking when they visit. If it weren't for my Windows Phone I would probably still be living on MacNCheese, Ramen, and cereal like I did in college.

  • Thomas B
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    I used my HTC Radar to look up recipes before I cracked the digitizer. I'm on a backup android device and it's complete garbage. It has higher specs and is 100% slower and 500% more frustrating to use.

  • I haven't used a windows phone to cook.  I would love to use a Nokia Lumia 900 to cook if I selected to receive the phone.

  • Hi there,

    I am studying cert 2 business admin. and have to set up a blog. So thank you.

  • I used to eat in hotel. One day, all hotels were closed due to a strike.

    I don't know how to cook. Then I got an idea !  I took my Lumia 710

    and searched for an app to cook. I found All Recipes :) Wow it guided

    me to cook in the step by step process. But I'm not confident that how it will be.

    That was awesome when I taste......:)

    Wanna Work Perfect ? Its only

    With Windows Phone

  • I often check the AllRecipes app while in the kitchen. Sometimes I just need the list of ingredients for a given recipe. I'll figure out the quantities by taste and experience. I used to have to cross the house to get to a computer, but now it's so much more convenient! And then if I get stuck, I can always give my mom a call for extra help!

  • I use my Dell Venue Pro (Windows Phone 7.5) to look up recipes all the time. Whether it be cooking a simple stir-fry or even baking a dessert I use my Windows Phone for all! On a semi-kitchen related note, I use my Windows Phone for my grocery list all the time!

  • RJensen
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    I would love to get in on all the Windows Phone cooking. Hopefully I'll win the contest.

  • With my Samsung Focus in hand, WiFi turned on, I was able to whip together quite a few concoctions based off of Internet recipes and my own additions. And with Google always handy, I knew when to use baking powder instead of baking soda as well as proper cooking temperatures. Safety and tasty comes first!

  • Joshc09
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    I don't have a windows phone yet(I get an upgrade in 4-5 months)but if I had one this would definitely be a great feature to use. I used to cook a few things here and there but in the last several years I haven't really cooked anything passed pancakes and grilled cheese. I think a windows phone + cooking apps would be a great help since I love technology and I have a phobia when it comes to books - even cook books.

  • I use my phone all the time when I am cooking.  It is so handy to download a recipe and have it right in your hands.  I will frequently be holding my phone reading a recipe while I am boiling water..we do a lot of pasta dinners.  It is very handy.

  • Yes, for me it's Local Scout Eat and Drink section. I need to learn how to cook! :)

  • I use my Windows Phone Samsung Focus Flash and Microsoft's Skydrive to keep all of my recipes on all of my devices so I access them at the store for ingredients or at home while I'm cooking. I like to use Epicurious the most because it makes it really simple to put together shopping lists for certain recipes. Windows Phone has simplified the kitchen to me and will continue to do so!

  • I used my Samsung Focus to help me make Fettuccine Alfredo.

    Too bad I didn't make the pasta quite right... Sauce was fine though :D

  • Myst3ry
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    Honestly? Windows Phone saved me the other day. I was supposed to make an awesome dinner for my girlfriend and her parents one night, a dish that i had pre-made to see how it would come out... so i wrote out the steps and changes through OneNote, took pictures of every step, and used Epicurious for the original recipe... it was awesome :)

  • My two ways to use my HTC 7 Pro for cooking: run timer until cooked eggs and then order a pizza if I did not hear the timer :)

  • I would use my Windows Phone to cook... Well, the first official thing I will cook. (That excludes microwaveable food.) I'll use an app like Epicurious for recipes and suggestions, and jot down a shopping list for the ingredients on OneNote. If the dish needs something exotic, then I'll use Bing Search to look for whatever it might be. Then I'll go home, search for a video through my phone on how to cook the dish optimally, and after an hour or so, voila! My first self-cooked dish.

  • zlorbok
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    My Windows Phone is fantastic for catching up on eBook reading while monitoring slow boils and patiently preparing foods!

  • I can just open a search and it will fins a place to eat under local and then it gets a map right there no opening 3 or 4 apps Simple and quick

  • Specifically, I don't really use a dedicated cooking applications. I've heard of Epicurious, but never tried it. This article informed me about the All Recipes application, and it does look very nice.

    I have used my Samsung Focus for cooking several time, however. I have used my Samsung Focus most recently, through a third party Pinterest application, and the amazing IE9 Mobile, to look for a good "Arroz con Leche" (rice with milk) recipe. I did find one, and I went at it. Within a couple hours, I had the most amazing rice with milk anyone in my family, including myself, had ever tasted. I think the usefulness of my Windows Phone is what put that magic touch on the recipe I used.

    Thanks for the heads up on some of these great cooking applications on the Windows Phone!

  • AllRecipes and BigOven get regular use, and I use EverNote for my shopping lists...

