It’s official: The Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 are coming to AT&T

It’s official: The Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 are coming to AT&T

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AT&T just made an announcement that’s bound to make many of you very, very happy – the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 are officially part of the carrier’s fall lineup.

You’re going to be able to get the Lumia 920 in-store in Red, Black and White, and through direct order (i.e., online) in Yellow and Cyan.  Read that last line again and notice what’s changed from the first time I took a look at the Lumia 920…Cyan is back!  I know that a some of you were bummed that Nokia wasn’t originally planning a Cyan Lumia 920 (me included), so I’m really glad to see that Nokia heard our feedback loud and clear.



The Lumia 820 will be available only in black, but remember you can swap out the black shell with backplates in multiple colors.  Some of those shells add wireless charging if you want to go that route, which I highly recommend you do.  It’s life changing technology.


No word on pricing or availability yet, so there’s more goodness to come. Stay tuned!

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  • Thanks for sharing such useful information for AT&T Nokia Lumia users. My bro gifted me the same phone but I wanted to use some other Network Operator for that. Then he suggested me about unlocking technique. I searched for the same on many websites, in fact twice I paid to some sites for my unlock code. But all were just wastage of money. While searching I went on a forum, still have bookmarked, here I read the discussion about Unlocking and I was just surprised that I am not the only who had paid for same. And after making a call in fact, we don't get any help from their reps. So it’s the another useless procedure.

    Still I am searching for a website where I am sure about the code after spending my money and precious time also. Any help would be appreciated.


  • jaych
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    Just so eveyone is clear, Microsoft has nothing to do with the deal between Nokia and ATT. MS licenses the OS to Nokia...Nokia makes it's own deals with the carriers.

  • Ok...WHEN???  Enough with all the hype, let's have it!  When will it be available?

  • @mwisbey -- I completely agree.  As long as I can't use voice and data at the same time on Verizon, they will not recive a red cent from me.

  • mwisbey
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    Why is everyone so high on verizon? Their service is more expensive and they still sell smarphones that you cannot use the internet and voice at the same time. (See iPhone 5 on Verizon). I have had Windows Phone now on AT&T for 3 years and have had excellent service in Orange County CA. Leave the V and jump on AT&T.

  • mwisbey
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    All I request is that there is a deal in place so that those of us who jumped on the 900 can be eligable for the 920. As it stands right now, I am not eligable for a subsidized phone upgrade until 10/2013!!! HELP!!!!!

  • I want the Lumia 920 on Verizon Wireless!  I won't buy it if it is only available for AT&T.  I will just stick with my old HTC HD7.

  • My wife and I are saving and going to sell our still decent Android phones to get the 920. Any close what the off-contract options are? Do you think we could get a slight discount with another 2 year agreement? Or a guess on what the no-contract price would be?

  • Anybody else noticed, that none of currently announced Windows Phone 8 devices (Lumias) has FM radio? I'm a bit suspicious about that. Why would nokia not enable these if the hardware is already there (chipset WCN3660).

  • I agree with others, in saying that I wish Nokia would come out with their Lumia line on other carriers.  The Lumia 920 is the Windows Phone 8 to have; but is it enough to make me change my current carrier to AT&T?  No.

  • Well as much as I hate to say this but I agree with most everyones comments in regards to the 920 being exclusive.  As far as AT&T I have never had a problem with them or my service for years and I have been using a Windows phone since back in the 6.0 days.

    But I do think this is a real wrong move for the Nokia and Microsoft.  For AT&T.... sure it is good for them but at this point Nokia and Microsoft need to be thinking about the entire ecosystem and how to develop its health.  Restricting such a great phone like this is hurting it.  I do hope that its exclusivity is only for 3 months or so.  Other wise it will really impact WP and I don't want to see that.

  • Dejoco
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    This is crazy so now we  have waited a month to find out that AT&T is the only network launching with the 920, how soon or how long is the Exclusivity? When will Verizon get it? I would leave Verizon but I'm stuck in contracts with 4 phones, if you buy them out I'll move, like back in the early 2000's.  What a mess is all that I can say.  Look the iPhone was available very shortly after the "official" announcement on all networks haven't you all learned that is what is expected.  Sorry for the rant but I'm tired of the old Trophy I have which seems more like a brick.  I want some features like the 920 and some software like the S3's cool no lock while you are looking at the screen etc....

