Passing time with the boys of summer

Passing time with the boys of summer

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Baseball, America’s pastime, is like many of the activities we love, our phones are right there with us. Checking stats, sharing photos, navigating the subway, or finding food—mobile phones have become our trusted leadoff batter. With so many people grabbing their mitt, cap, and Cracker Jacks, we thought it would be fun to show off why Windows Phone is your slugger for an evening at the park.


John and Steve from the lifestyle blog The Roosevelt’s are on a hardball quest, visiting some of the most iconic parks in the U.S. and checking items off their ultimate baseball bucket list. Windows Phone has served as their trusted companion on the journey so far in visits to New York, Boston, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Anaheim. All along the way they have been sharing their favorite apps and features of Windows Phone, taking some killer photos and video, connecting with fans online, and meeting some great people. Make sure to shout at the guys on Twitter @rsvlts with your bucket list items using the #wpbaseball hashtag for the remaining stops on the tour.

For example, here is how to kayak McCovey cove in San Francisco!

Up here at Safeco Field in Seattle, I would suggest closing the roof over the field, taking a photo at the memorial to announcer Dave Niehaus, getting Ichiro to wave at you from right field, and eating sushi at your seat.

Let’s take a look at some of the places and faces they have seen so far!

Kicking it off at the Microsoft Store in New Jersey


Citi Field home of the Mets


Dropping into Yankee Stadium


The Green Monster, Pesky Pole and more, it’s Fenway!

Be sure to check out their collection of panorama shots taken using the built-in panorama mode on the HTC TITAN II and their 25 road trip tips from the pros. For those of you who own a TITAN II, it’s no surprise that its 16MP camera takes amazing photos; but for those who don’t, check out the panorama madness! And for all the Nokia Lumia owners, a recent addition to Nokia Marketplace is the Nokia Creative Studio app, which adds the panorama function to the camera app, as well as a really cool new Group Shot mode.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for photo and video updates from San Francisco and Los Angeles. Then the guys hit Arlington, TX, the All Star game in Kansas City, and of course Seattle!

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  • Yeah, very cool everything. But you should not forget your current Windows phone beta users that spent lots of money buying your devices. And maybe also sending lots of free useful pieces of information to Microsoft.

  • Anybody else been having lots of irritation with the Facebook integration?  False notifications, pictures not uploading, etc, etc, etc..?

  • @ djmikebrady

    Right! Cant wait until some new devices come out so I can be excited again...

  • Trying to buy an app in Windows Marketplace, I get the message "Can't get app Something went wrong. Try again later." Why is this, and how can it be fixed?

  • @Rodney - the Focus2 was such a disappointment specs-wise, so it's not really a shock that even you haven't been compelled to go check it out.  

    I can't wait to see the WP8 phones when they start trickling in... for now, the 7.5 phones leave me with an underwhelming "meh".

  • @ Capt Ron...

    You must be talking about that new iPhone. So you've seen it?? Because,, the 4$ is old news. The only phone, Besides the 900, or T2, thats remotely interesting right now is the HTC OneS, or maybe a Razr. But that iPhone 4$ is done.. Lol

  • Man, my life has done a 360. It seems like I dont even have the time, or as much interest to hit the blog up daily... I guess Im waiting for some fresh, new, and juicy, news... Something to spark my interest wild.. I think its time for some more WP8 feature news.

    I haven't even been to an att store to see the Focus 2.. Funny how a life change can skew your interest... I just hope I snap out of it... Soon.

  • Sorry guys,

    I can't get excited about anything regarding Windows Phone anymore.  I've been an AVID and very ACTIVE supporter until the announcement of End Of Life for Windows Phone 7 (7.8).  Microsoft really dropped the ball by not upgrading existing WP7 devices to WP8.  So what if I don't have NFC or other features supported, turn them off.

    Maybe I'll get the excitement back when WP8 is released and my phone contract is up.  But Boy! is that IPhone looking good right now.

  • I love my Titan II.  Takes Amazing Pictures!  BTW, did this PHONE Have Tango Installed on it?

    Been trying to get that upgrade for 2 weeks now. 7.10.8773.98