  • kounkun
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    I always use the Big Oven app to find recipes to use with my leftover ingredients. I recently discovered the Epicurious app through Nokia's app promotions and am enjoying it thus far. My next attempt will be Gnocchi.

  • I maintain a family cookbook in OneNote that I keep on my SkyDrive. When I get a new recipe, I load it into OneNote under the appropriate category. When I'm cooking, I just take my phone into the kitchen, open OneNote, find the recipe and prop it up on the shelf next to the counter. Then I just follow the recipe. It's great. When I'm out with friends and they share a recipe, I can use my phone to put it in on the spot.

  • wibralo
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    I use Bing Vision to scan the text of my favorite recipes and then the copy the text. I then create a new Word document in the Office Hub and paste the text into the document. I then upload that document to my recipes folder on my SkyDrive. Since me and my Wife share a Live ID we both have access to our recipes on our individual Windows Phones and from any computer, tablet, or laptop.

  • Arber
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    I use BigOven and several other recipe apps to plan dinner ahead of time so I can grab ingredients at the store. I usually have my phone next to me while I'm cooking to make sure I'm making it right. I also use CocktailFlow to put together new drinks with dinner or for social gatherings at the house.

  • To search for the nearest restaurant by using scout because I am useless in the kitchen :P

  • I make a lot of coffee drinks at home. So, I often use my phone to look up recipes and try to decide what to make. I also use the voice dictation to use text messages in the kitchen while I do stuff.

  • Sabbath
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    I love having my personal (family, close friends) recipes in OneNote. So no matter where I am (my house, a friends or on the road) they are at my finger  tips when I'm ready to cook a great meal. Its like having my large family cookbook that fits right in my pocket. Also love the All Recipes app so I can look up new recipes when I am feeling adventurous. P.S. I love taking photos with my camera after cooking the recipes to make my OneNote cookbook look great.

  • Joshg
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    I use my Windows Phone a lot when I am cooking. I have some recipe apps, like All Recipes, but I usually end up emailing myself a link to a recipe that I find when I'm at work on my computer. I just click the link on my phone, go to the website with the recipe and start cooking.

  • When I find a recipe I like, I just drop it into Evernote on my home computer. It's waiting for me on my phone when I get to the grocery store, which makes shopping easy. Open it up in kitchen to start cooking and once I'm done, it's super easy to share pics to my social networks with Windows Phone.

  • Pony
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    I use one note to store ingredients and recipies. WE have a seperate onenote just for wine that we have found that will go great with a meal. Take a picture of the label and how good it was and next time at the store grab another bottle! I also just recently downloaded a diabetic cookbook app that will come in brilliantly to help manage my diabities with healthy food.

  • gmark7
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    Once in a while I'll whip something together using epicurious, but my favorite app for food has to be AllRecipes.  I can pick and choose what I want....and bam!....a recipe is made; it's great!   While I am not yet old enough to drink, I do have a good time using Cocktail flow.  The UI and the design of that app is so beautiful!   Love windows phone!....and food!

  • Typically, I research what I want to eat on my computer using Bing. When i have the recipe I want, I copy to onenote and head to the store. When at the store, it's easy for me look at the list of ingredients to determine what I need. When i'm back home, i use my FocusS to read directions. Having the search button makes it easy to do measuring conversions. Finally, after i'm done...i'll usually upload a photo of the meal via facebook or to my family via SMS.

  • My herb garden has taken over, so sometimes I'll harvest a section of mint, or what I think is mint and then use my windows phone in the kitchen and bing images to make sure I have what I think I have.

  • tbritt
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    I don't have a Windows Phone... But I'd like to win one!

  • I use mine as a chopping board. The screen is so damn tough that it doesn't leave a scratch and it just wipes clean!

  • i really like the betty crocker app and the all recipes when i go grocery shopping i like using my samsung focus but lately it has been restarting its self for no reason :(

  • I use my 710 to search up new ways to give flavor to the different meals I prepare

  • I use all the time now no need for my pc

  • I use zune while cooking :) simple as it is. Listening to music while cooking great food always helps! And one note to save notes while watching a cooking show.

  • cgrizz
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    I use my Samsung Focus for cooking every night.  I access my OneNote Recipes Notebook on Skydrive to access all my recipes.  I love how i can edit my recipes on the fly and add them just by adding more pages on my Phone.  If I'm looking to try a new recipe I go to the All Recipes App and search with the ingredients that i do have to find something I could make.  I love having my phone in the kitchen with me, it really does help me out.

  • I use the AllRecipes app to find a recipe and also when I am at the grocery store shopping.  I also keep a number of recipes on SkyDrive that I access regularly on my phone.  The great thing about the AllRecipes app is it can disable the auto-locking of the phone, making it much easier to glance and cook!