  • It's so disappointing that such a great piece of hardware will be locked in to such a terrible service provider.

  • So, I'm just speculating here, but while the 920 and the 820 will be exclusive to AT&T, has anyone considered that maybe Nokia has the smarts to develop a '922' and an '822' for all of the other carriers? I'm hoping for Nokia's sake that this is their plan. Phones this amazing should be available to everyone...


  • Luigi
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    This is copy of my email sent to Nokia Customer Support:

    Here we go again! I cannot believe that Nokia has given exclusive rights to ATT in USA to sell the new Lumia 920. There were thousands of people on other cellular networks waiting to buy that phone and now they have to go somewhere else (namely HTC-Samsung) to be able to use a Windows Phone 8. Please see the Windows Phone Blog on to get a sense of the public outcry that your Company’s decision has sparked following the announcement that the Lumia 920 will be an AT&T exclusive. Have you guys learned anything from the previous experience with the Lumia 900? Probably not, but this is what I have learned:  Following the launch of the Lumia 900 I purchased **outright** (meaning I paid full price for the phone) a new AT&T Lumia 900 phone relying on the reassurance from the Best Buy sales associate that I will be able to easily unlock it. Guess what? Very soon, I found out the hard way that unlocking that phone is impossible at least (allegedly) until October 8, the expiration date of AT&T “exclusive” rights over that phone. Even my call to Nokia USA Customer Support was unsuccessful despite the direct and dedicated support line available at that time for Lumia customers! Like me, many more of other AT&T Lumia 900 buyers were/are in the same situation. Please see the AT&T blog on this topic to experience firsthand this ordeal:  Sorry guys but I have not seen million of people jumping ship from other carriers to join AT&T for the Lumia 900. What are you thinking now? This is my last attempt to own a Nokia WP8. I hope to be successful this time.  Since the AT&T deal appears to be done, why Nokia does not launch a Lumia 928 version of the phone with some extra features to be sold unlocked in any store? After all, the iPhone 5 is sold unlocked as well and this makes everybody happy.

  • Hawk
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    I'm reading reports that T-Mobile will carry the 820 and Verizon will carry the 920.  AT&T may launch first but that doesn't be these phones are exclusive to AT&T.  Calm down people.  

    BTW...and I'll say it again now twice, I'm reading that MS is working on it's OWN phone.  We've all heard from MS that they're working on something and once the news comes out, we will ALL be happy campers.  I'm guessing the news will be about a new MS branded phone completely controlled by MS.

  • If you're a Verizon cellular customer and annoyed that AT&T has exclusive rights to the Lumia 920, participate in this survey, please.   At least voice your opinion.

  • Exclusivity is the enemy of success, and has only one true friend: Marketing.

    I would have loved to have purchased 5 of these for my family, but you're not going to offer any new Win8 phones on my carrier, are you?  Of course you're not, because I have a small carrier.

    What you're doing is anti-competitive and ridiculous.  Exclusivity is not the game that the 4th place phone OS should be playing, and you know it.

  • blancas
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    Way to go IDIOTS!  

    Screw the Verizon customers AGAIN!  The fact that we had to wait a YEAR to get that LOUSY POS HTC Trophy, then to have it STILL be the ONLY option for Verizon customers, makes me wonder just what the idiots at MS & VZW are doing!  Is it any wonder that Android (which I moved to) and iPhony is kicking a*s in the marketplace MS?!  When you write off HALF of the customers in the country, you get what you deserve... 3rd place!  WHAT A JOKE!!

  • Really???? MSFT has just shot himself in the foot by offering the Nokia Lumia exclusively to AT&T. Microsoft can't afford to do these mistakes again and again and again and..... Excluding Verizon from the Nokia Phones is a dooms day decision....won't upgrade to the WP8 from my current WP7.5 anymore and rather just buy a S3 now..

