Pinworthy: 4 Windows Phone apps for the London Olympics

Pinworthy: 4 Windows Phone apps for the London Olympics

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Let the Games begin. Opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics kick off in London next week. Whether you’re hopping a plane to enjoy the Games up close—or staying couch side—here are some Windows Phone apps that can make it all more fun. Another tip: Use Internet Explorer Mobile to tap into NBC’s info-packed official Summer Olympics site for local U.S. broadcast times and more.

London 2012 Results

London 2012 ResultsLondon 2012 Results

The official London 2012 Results app (free) is a must download, offering up-to-date news, schedules, and results for both the Olympics and Paralympics. Features include country-by-country medal counts, athlete profiles, and plenty of personalization options, so you can set reminders and follow your favorite people, events, and countries. There’s really a ton to dig in and explore here. The app even includes short tutorials on the rules for each sport—handy if you’re a fencing or Greco-Roman wrestling noob like me.

Bing Get Me There

Bing Get Me ThereBing Get Me There

Although you’d never guess it from the name, Bing’s Get Me There is a London-specific travel app that’s designed to help you get around the city by tube, rail, or bus. Something that is quickly obvious: It’s very good. The app has comprehensive coverage of both the Underground and above-ground buses and trains like the Docklands Light Rail. It also shows you nearby stations and service updates. The latter should be particularly useful during the inevitable delays and craziness surrounding the Games. Another handy feature: offline access to tube maps, so you can find where you’re going even when your cell signal fails (like when you’re on the tube, for example).

London Travel

London TravelLOndonTravel2

A competitive alternative to the Bing app is London Travel, pitched as the “ultimate” travel app for British capital. The app felt equally comprehensive, and includes some nice extras like a bus arrival countdown and Oyster card balance checker (that’s the electronic fare card used for everything from trains to trams and ferries). Overall, London Travel easily earns its 99-cent price tag.

Rough Guides: London

Rough Guides LondonRough Guides London

While I didn’t get a chance to walk around London with this app in my pocket, Rough Guides has always served me well on past trips. And the London edition for Windows Phone ($3.99) looks to be an equally reliable and handy travel companion. It lists key sights, hotels, restaurants, shops, and bars—and steers you right to them using your phone’s GPS signal.  I also liked that it lets you build itineraries—Big Ben, pub, British Museum, pub, Parliament, pub—and pin them to your Start screen as a Live Tile.  Of course, you could also download the free Amazon Kindle app to greatly expand your guidebook options. And don’t forget Windows Phone’s built-in Local Scout feature—a quick and handy way to find a nourishing pint of ale or steak and kidney pie.

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  • We have created a new app for Windows Phone in Metro style called "Olympic Flow" to deliver a continuous picture news feed from various news sources, facebook, blogs and videos like Youtube. In this beautiful designed Metro app you can scroll endlessly through more than 15000 items, or use the search functionality. This is probably the only Olympics app that offers search and tag filtering. You can also enable the live tile with new pictures for to indicate content updates. App highights are big content database with large pictures and fast scrolling through all content without.

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  • Check out this amazing app for London Olympics, Best among all...

  • another app to consider is the new offering from Ripple Sports. Really nice mashup of geo location, social media, UGC and news feeds. Takes a little getting used to but very innovative especially if, like me, you are going to be at any of the events.

  • @Geoff Coupe: Thanks for the comment. Yeah--that kind of stuff is always a challenge for posts like this. On the flip side, there are some good taxi apps available in the UK Marketplace (but nowhere else) that would be handy for a London trip. We leave it up to developers to decide where they want to publish their apps.

  • @RobdeBeir: Great tip--thanks for letting people know about it!

  • Nathan
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    Great apps. Nonetheless, I can only suggest  -->  GO Worldwide .. the sooner, the better!

    Bing maps are fetched from Navteq servers. Navteq is so naive in the domain that they haven't covered the entire globe yet !!  That's true.. There are lot of missing regions of Asia, Africa and Australia in their maps (which in turns are reflected by Bing maps).. I provided them with full Geo-locations and description feeds and each time I got an automated reply that we haven't covered the regions... Google has re-iterated the whole wide world over and over number of times.. It appears to me they dont discriminate like Microsoft and its partners.. The most ridiculous part is; in 2006 MSN Virtual World used to cover those regions (with tags and land markings) which this new venture with Navteq is failed to deliver and MSN Virtual Earth's maps, rather than "evolve" the new platform, are sitting on some archive media... "world is going forward and Microsoft's world is stepping backwards!"

    Unfortunately, when it comes to maps and Bing services, Microsoft and its partners (Navteq -> parent-company->Nokia) all are focused and due west. While Google is literally "throwing" almost every service that is publicly available in US to Worldwide.. so much so Bing doesn't even allow us to use "Dictionary" (triggered by "define" prefix in search bar) unless we change location to United States of America!  What on the earth the dictionary has to do with the person's location?

    I tried submitting feedback on every possible forum of Bing and BingMaps/Navteq/Nokia maps.. but unless its about the existing markets and regions, they will not take interest. In my very humble opinion, to show the good faith and honesty, Bing guys should put a message on when someone access from outside the world (aka only-USA), "Bing is only available in US. Please go to and keep coming back after years to check... in case we change our micro-minds and admit that the rest of the world, outside the Unied States, does matter!"

  • The Amazon Kindle app is not available in most Marketplaces...

  • Great to see a Windows Phone apps for the olympics, pity our app was not included, while we deliver the largest selection of content for the Windows phone regarding the London 201 Olympics. Schedule is not featured in our app, we focus on the athletes, content and design.

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    We created a beautiful app in Metro style called "Londond 2012 Experience" to deliver more and better content in compressed format through our own index servers. We design for quality and speed, therefore all news layout is consistent and includes large images and slide shows. We bundle news from more than 1000 sources so you can read, view and listen to London 2012 olympics in just one app.

    The app includes count down, news, twitter, facebook, photos, blogs, videos and live tiles with near real-time updated pictures to indicate content updates.

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  • HTC
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    Wonder if that godawful disgraceful excuse for a country, the People's Republic of China, can do any better than the 63rd place they got last time.  13,000,000 peeps to get one gold, ridiculous. 中國𨳒你