Can’t download an app? Here’s why

Can’t download an app? Here’s why

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UPDATE (16 AUG): We fixed the digital certificate problem and last evening resumed publishing new apps and updates. It will take a day or two for the repair to fully deploy and newly-published apps to begin appearing in Marketplace again.  If you experienced errors, I want to emphasize that you don’t need to do anything to start downloading new apps or updates once the repair has finished rolling out.

If you’ve tried to download or update an app this week and keep getting an error message, I want to briefly explain why and what we’re doing about it.

What’s going on

We’ve run into an issue with the digital certificates used to sign apps, and this is preventing some phones from installing some apps published during the last couple of days.

We’ve investigated and determined the issue only affects phones that upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 from an earlier version of the operating system. It does not appear to impact phones sold with Windows Phone 7.5 preinstalled.

We estimate the issue also affects only a small percentage of the 100,000-plus apps in Marketplace. Among the more popular ones affected are the New York Times, WhatsApp, and Translator from Bing—all of which recently issued new updates.

There’s nothing wrong with your phone and everything else should work fine.

What we’re doing

We know what’s causing the issue and are already planning to roll out a fix. Until that’s finished, we’re going to temporarily stop publishing new apps in Marketplace.

If you get an error message while installing or updating an app, the best thing to do is wait for us to correct the problem, which we’re working to do as quickly as possible. I don’t recommend uninstalling any apps on your phone, since you likely won’t be able to download them again until the issue is resolved. Also, you’d lose any saved data for that app. Again, the vast majority of apps and games in Marketplace should install without trouble.

We’ve created a place in our Microsoft Answers forums for your questions. If you’re a developer, read Todd Brix’s post today for more on our short-term app publishing and certification plans.

I’ll update you when there’s more news.

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  • The trolling Windows Phone My Family setup is friggin annoying THERES NO OPTION FOR IT


  • hi.. i'm a new user of lumia 800.. i already sign in my microsoft account by using my gmail. the issue is, why after i connect to the wifi and try to install the application, it seems like this statement keep popping up, "the microsoft live id is not available at the moment" . I can open my marketplace and choose what ever apps that i want, but it when i press the install button, the statement keep popping out.  why i'm having this problem? is there anything in the setting that i need to adjust? help meeeeeeeeeee :(

  • CRoig42
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    What is the status on this fix, when will it be rolled out in Denmark?

    Glad about the open and honest information, but still frustrated over the inability to download or update apps.

  • There are still some problems with marketplace! Please fix this!!

  • Hello. My Lumia 800 with the newest update cannot download or update anything from Marketplace(U.S.) these days. The downloading speed is VERY SLOW and the installation ALWAYS  FAILS after 75%. EVERY app, not just some specific ones. Help me. Thanks a lot.

  • Same here, I receive the error d0000011 and unable to update or dload anything from the marketplace, when can we expect a fix to this?

  • TonyT
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    Is this fixed - I have been receiving error d0000011 for 2 weeks now, and cannot update or add new apps to my HTC Titan II phone.  Very frustrating!

  • What is the error message that we can expect. I am still having a problem, but I am not sure if it the Cert issue or something else?

  • KR
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    I'm back in the community

    A diehard Android fan boy offered his Lumia 900 along with lots of cash for my one far the Lumia 900 is good,the only downside is the fact that the Nokia transit does not exist in the Canadian marketplace and I use transit a lot in different cities as I'm always all over the country

  • tuxmc
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    Excellent I got whatsApp again in my phone !  It was a quick fix, thank you for the honesty and solution.

  • WindowsPhone 8 to be totally reveled on 9/5? New lumia devices to be unveiled on 9/5?? What's going to happen on 9/5???

    I can't wait till 9/5! Lol

  • Estoy impresionado de como una compañia como Microsoft puede permitirse el lujo de tener este tipo de problemas con su sistema operativo para smartphones, después de perder prácticamente toda su cuota de mercado. Enhorabuena y mucha suerte en el futuro, la necesitaréis.

    It is amazing how a company like Microsoft can afford to have such problems with the smartphones operating system after losing nearly all its market share. Congratulations and good luck in the future, you will need it.

