Now in Marketplace: Crackle for Windows Phone

Now in Marketplace: Crackle for Windows Phone

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“Dude, have you downloaded Crackle yet?”

I’d barely opened my laptop this morning and my Windows Phone-owning buddy (and big Stephen King fan) was already pelting me with instant messages. “All you have to do is set up an account and you’re watching flicks. I watched Christine on the bus to work this morning.” He urged me to blog about how cool it is.

He was right: The official Crackle app, which landed in Marketplace earlier this week, provides free access to hundreds of full-length films and TV shows, streamed to your Windows Phone for free. What’s nice is that you can play them as much as you want, and nearly two dozen new titles are added to the catalog each month from sources including Columbia Pictures, Tri-Star, Screen Gems, and Sony Pictures Classics. Download the app—or check out the Crackle site—for the complete list of titles.  The app is available in Australia, Canada, UK, and US.

Anybody else give it a whirl yet?

The official Crackle app for Windows Phone is here.The official Crackle app for Windows Phone is here.The official Crackle app for Windows Phone is here.

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  • robearg
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    Pretty worthless on my focus. Just tried it (on wifi), won't load or run. Oh well, maybe with wp 8.

  • markbt
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    This was great until the last update. Now in the UK we have lost 90% of the content and the app keeps crashing.

  • This is one step closer to closing the gap on missing big name apps for WP! I love to see apps that I have seen previously available for other platforms only, now available for WP. Hopefully this will encourage other companies, and developers, to jump on the WP bandwagon, and in return encourage more people to go with WP as their device of choice. It may take some time, but WP will be one of the three most well known platforms available.. I'm sure of it!

  • I love windows phone. I recommend it to everyone...,thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more:)

  • I love the question knowing that it is mainly available in the USA and others.

    As a French I can't download it as long as many other apps thanks to the wonderful localization system of the marketplace. Thanks Crosoft.

  • When it will be available in Czech Republic?