  • KR
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    I am in Canada too, and i always buy my phones off contract and unlock them, the problem with windows phone is that even when you sim unlock, some of the phones features are still looked,such as mms and you cannot change the mms settings on windows phone.I bought a Lumia 900 off contract and unlocked it to use on my carrier and i can't use mms,as windows phone doesn't let you change the mms settings,and nokia's app that can fix this is not available in Canada.

  • Where's the  G  R  E  Y  !  !  !

  • Zhuk86
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    As an Australian, i'm not sure why it's such a big deal to switch carriers, what is stopping you switching to AT&T from Verizon?

    I have a good idea why the 920 isn't coming to Verizon just yet. AFAIK Nokia makes GSM phones, which is used by everyone else in the world who abandoned CDMA a long time ago, but Verizon stil uses this technology. Nokia will need to make a CDMA compatible 920 before it can even sell it on Verizon...

    I think you guys in America will see a CDMA 920 on Verizon in January or February :)

  • Ben, I'm from outside the U.S. here in Panama we got the Lumia 800 like 2 months ago, and there is no sign of we getting anything better. Do you think MS will sell the Lumia 920 cyan in the store unlocked without $+800 in accessories?

    I'm just waiting for a unlocked 920 to sell my BB9900 and Galaxy S3 to get my Windows Phone 8 fix =)

  • eddie54
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  • Matt B.
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    Although I'm an AT&T customer (since Cingular) I feel bad for those who require availability on other carriers. Somewhat unfair, but honestly are we really surprised here? AT&T has a nasty habit of locking down exclusivity on major releases...

    That being said, I'm thinking Cyan or Red. I guess it will come down to what's available at launch...

  • Gary
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    Well, I wouldn't be all that excited about this. I think it's stupid, having an exclusive carrier. I'd rather have half the advertising push and twice the potential customer base than having a stronger advertising push and half the potential customer base because they’re only on AT&T. Nokia needs sales, not commercials. I just hope it's not the final nail in Nokia's coffin.

    I was probably going to get the HTC 8x on Verizon in January anyway, but this just sealed the deal. i also hope that decisions like this don't doom windows phone, too. Not releasing the SDK because of some "secret" feature. Let me tell you, if the secret features are anything like what's been leaked, then you totally blew it. Anything not already known better be some awesome, must have feature that the general public wants, or else you've done yourself and windows phone a disservice.

    In my opinion, you’re already a year behind in releasing windows phone 8. If this was out a year ago, you’d be ahead of the curve, but you’re still playing catch up. Dragging out the release, the pricing, availability and now exclusivity contracts is just plain ludicrous. You’re trailing 2 other platform and you’re playing games. YOU NEED SALES!

    I’m a windows phone user and probably will be as long as it survives, but you need to do a reality check and get the products and features released, instead of making developers and potential customers angry by drawing everything out. Or else, I may not be a windows phone user and neither will anybody else.

  • I'm very very unhappy that the 920 is exclusive to AT&T. Nokia's stockholders should be unhappy too. Who does Nokia think is going to buy the 920 in the USA? On AT&T it's just a colorful doorstop. This ship is going down.

  • Hawk
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    Haven't you guys heard that MS will be coming out with their OWN phone?

  • brentn
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    I was so excited about the 920 (and previously the 900) but once again, these are exclusive to a single carrier. I just want to grab whoever makes these choices by the shoulders and vigorously shake them while yelling "why can't you understand this!"

    I’m not a fan of Apple. I’m not a fan of the iPhone. However, what Apple understand is that the device itself, not just the OS, is a huge part of the experience when using an iPhone. This is why you don’t see one model of iPhone on Verizon and another on AT&T. Microsoft apparently refuses to accept this fact and will never be able to overtake the iPhone (as much as I want them to!) unless they change.

    I want a Windows 8 phone. I want the Lumia 920 because I’m sick and tired of HTC devices. I can’t have one because I am using the ‘wrong carrier’.

    No matter though, these comments never mean anything to Microsoft anyway so we’re all just talking to a brick wall. It’s too bad too because so many of us love the phones and want the OS to flourish.

  • sloshed
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    It's unbelievable that after this long, the best Windows Phone will not be available on Verizon. Verizon is the largest and best carrier in the US and they don't have any good Windows Phones :( I really feel like both MS and Nokia dropped the ball in a huge way with this announcement today. We will not see Windows Phone gain market share if they don't have GREAT hardware on Verizon - sad, but true.

