How to watch today’s Windows Phone Summit

How to watch today’s Windows Phone Summit

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Curious about the future of Windows Phone?

We’re holding a summit in San Francisco this morning for select members of the press and tech community that outlines some of what to expect from us in 2012 and beyond. Event headliners include Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore and other top Windows Phone execs.

The good news is we saved you a virtual front-row seat. Microsoft’s Channel 9 is streaming the event live starting at 9:00 am Pacific. Click here to tune in. (If you miss it, Channel 9 is also providing on-demand replay afterward).

And make sure to check back here a bit later for more on the event from Windows Phone’s Joe Belfiore, head of program management.

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  • tsrblke
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    Really? As I watched the videos I liked the start screen even better.  The mock up pics are certainly cluttered, with big tiles and little tiles all over the place.  But the Phone Joe Belfiore was using had a nice layout (using 4 little tiles in place of one big tile) and I thought "actually, I don't need a giant "Phone" tile or a Giant "Messaging tile" so this works."  And I started to like it more. I think I just needed a layout to show me it could be done in an organized fashion.

  • KR
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    After closely looking at the videos again,i came to realize that I hate the new start screen. And secondly windows phone is no more different than android,i mean fragmentation.

    I bought a wp in 2010 because I wanted a iphone-like experience and ecosystem, but without the iPhone UI and not from that's all gone, and given that WP isn't the best at doing the things I do the most,i guess android is my only option given that I wouldn't by an apple phone

  • abm
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    All I hear is, three deal-breaking points:

    1. "Throw your current devices and get new WP8 device, if you need to get a modern platform".

    2. "Windows Phone 7.8 is the last (minor; UI) update for the first and second gen devices".

    3. "Windows Phone 8 apps won't have backward compatibility as we are stuck with Silverlight and cannot consume C/C++ in further development. (WP7.x apps have forward compatibility though)".

    In WP8 summit, they said Microsoft will take care of device update for 18 months! Means, Windows Phone 9 will not be supported on WP8 devices and will left orphaned like WP7/7.5 devices?

    And how about Bluetooth & WiFi printing and file-sharing in WP8? Oh something left for WP9!!!!!

  • @bill - so good to know that there are other rational people around here!  I got my wife an Arrive for Christmas last year, knowing that it was already somewhat of a legacy device, but also knowing that she would love it - which she does - and she, like your wife, doesn't know a thing about wp8, or 7.8, nor does she care!

    As the carriers are finally coming on board and promoting the WP experience, there are undoubtedly more and more non-enthusiasts in our midsts, and they won't even know wp8 is out until their next upgrade when they happily move to that platform.

    I'm in the lucky position of still loving my G1 phone (Arrive) so I've got the patience to wait till my official upgrade next March, and THEN will worry about what models are out, or soon to come...

  • @djmikebrady... It is nice ot be out of the noise of Joe's post...

    I really have to agree with your assessment of the current gen 1.5 consumers.  I bought my wife the 900 because she was done with contract and hated her Droid.  She is happy as a lark with her 900 constantly says "I know and use so much of my new phone than my old one."  And she has no clue that yesterday happened and will not even care until still sees my new WP 8 phone whatever that may be.  And even then adults know how to wait until its their turn, I was just as envious when I got to play with her 900.

    As for the changes, I like additions in voice... They seem much more useful and not just gimicky like Siri.  It would be nice to keep some of the negative space in the start screen.   It definitely makes the phone much more balanced.  I had only hoped for the ability to switch back and forth between 1 to 2 columns wide.    Apps like Ebay or iMDB should leverage it for search within app commands.

    The shared core is huge because it then could control how long hardware is useful.  Now, you could have a dual core phone that last 4 or 5 years just like a desktop cycle.    And if that is the the case then you could move to have less carrier subsidies and more fluidity in the carrier space.  I would have less problem buying a $500 dollar device outright for convenience of knowing I'm not locked in.

    Finally, I hope the implementation of the Wallet gives developers a good example of what is possible with contracts.  I think they have been very delayed in opening up communication between apps and that is the next true power of the OS (after Live Tiles).  I want to see much better integration between search and apps like Open Table and into Yelp.

  • KR
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    I'm kinda surprise he is absent today ☺

  • Hey BTW, where's Rodney in the midst of all this mayhem??  I've been out of town with barely any access to the blog for most of the past month, but it's not like Rodney to let a day go by without some sort of cheerleading!  :)

  • From what it looks like, the start screen on 7.8 will give us all the features of 8.0.  I expect background colors to be part of that.  However, that is nothing more than a wild, uninformed guess. :)

  • KR
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    Hope we would be able to change the background color of the start screen, just as in Windows 8.just adding more theme colors for the tiles and being able to change the tile sizes isn't enough

  • Microsoft just pulled a RIM job.  Nice strategy!

  • T Windows
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    Thanks for the front row virtual view - this summit is awesome, and the new Windows Phone 8 features are unbelievable.

    Thanks again Michael you - ROCK!!!!

    -Stay Powered by Windows

  • tsrblke
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    Can we all enthusists just stick to this thread? I went over to Joe's thread and was distraught by the number of 1 post complainers who jumped over there within 10 minutes of it's posting.

    Listen, criticism is good and all, but if you're only post is "Thanks for abandoning me! back to iOS" you were never on board in the first place.

  • sheldon
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    I just passed the 30 day return window of my Lumia 900. It is a graeat phone but it sucks to know that I have been bent over and ****## by this non backward compatible policy of Microsoft.

