Now in Marketplace: Box for Windows Phone

Now in Marketplace: Box for Windows Phone

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Sharing large or sensitive documents with co-workers and clients just became a lot easier: today Box released an official Windows Phone app for its popular file collaboration and storage service. Download it now

The free app makes it easy to view, share, edit, and comment on files. Since it’s designed for the office, Box also employs an app-specific passcode as an extra layer of security.

Finally, the new app offers some Windows Phone-exclusive features, such as slideshows and Live Tiles notifications for updated files. “We designed our app to really take advantage of this platform’s unique characteristics and capabilities,” the Box crew notes on its official blog. Check out their post for more details.

What Windows Phone apps do you use at work?

Box for Windows PhoneBox for Windows PhoneBox for Windows Phone

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  • WP 7
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    Great, great tool!

    I hope that something similar will be in Windows 8!


  • Time for something fun, and exciting... Next post please!

  • Like I said above, calling it "Windows 8 UI" or "Windows 8 Style UI" is absolute branding suicide.  

    When Nintendo was hyping its upcoming console, codenamed "Revolution" everyone loved it.  Then they dropped the name changing ball, and renamed it "Wii", and everyone HATED IT!  But after a few months of using it, it became a (mostly) loved moniker for the little console that could.

    "Windows 8 UI" is the complete opposite.  NOBODY will embrace it, say it, etc.  Call it "Pure", call it "Unity", heck - call it "Clifford" for all I care... but DON'T call it "Windows 8 Style UI".

  • @ Scuba... Metro LOL

    I keep hearing that the new design language name is to be the "Windows 8 UI".. I don't know about that.. What happens when Windows 9, or 10 comes out? Won't that give them an old UI name?? Well, maybe the language will change by then. Whatever, we can still say Metro I guess.

    I guess Metro will be the underground name used by the hardcore WP users. It's going to be OK!

  • I can't metro say I ever needed in-app metro purchasing.  I just can't metro conceive of  a situation where metro that would be useful.  I just use metro the Marketplace (soon to be called the Store).  


  • Another interesting piece of news is that there will be no in app purchasing in WP7.8.. What do you guys think of this??

  • Thank god for WPCentral! What would we do without it? Thats got to be the most used app I have. Just think, it gives us so much to bitch about!! I see a post on WPC, then I come strait to the WPB to bitch.. Lol!...... Lol!

  • I know!  And since when does MS just roll over on something like that?  All I can say is that the rebranding BETTER NOT BE "Windows 8 Style UI" - that would be fine for an internal name (like they now claim Metro was) but absolutely completely horrible as a consumer facing name.

  • Im with scuba on the metro name. The reason MS can't use the term metro just doesn't make any sense to me. So, what are they going to call the design language from this point on??

  • interestingly, a number of blog threads were deleted.  And I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't because the word METRO was in it.  This whole thing angers me beyond my ability to express it.  Nothing is going to stop me from referring to the UI that way.  That's how I refer to it when I show off my Focus or my Lumia, it's how I explain the Windows 8 non-desktop UI.  This is just stupid.

  • I see a master reset in your future...

  • Hi. I'd changed my email address to and is fine, but now my Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 800) is not working correctly because doesn't recongize the new Windows ID ( and still trying to recongize the old Windows ID ( For that reason, I can't donwload and install any app from Marketplace, and I can't see my new email and others things.

    Would be fine that Windows fix this problem ASAP, because I believe in Windows but with this kind of things, make customers want to go to other brands.

  • That's good stuff...  although kinda disheartening that Symbian is still ahead of WP - that can't go on much longer though, so it's good to see momentum.

  • Here's a little bit of news to spark some excitement... Windows Phone jumps 277% in a year!

  • @ DJ mike,

    There's really nothing interesting going on right now.. I feel as though we're at a stand still. Its a boring time in WP land for us, but I bet it's a whole different story for the team right now. Im not going to get excited until I see some new devices, and I mean they are going to have to be bad ass devices, something new, cool, and "colorful". I want to feel that feeling once again, but I don't know if it could ever return. WP still is my phone of choice, but I just need something new and exciting to make me want to post like I did before.

    TBO I'm more excited about the surface tablet at this point. I guess that's what MS wants me to be right now, right? But, I'm sure when those new devices are unveiled I'll be talking $&!7 once again.. Lol

  • ...the relative silence on this blog lately is verrrrry reassuring...  //sarcasm:off

  • do85
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    I saw the WP8 SDK!

    There are numerous new features but some things are still missing ... is the final version?

    It is not yet possible to insert a background in home?

    There isn't a notification Center (severe lack of WP7)?

    You can't still make the folders?

    Nothing has changed about the management of multitasking? You can close the app open from previews?

    The app will remain "frozen" or are reloaded like now?

    Don't made the same error of WP7 :'(

  • @ KR

    Yeah, I agree that the API 's should be let out. That would be a lot better. Right now the audio quality is so crappy that I will take what I can get. I hope they do it your way though.. Lol

  • Two more of my friends bought Lumia 900 devices and they love it.  I think that if Nokia keeps up the stellar support, this is one device that will survive nicely past WP8 launch.  As I said, I can see nothing in WP8 that has me drooling to buy a new device, except the added storage.  WP7.5 on the Lumia 900 is so impressive that I just can't get excited over ANY hardware coming out, and none of the capabilities that WP8 will add are things I care about.  I'm pretty convinced all the first gen devices will be buggy, and if I'm going to take a chance on the Surface, I'd rather deal with potential bugginess from one device at a time ;)

    And there's STILL nothing in this world that will make me think moving to Android or iPhone would be better than slitting my wrists.  Besides, while I still get enjoyment out of the original Focus, Samsung has completely burned me as a supporter of any of their future devices.  I'm pretty sure I'm a Nokia fan from here on out.