  • @TomCahill, you can't use AT&T (GSM) phones on Verizon's Network (CDMA).  They're two completely different types of networks.

    @eddie54 It doesn't matter, you'd still be using either AT&T or T-Mobile's network (both of which suck in comparison to Verizon) because they use different network technologies.

  • Actually, this makes me very, very unhappy.  AT&T has the WORST reputation of all the major carriers - their coverage SUCKS, their 4G SUCKS, their customer service SUCKS, and I was really looking forward to getting off of their network.  Guess I'll be getting an android phone on verizon.  Every time you guys have a chance to actually break into the marketplace you just wind up doing the dumbest thing possible and shooting yourselves in the foot.  Who the hell brokered this deal?  They should be fired, today.

  • Sumit
    2 Posts

    There shouldn't be any exclusivity on a flagship device. Lumia 920 is considered to be a great Windows Phone 8 device even though it is not available in the market yet, and those who don't want to be on AT&T or those who prefer a carrier other than AT&T, what about them? They are going to miss a great phone or they have to bear the services of a network which they do not prefer.

  • Headski
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    What the heck?  Why in the world is this only going to AT&T?  I am a Verizon customer and have been waiting for a really great Windows Phone.  This is it!  No offense HTC but the 920 has all the right features.  Nokia Drive, Nokia City Lens, Nokia Transit, PureView and more.  Man I am really bummed and upset.  If you want to be a success in the US then make your phone widely available!  We are not even getting the 820!  Who in the world is running your marketing anyway?  You need to fire them and get someone that can make deals with all the carriers thereby giving Nokia and Windows Phone a chance.  Sad!

  • c0wg0d
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    I don't know who I'm more angry with; Microsoft for not pushing for better carrier support, Verizon for not making a single WP8 announcement yet, or Nokia for deciding to make AT&T a Lumia exclusive!  I've gotta say, I'm pretty aggravated at all of them now.

  • eddie54
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    I still don't see Gray available anywhere for pre-order in Europe either, and so far jsut Yellow and Black available for pre-order unless you live in Russia and still Gray is missing!!!

    Do I get yellow, white or Gray? Leaning towards yellow, although tile clashing will suck.

  • eddie54
    3 Posts

    Why are you all concerned about AT&T....

    Contracts suck...Most people in Asia and Europe buy unlocked which is a MUCH better deal anyway and you're not stuck in a contract....

    Just buy the phone and use on your current plan with a SIM card! The phone will work worldwide as it is Quadband as well...

    I've pre-ordered mine in Europe and will receive mine, although I could pre-order also from at&T and bring mine to Canada to use here...

    You can also sell your unlocked phone for 300-400 dollars later on if kept in good condition and can get a new smartphone whenever you want for a fraction of the price and keep up on all the latest smartphones without a 3 year contract term...

  • McHale
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    ...unless your carrier happens to be AT&T then you're screwed either way.

  • KR
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    My greatest lesson with Windows phone is, don't buy it if it is not sold by your carrier otherwise you'll end up with a lemon

  • KR
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    One thing Microsoft and its partners can learn from Apple and google,is that, when you only have one flagship,dont make it an exclusivity. look at apple and their iphones. they releae it and make it available to all. look at the galaxy s3 got released and just as the iphone you could get it on all carriers, then you wonder why windows phones are not popular.I say it again the problem is not windows phone or the hardware,but the strategy used on these products.when you have a flagship make it more visible to a larger audience.average consumers don't do research,they chose what is presented to them and as it happens thats more than 80% of consumers out there

    wouldn't be surprised next year windows phone will have 3% marketshare just as it does now

  • It's too bad that the 920 isn't going to be released for T-Mobile.  it would have been a great choice.  Nokia is missing out with their decision to go exclusive.

    I'm leaning towards skipping the first batch of windows 8 phones because none of them match what i need or want --   32 gig of memory and/or 16 gig plus sd card slot for media,   4.3" or less screen, and higher resolution screen.   The 8X has it exactly except for the memory storage.  That's too bad.  The Samsung is great except that it's too big.