  • >>>>> I don’t recommend uninstalling any apps on your phone, since you likely won’t be able to download them again until the issue is resolved. <<<<<<

    This advice came too late. The error message shown on the phone suggests that user uninstall the existing app and install again. I did that and I lost my app.

    Are you guys doing damage control for people who are left with no app?

  • I have a Titan that shipped with Mango and I am getting these errors with NYTimes.  Microsoft, if you believe there is some release of the OS that is not affected by this problem, which version is it, and why won't you demand your carriers update to it?  I think this is a case where you pull out the nuclear option and send an update flag to EVERYONE's phone to send the waiting Tango update to their phone.  As someone else mentioned, ATT is DESTORYING all the good will you have built with the OS.

  • I have a Focus- yeah, one of the cursed SKU ones.

    Welcome to the party, everyone else.

  • impro72
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    The reflects of Microsft are a bit slow since the problem exists since last Sunday and the support team did not know anything about it and  was responding to customers to communicate with the developers of the apps. On Tuesday they informed us that something is going on but they did not knew what and today all we get is an anouncement ....

    Software update fragmentation, marketplace problems, no windows 8 , less apps and medium quality support....

  • McHale
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    p.s.  I hope the fix you plan on rolling out is an internal server fix.  Because of it's a certificate fix for the devices, you do realize that not a SINGLE device on AT&T will see it, right?

    AGAIN, AT&T is killing the platform.

  • McHale
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    IF YOU FORCED AT&T TO UPDATE THEIR CUSTOMER'S PHONES, we wouldn't be having this issue it seems:

    This is a failure on Microsoft's part to manage their carriers.  AT&T is destroying the platform.

  • Sempai
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    Could you give more details on how this fix will be delivered?  I'm using an HTC Arrive on Sprint, and as they haven't seen fit to release anything beyond Mango, I'm really really hoping that this will be an OTA fix and not require blessing from the carriers to deploy.  Then again, if this actually makes someone kick Sprint into action and I get Mango + this update through the normal Zune update method, that'll work too!

  • Hanno
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    I publish an app and this XAP will be changed for encryption, that's OK. But, how about the possibility to get the encrypted app back before final release? Or are you sure no further problems will arise with the encryption?

    What do you think about doing the encrytion directly in Visual? So I can test my encrypted app localy?



  • AmrAudi
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    Thank you for being honest

    but when will you fix this thing?

    we uninstalled the applications and can't download it back

  • "We’ve investigated and determined the issue only affects phones that upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 from an earlier version of the operating system. It does not appear to impact phones sold with Windows Phone 7.5 preinstalled."

    This is not the case, I have a Lumia 900 and I am having those issues with some apps, I dont think any lumia 900 was shipped with a WP version earlier than 7.5

  • yaoyang
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    Can the popular apps post their earlier version for download and installation?

  • @Bert: This to me sounds like an error with the newest version of the NYTimes App. Update installation completely fails in case of the issue described in this blog post. I would suggest contacting the App authors, I fear those will be the only ones who will be able to help you with this issue.

  • Thanks for the information. One remark though, I use a HTC TITAN X310e which is a 'mango'/ WP7.5' phone. Nevertheless I encountered similar problems with the New York Times update. After the update the app does not start, but shows the text: your license for nytimes is not valid, please buy the product. After reinstalling the app still got the same message.

  • Thanks a lot for this (honest) information about a problem on the Windows Phone Marketplace! I guess this is a new issue maybe caused by the update from "App Hub" to "Dev Center"?

    Just from the user side: A user sees that an update for an app is available. The users decides to update it. The user does not know that it is an app affected by the issue which you have described here. What will happen now when the users updates the app?

    In the past I also discovered an annoying "usability" problem with the WP marketplace: I updated an app since an update was available. The I tried to start the app and it always suffers a silent exit (the developer of that app just made a mistake). It was  not possible to return to the previous version which worked fine of the app and so I was not able to use the app until the developer published a fix (ant you may know that submitting an app/update will take some time).