  • KR
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    One great thing I'll like to see in future WP, will be the ability to install custom keyboards or modify the keyboard settings.the WP keyboard is one of the better ones(the inbuilt android keyboard is crap btw), but swiftkey keyboard is to me the perfect of what a touchscreen keyboard should be and that's why it doesn't matter that the inbuilt android keyboard is crap.

  • KR
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    I personally don't see what's special with the beats audio, because even on android you can find better equalizers in the Google play store than the beats audio on the htc devices. So the better thing will be for Microsoft to open up the APIs for developers to come up with some killer ideas

  • Yeah, I can't wait for the SD card support. I guess my excitement stems from the fact that by time my upgrade comes around there might be a update coming to WP8. I upgrade in may of 13, so Im looking forward to getting a second Gen WP8 device. I can't wait for a larger than 4.3 inch HD screen, to see how a multi core WP device behaves, to see if some better audio processing is available, similar to beats audio, and other new features. I think this time around I'm more excited about the potential for more powerful hardware. Thats what WP8 means to me,, finally a showcase of powerful hardware, and full featured software. I just dont see what Android, and iOS will have better, well they still will have more apps, and thats a big deal. But, Im still standing by WP, and W8, because I know the payoff will be huge.

  • KR
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    I'm of the same opinion as Scuba,So far I see no impressive features from the so far revealed WP8 features.i see more features that were suppose to be in mango. I wouldn't buy a gen 1 WP8 device and I will never buy a Samsung phone in my life again.

    So far I'm still fully satisfied with my move to the htc one S,i haven't come through any limitations

    TBH,i thought I was going to miss WP7,but my greatest surprise I'm not.i thought the live tiles were very important to me, but I realize UI is not a great point when functionality and performance as well as productivity are put together well

  • abm
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    Thanks for the heads up Michael. These surely are very welcoming developments. Like Bruno, I use SkyDrive for official as well as the personnel use. We are looking forward for a private cloud like SkyDrive from Microsoft that can be managed by our company's administration. (-:

    On a side note: Two critically important use cases to consider in Windows Phone:

    1- As a Windows Phone 7 user, if I buy another WP7, besides having the list of apps (which I've been) it should sync the apps settings too. Such as; games score, roam settings and preferences (from wallpaper to browser mode settings: means "everything!"). After the initial migration, the apps which has roaming capabilities should synch settings in both devices as long as they are connected via same Live ID.

    2- As a Windows Phone 7 user, if I buy another WP8, ditto copy use case 1.

    I really hope that you guys are already working this angle.

  • I'm glad about the MicroSD card, and I am anxiously and urgently waiting on the enterprise email support....  I'm sure i'll regret it in the end, but after nearly a year of not having work email on my phone, my patience is running thin.  Email encryption shouldn't have been absent from 7.5, and it absolutely needs to be present and working in wp8.

  • @Rodney, I have been reading that info.  To be honest, most of the features are not things I've been longing for.  I use the cloud, now, for everything, so ability to transfer files directly to my device is just a waste.  I HATE the third tile size.  After going through the entire list of things that has been revealed so far, the only thing I'm glad to see is formal support for microSD cards for storage---and that's only because nobody is building devices with decent storage.  While I do rely on the cloud, there are certain things---namely music---that I have to keep significant amounts of on my device BECAUSE high speed wireless simply is not available a lot of the places I drive.  I live in west Texas, which means there are miles upon miles of literally NOTHING, not even cell service.  So, streaming my music collection or podcasts work great in town, but on the road I'm isolated.  So, other than that, there's really nothing I'm anxious for in WP8 that I don't already have in some form on the Lumia 900.  Nokia has done by far the best job of supporting a device of anyone.  Samsung may be selling the most hardware, but that's because they are pumping out crap and don't support a lick of it.  They are the worst OEM of the lot.

    So, having said all that, I'm skipping the first round of WP8 devices in favor of getting the Microsoft Surface (pro version, not the ARM version).  Also, if WP7.8 is only going to add that crappy new start screen, I'll be skipping that, too.

  • @ Scuba

    Did you see the leaked WP8 SDK? There's some juicy tidbits to be seen. Im really excited about WP8.. It looks like WP is going to be seriously competitive this fall. Can't wait!

  • vincent_g
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    There is Windows 8 Build blog and Office Next blog, and I love all the entries. Sadly, I didn't see anything yet for Windows Phone 8. Come on, is there really nothing exciting in WP8 to share?

  • I'm happy to see more development going on to support Windows Phone, and mildly shocked developers aren't already curtailing support for WP7 in anticipation of switching to WP8.  But I just can't get excited over this app.

  • I use SkyDrive for everything, and sometimes Dropbox as my brother uses it as much as I use Skydrive. So what I personally would like to see is an official Dropbox app for Windows Phone.

    Anyway, I'm sure having a Box app would please a lot of users. :-)