  • I'm seeing a Galaxy Note II in my future... I would LOVE a 920 or an 8X - can't wait to see real-world camera comparisons, btw.  But there is no way AT&T is ever getting a penny of my money.  They screwed up so bad the last time I dealt with them they earned a spot on my lifelong blacklist.  Maybe this is why Sprint isn't even bothering with WP??  If you're not AT&T you can't get anything above a mid-level device??  I really love my Arrive, but my marriage with WP has been full of ups and downs, with the downs leaving the lasting impression.  It looks like WP8 will address most if not all of them, but with a family plan and 5 lines of various contract dates, I'm stuck with Sprint.  Yes, I'm mad at them for blocking me from the platform I want to love, but I'm even more mad at MS, Nokia, AT&T and whoever else thought this exclusivity BS was a good idea.

  • LOL, "no penetration with carriers"?  There's no penetration with THE MARKET.  We lost market share AGAIN.  Even though Windows Phones are better, in my opinion, Apple's processes are much, much better.  They know how to market, deploy and support their monolithic ecosystem much better.  That's why they win, even with a substandard device like the iPhone 5.  Just how much longer do we think this can go on, particularly in light of the word that Nokia is looking to sell their HQ?  This isn't boding well.

  • BOTH Verizon and Microsoft are losing out on (1) net new WP8 customers and (2) current WP7 customers who are tired of being kicked in the head by VZW.  As I current Verizon customer, I find their inability to makes a commitment and announcement regarding WP8 devices insulting.  Insulting enough to leave them.  And if Microsoft isn't going to press VZW to provide a more public support for their ecosystem, I would say that this strategy will promote consumers to look at Apple and Android devices both now and in the future.

    IN ADDITION, if Microsoft has any expectations that corporate customers will flock to WP8; remember that corporate IT only "flocks" to AT&T or Verizon for cell phone devices and cell phone management.  By not pushing Verizon into more of a firm stance and commitment on the WP8 ecosystem, Microsoft has successfully cut out 50% or more of their WP8 potential in the corporate world.  This isn't Windows where options for IT are few.

  • Why do Nokia and Microsoft hate its customers?

  • jay_max
    1 Posts

    Other news outlets are reporting the 920 as an AT&T exclusive, but not the 820.  Can you confirm that?  Also, will the Microsoft Store be selling an unlocked version of the 920 for purchase?

  • rgvweb
    59 Posts

    Amazing! I really want it to come in market very soon-

  • "No word on pricing or availability yet" - One of the reasons, I have already purchased the iPhone 5.

  • Zartan
    22 Posts

    So now not only is the Lumia 920 not on most carriers, but the colors that make it stand out from the crowd (yellow and cyan) won't even be sold in stores!!! AT&T is a terrible partner. AT&T is sabotaging Nokia here. Microsoft you need to bring this phone to better carriers in the US.

  • hopmedic
    13 Posts

    I'm one of those stupid suckers on Verizon who has been telling people how great Windows Phone is even though I've been stuck with hardware that sucks, and a carrier that has given me the cold shoulder because I'm not a sheep, and want a phone that doesn't track my every move.  

    Last year, I was telling my friends that Mango was going to be great when it came to their phones, as I used it on mine, since I had it months before general release.

    Now, we're a couple weeks before Windows Phone 8 release, and it's, "Developers, Developers, Developers, Oh, wait - never mind - Brandon Watson's gone - we don't need no stinking developers.  Hold off on the SDK.  They can have it for Christmas."  I mean, most of us don't even know if anyone was hired to take his place when he left to go to Amazon.  There was a great loss to Microsoft when he left.  He was a man who knew that it was developers who are going to make or break your phone.  Look at the Windows 8 Marketplace - there's what, 2000 apps in the store?  That's like nothing, right?

    Then to top it off, Nokia, a company that's trying to make a comeback, makes an exclusive deal with ATT for the US???  How stupid is that?? They lock themselves out of the biggest carrier when those of us on Trophies have been DYING for that "HERO" hardware???  What kind of MORONS are there working in marketing at Nokia and Microsoft who came up with these ideas???  You people are the biggest idiots I can imagine.

    Time to go sell my Nokia stock.  It's sure to sink.

