How to watch today’s Nokia event

How to watch today’s Nokia event

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NokiaInterested in checking out Nokia’s Windows Phone event in New York City this morning?  You can catch the live webcast here starting at 10 am Eastern time. See you there!

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  • rgvweb
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    Thanks for shairing I will catch it online-

  • abm
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    @ScubaDog2011, the only major difference is the new StartScreen of WP8 is "more customizable" than the current WP7 screen. If you dont like the variable tile sizes, you can re-size them to the medium sized square and Voila! you get the old wp7 screen back..

    For NFC credit goes majorly to Microsoft for not only providing the support for hardware but also the NFC-based wallet app which other apps can integrate. Other improvements of WP8 over WP7.x (from operating system perspective):

    - ONE vs 64 cores support !!

    - VOIP integration in phone dialer.

    - Over the air phone updates.

    - Increase the limit for multi-tasking apps.

    - Company hub, bit locker for data-security, remote-desktop management and secure boot features.

    - C/C++ support, so third-parties can port their apps running on windOS, Symbian and other mobile platforms.

    - Standalone MicroSD.

    and so many other enhancements! At the time of its release, WP8 would be the leader in terms of smart phone technology.

    If that is just a "meh" for you, then I am blatantly sure that Apple can not sell you the newer version of their phone ever (compare the change-log/whats-new of wp8 and iphone4s).

  • abm
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    You can download the whole Nokia Lumia event from:  (672 MB)

  • Well, I watched the event.  Absolutely impressed with the Lumia 920 and, yes, even the 820.  And even given that this was a Nokia event, I was much more impressed with what Nokia has done in terms of hardware and WP than I was with WP8 itself.  So far, my impression of WP8 as an advancement over WP7 is 'meh'.  I'm actually much more enthusiastic about how much Nokia is actually bringing to the table in software and hardware.  I stand by my hatred of the new Start screen.  

    The photo capabilities are absolutely dramatic--thanks to Nokia, not so much thanks to Microsoft.  Wireless charging and NFC all are great, too.  Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see anything about memory or removable storage.  So, in total, impressed overall though I was, I'm still waiting for 2gen WP8 devices, and will be focusing on the Microsoft Surface Pro for my next big outlay of $$.

  • great event, but and developers? and  where are sdk for windows phone 8?

  • where's the SDK already?

  • Webcast

    The service is unavailable.

  • Its down for me too! anyone else got other links?

  • Albert
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    ...and I think the video just died :(

  • Albert
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    Thanks, Michael! :) I was about to spend at least 10 minutes looking for the webcast link.