    If there is one thing that a consumer needs from a company, it is dependability. This is something you guys are clearly lacking.

    You "deeply care" about customers so you give them a new screen? Are you handing out peanuts to the homeless? Remember, we

    are paying customers!!!

    You screwed users over with the zune and now windows phone 7.5. You can bet your ass I wont be buying another MS product anytime soon.

  • @tsrblke - I actually agree completely.  I was truly saying that *I'm* glad I didn't get a G1.5 device.  And since most of us here are enthusiasts, I figured there'd be some agreement... But the public at large will be perfectly happy with what they have...  

    And all the anger and venom being thrown out about how MS "needs to make WP8 available to ALL devices" just doesn't hold up on a technical level.  Would it be nice?  ABSOLUTELY!  But now that the desktop OS and the mobile OS are at their core, the same OS, things are looking up... WAY up.

  • ericez
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    WP 7.8 what a load of crap! One of the main reasons I went with windows phone was the terrible fragmentation in Android, where phones were never being upgraded to the newer OS's. I thought microsoft committed to 2 major up dates for each phone and now my new Lumia 900 the "flagship" windows phone is going to get a partial update to mimic a couple of wp8 features, but will not get WP8. I'm seriously pissed, and betrayed. If this has been in the plans they should have let people know they were getting in on two year contracts with obsolete hardware that would not be updated.  What gives? I'm just past my 30 day window for returning my phone. Way to suck microsoft.

    And I am one of those enthusiasts/early adopters, I had the original focus, now the lumia 900 and I am constantly telling people how great it is. Sorry, should have said WAS.

  • KR
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    You made a point there.i'm one of those that held out on the gen1.5 devices.but still, if all that the 7.8 update brings is the start screen and performance enhancements, it will be RIM-like fiasco, and might cause a big fall in market share.many BB users if not all, that I know don't even know their phone can be updated and don't care.but when Rim announced BB10 wouldn't come to BB7 devices, you know what happened. WP Doesn't have as much market share as RIM did.

  • My interest in Microsoft has greatly increased since Windows 8. But I will not install Silverlight just to watch a Microsoft presentation. Please find a way around that restriction, e.g. by making presentations available in other formats later.

  • tsrblke
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    While us enthusists should be happy we didn't get a Gen 1.5 device, a few things to consider.  Firstly many of the new owners of Nokia phones aren't enthusists. I know several people with Gen 1 focuses (Foci?) that didn't bother to upgrade to Mango until I told them because thay thought it it was just a "simple upgrade" (i.e. they didn't even know what was in it until they upgraded.)

    I suspect many Gen 1.5'ers are the same way (or they'd have held out like we did!)

    Plus 7.8 will make a nice bridge for them, get them used to some of the new features.  Remember, the cell phone cycle isn't anything like the computer cycle. You're looking at 18-24 months lifespan. Meaning peole who buy phones now, will likely be cycling them out about Holiday 2013. If WP8 arrives sometime this Holiday season-ish I suspect most people won't even notice their phones are out of date until it's time to upgrade anyway.

  • When will the replay be up?  I missed the first hour of the conference.

  • Will we get other new features or only the new start screen (e.g. nokia maps, new tellme voice capabilities)?

  • Not clear if the Enterprise features and Company hub will be part of this... sure would be awesome if it was!

  • ayankar
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    Microsoft needs to release all the software updates to WP 7.5 users. I don't see a reason, for e.g., why IE10 can't run on WP 7.5. Of-course it is meaningless to add features that require new hardware but having all software improvements bring us good faith that users who actually did invest into WP, didn't get shafted.

  • Joe has an impressive SNOUT!  Kudos on screwing existing Lumia and Titan II users.  WOW Microsoft.  I thought only RIM was THIS stupid.

  • KR
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    That Shiny Lumina 900 you bought a month ago will only get the wp8 start

  • KR
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    You can watch it from Windows media player instead.theres that option on the site. That's what I'm doing and its working flawlessly on a public network with low signal

  • Drew
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    Bummer, Silverlight is crashing on my system so I cannot watch.

    Webpage error details

    Message: Unhandled Error in Silverlight Application

    Code: 2105    

    Category: InitializeError      

    Message: 2105 An error has occurred.    

    Line: 109

    Char: 25

    Code: 0


    And this is from multiple sites and browsers.  I was having trouble with Silverlight before so I uninstalled and re-installed Silverlight and this is the improvement (as opposed to crashing the entire page).

    Oh well... guess I have to read the reviews instead.

  • Windows Phone 7.8 - VERY NICE!!  Bummer that there will be an app gap, but given the hardware differences, it's a very nice gesture to those of us who have G1 devices that are still plugging along nicely.  However, that being said - I'm really glad I didn't buy a G1.5 device...

  • serina
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    i just saw a blue screen saying Windows phone submit, but no video yet. has this been started?

  • Drew
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    After the last release (Surface Tablet), this could be a very, very interesting presentation!

  • Hopefully we'll actually see some of the (formerly) secretive stuff - personally, I think it's a little late in 2012 to be talking about the exciting things to expect in 2012, but would be VERY happily surprised if they blitzed the second half of the year the way we all hoped they would in the first half.

  • is the on-demand replay available DURING the event, say, if i'm 20 minutes late i can start from the beginning and keep streaming?

  • I can't wait to see what you guys have been so secretive about! ;-)