  • McHale
    29 Posts

    @hunterjon I don't approve of the hash tag at all.  The problem isn't that Nokia sucks.  The phone is the best on the market.  The real problem is that AT&T sucks.  I do think that Microsoft allowing *ANY* exclusive deals right now while they are struggling to get a foothold is a stupid idea.  In fact, I know it is.

  • jvward
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    Really, MS come on I had the trophy for years on Verizon and all I do is tell people how awesome it is and WP7 is and now this.  I don't want to switch to AT&T how is making this phone a carrier exclusive a good idea at all.  I would get the HTC phone but 16 GB is lol at best.

  • Crappy! I just posted on Twitter that #NokiaSucks hashtag... Use it!

  • AS147
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    @PoppaString  you said it best, the exclusivity deal sucks. How is Verzon not going to be as good (if not a better) partner to be with. I would however prefer to see these phones on all major networks. It's a false economy to think it is too expensive to ignore exclusivity deals because you will spend a lot of money in marketing and have to do it twice because you can't hit all of the major customer base at once.

    But here is the worse thing about the exclusivity, if the launch isn't successful Nokia could be in trouble and if that happens MS will have set back their chance in the mobile market at least 5 years. Nokia is the only OEM all-in on windows phone and the other OEMs are not making much of an effort. The rumoured MS windows phone also won't help if Nokia fails.

    Also the problem is after 7 years of not gaining any real market share no one will be interested and Android and iOS will march on. Also, there may be another player that comes along and takes third spot.

  • Wyn6
    3 Posts

    Hey. I say we Tweet bomb, email, and Facebook Nokia to death. Not that it will change anything. I'm just recommending we do this to be as annoying as possible. ;)

  • Matt
    3 Posts

    This could be god's phone...and i wouldnt move to AT&T for it.  Nokia just lost a customer.  I know the 8x (in cali blue) isnt a bad backup plan...but Windows Phone will never take off unless they have the best phones on all of the carriers.  This crap just kills me because its like they say, "what can we do to make this harder for ourselves"?  "why lets give the worst carrier in America an exclusive on the coolest phone coming out this year"?  Yup that will do it.

  • Ok let me get this straight. We have one of the best LTE phones excluive to one of the worst LTE networks. We only have 4 phones for Windows Phone 8 as it is, and the apparent "flag ship" phone is limited to one network o_O

    As a developer and consumer I am real fan of the phones, but if there is no penetration with carriers how can we expect there to be penetration with consumers. SMH

  • Luigi
    9 Posts

    Hope it does not happen again! I have a brand new AT&T Lumia 900 but to date I have not been able to successful unlock that phone because AT&T has exclusive right on this Nokia model (allegedly until mid-October). Being said that, I do hope that the Lumia 920 – along with any other WP8 phone – will be sold unlocked in any Windows Store.

  • THIS SUCKS!!!  Why does AT&T, #2 in the cellular market, get exclusivity of the Lumia 920???

  • McHale
    29 Posts

    ScubaDog - some fool got it wrong on his blog and all the tech sites ran with it.  Updates still come from Microsoft and carriers can still interfere.  The change is, they added an "enthusiast" program (details still missing) where you can sign up and manually push updates yourself, at your own risk, like we are doing through XDA (God Bless XDA by the way).  Please find me ANY official source from Microsoft where they say that ALL future updates bypass the carriers.  If I'm wrong, I'll be happy to go nuts on the web and shout it from the mountain tops.  

    I'll be here waiting.

  • @McHale, did you completely miss the announcement earlier this year where WP8 will allow you to load updates without the carrier?  It will work similar to the .cab install we use to do with the PocketPC and Windows Mobile devices.  The caveat, of course, is that you won't be able to get the carrier-specific or OEM stuff that way, but if it's a Microsoft update, you'll be able to choose that method.  So, don't sweat that.

  • i am extremely disappointed the grey color is not available.

    grey is not only unusual in a smartphone, but sexy.

  • Nokia's own website, under their product link, says exclusively from AT&T for the 920.  This is disappointing to me, I really wanted to see t-mobile offer it.  At least the HTC 8X and hopefully the Samsung ATIV S will be offered by them.  I will not consider the 820 even if it's a great phone as I won't support Nokia under the current business model of offering only one hero phone to only one provider.