  • jbarona
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    I use the Bigoven and Allrecipes apps to find recipes but i really like using my HD7 to watch cooking videos from youtube so i can go step by step.  that how i learned how to make home made bread mmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • I've used my phone several times with both BigOven and OneNote to look up recipes and cook. I've also searched for cooking tips and techniques so I don't need to go to another computer.  I definitely keep shopping lists in OneNote and similar so I can easily look them up.

  • I love using AllRecipes and being able to just toss in an indgredient or food item that I have in the cupboard to see what dishes I can make with what I have laying around the house.

  • I do keep Epicurious on hand when cooking but most times I have saved recipes to my Evernote.  I open Evernote on my HD7 and set it at eye level. This way I can easily refer back to the screen while cooking without fear of getting food/liquid on it as I would if I was trying to use my laptop.

    I do love cocktail flow; looking forward to some new drink packages to drop soon. It is the age of hand crafted cocktails, I need more options.  ;-p

  • I love to use notepad for shopping lists

  • arrayed
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    I used OneNote to make a shopping list on my desktop, then accessed it through my phone at the store. Epicurious has some pretty delicious recipes, too!

  • I use Onenote as as a repository for all my "go to" recipes, and as as shopping list shared with my wife. app sometimes gets used, though it's a little disappointing that you can't log in and see saved recipes.

  • I don't have one..but if I did I would love to use it for recipes..It sure would take the headache out of cooking a lot things!!

  • ddatti
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    I use the BigOven app all the time to look up my favorite recipes. I learned how to make the best home made blueberry pancakes by finding a recipe on BigOven via the windows phone app, and I make them all the time now. I always have to pull out my WP7 to do it... wouldn't mind a Cyan Lumia 900 to go with those BLUEberry pancakes.

  • I use my Pinterest App to find something that looks good (and everything looks great on my beautiful screen), slip the ingredients in to the shopping list app before I head to the store, and the Sommelier app to pair up a great glass of wine. Then I rock out with my Zune pass while I cook from the recipe pinned to the start screen. Not only is it easier, but makes time in the kitchen more fun, too! If the recipe is a success I add it to my One Note, complete with step-by-step pictures snapped by my phone. A quick post to facebook to share with all my friends, and an email back to my mom (my ultimate cooking inspiration) to make her proud.

  • Haha, I was actually in the process of writing a different story about my WP7 when I came across this blog post :-)

    I've only cooked with my Windows Phone once, but considering that I've got absolutely NO talent in the kitchen and rarely cook anyways (I burnt a salad as a kid, really shot my confidence as far as making food went) it was still a pretty significant step for me. I was at my girlfriend's place and we were baking a cake using some recipe she found online and had printed out, but halfway through the process she decided that she didn't like the recipe anymore and that we hand to use what we had to make a *different* cake. I quickly whipped out my Samsung Focus and searched Marketplace for a cooking app, downloaded it (I think it was AllRecipes, but this was a year ago, so my memory may be fuzzy) and we were cooking again in about five minutes!

    The new cake was still awful, by the way, but it was fun to make!

  • I, too, use a pinned OneNote for a shopping list (with the handy check boxes), the All Recipes Dinner Spinner, and when my wife gets impatient/I screw something up, I have the mobile page of Urbanspoon pinned to my home screen as a backup!

  • I use Epicurious and their Shopping List feature to find a recipe and then shop for the ingredients, then back to the recipe when I get home to prepare it.  It's easy, I can also save recipes as favorites on my phone.

  • I use the Livestrong calorie tracker app (and companion website) for recipe ideas. Load the shopping list into One Note, and off to the grocery store...

  • I use shared onenote documents with my wife for both Recipes and Shopping Lists. We love pretty much all the cooking apps on Windows Phone, less buttons, more beautiful pictures of food.

  • I have cooked many times with my Windows Phone. In fact, I tend to reach for my phone before I reach for my family cookbook now. I'm made dark chocolate bacon cupcake, hot chocolate, roasted cauliflower, bacon-sauteed green beans, mushroom chicken with a red wine reduction and many, many other dishes. Windows Phone has really made my live much easier and unlike other smart phones it doesn't take minutes to find what I actually am looking for.

  • jschroedl
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    I use OneNote for the shopping list and have tried a couple of recipies from the Epicurious app.

  • I only cook from my Windows Phone these days. With Epicurious and AllRecipes on my phone, I never have to use my computer anymore.  On the chance that I find a recipe on a website, all I have to do is open it in IE, and pin the page to my start screen.  Easy!

  • My two favorite ways to use my Lumia 710 for cooking: Drop a bunch of ingredients into the All Recipes "Dinner Spinner" and see what delicious combinations pop out, then take the ingredients list to the store to make sure I don't forget anything. Never tried Mobile Sommelier before - I'll have to check it out for some wine advice!