  • This is a terrible decision. I was planning on getting a 920 but alas you decide to place your bets of your best phone in an exclusive contract with America's worst carrier.

  • McHale
    29 Posts

    I'm on AT&T and I'm upset AT&T is getting these.  I refuse to buy a Windows Phone device from AT&T.  Their lack of support and deliberate refusal to push updates is something I can't tolerate any more.  The fact that Microsoft allowed it to happen after all the "carriers can only block one update" crap is just sad.  If I can't buy the 920 unbranded and carrier unlocked, I will not be buying ANY new Windows Phones.  AT&T has made the entire Windows Phone experience painful and infuriating.

  • I can't believe that people are shocked that AT&T is getting the 920 exclusively.  

    Even more, I can't believe that US consumers actually fall for the contract scam.  There was a great article recently about how "subsidized" phone prices in the U.S. cost you more.

    So, the important information about the 920 will be, can we use it unlocked and fully functional on any carrier.  Internet sharing, MMS, everything?  I have no problem buying the phone full price and using it on any carrier I want, but the shenanigans with the 900 and the Network Setup App have me VERY leery of buying another Nokia until I know it will work on any carrier.  If it won't then I will be going with HTC or Samsung.

  • Matt
    3 Posts

    Doesnt make me happy at all.  Who would want to move to AT&T right now?  No real LTE penetration, consistantly rated as worst wireless customer service.  I just dont get it.  Does Nokia and MS like shooting themselves in the foot?

  • Wyn6
    3 Posts

    @VisionCloud The press release does indeed state that the 920 WILL BE exclusive to AT&T.

  • Great!  Now when is AT&T going to get around to releasing Windows Phone 7.8 for its existing handsets that have gone without an update for over a year??

  • Everyone who is upset because ATT is getting these phones shouldn't be. No where have they said that the devices will be exclusive to ATT. Most tech blogs believe the 820 will be available on almost all US carriers while the 920 is still up for debate. Don't throw in the towel just yet.

  • Could you please include support for all 50 languages in the AT&T version of these Nokia models?

  • Horrible choice Nokia to go exclusive.  These need to be sold unlocked in Microsoft Stores WITH NO CARRIER LOGO or BLOATWARE.  I freakin HATE ATT as you cannot buy the phone outright from them unlocked.  You just killed the US momentum for this phone.

  • Where's the GRAY color?  Was perfect for the more "conservative" folks like myself, while avoiding the standard Black.

  • Now, if we could only get the price off-contract and info on when we can pre-order.  I love my cyan Lumia 900.  I was SO hoping for a purple 920.  Alas, only the 820 comes in purple.

  • And now I wait for Rogers to announce they are getting the 920 in their lineup... They better! But I'd still be happy with owning a 8X.

  • Oh come on Verizon Wireless make an announcement already.

  • jschroedl
    24 Posts

    Just checked the Nokia page: "The Nokia Lumia 920, exclusively from AT&T"   Exclusively!!! augh! Nooooooo.  Verizon wherefore art thou? Why would Nokia do this exclusive deal?  so sad

  • This just made my day. Can't wait to find out when the release date! All the new Win8 phones are stunning

  • Wyn6
    3 Posts

    Yeah. This doesn't make me happy at all. I wholly believe that the 920 needed to be on all U.S. carriers, Sprint not withstanding. AT&T may promise to promote the heck out of it, but they're "Beta Test" ads weren't that great and weren't done to the level of saturation.

    I guess Nokia is doing what they believe to be best for them and their product and some of us customers will be left in the cold. C'est la vie. There's till HTC and Samsung, I suppose.

  • pg1162
    3 Posts

    Crap. I was hoping to get the 820 from T-Mobile.  Why would Nokia gives all the high end phone to AT&T who does not promote anything but the iPhone?

  • "No word on pricing or availability yet" -- seriously? Come on guys. I'm due my upgrade in the UK now and where as I will wait because I know what I want I'm certain most consumers renewing now would not unless they can get prices and dates.

  • Philip G
    10 Posts

    Red Lumia 920 plus 3 wireless chargers for me Ben ;-)