T-Mobile adds the Nokia Lumia 810 to its Windows Phone 8 lineup

T-Mobile adds the Nokia Lumia 810 to its Windows Phone 8 lineup

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A few weeks ago T-Mobile announced that it’s bringing the Windows Phone 8X to its portfolio this fall. Today, it’s adding the Nokia Lumia 810 to the mix.

Lumia 810 FINAL

The Lumia 810 is an exclusive to T-Mobile. Inside you’ll get the similar specs as the Lumia 820 - 4.3” ClearBlack display and 8MP Carl Zeiss camera, etc. - but you’ll also get a 1.2MP wide-angle Skype HD certified front-facing camera that’s 720p video-capable, a long-lasting 1800mAh battery, and optimizations to make it screaming fast on T-Mobile’s 4G network. It’s coming to T-Mobile in black, but you’ll be able to swap out the case for different colors.

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  • Article shared here is nice and informative. I think it is worthy to buy Nokia lumia  810 as it is an awesome phone having amazing and impressive features with  a nice look and user -friendly applications.


  • What are the differences between WP 7.8 and WP 8?

    Because if there are no major changes/fixes in WP 8 other than the device appearances, i really have no reason to get a WP 8.  

    WP 7.5 lacked way too many applications that are on Android and Apple devices, and because the applications on WP did not seem to be integrated into the UI or something, the launch speed of many of  the same applications were slower than those same ones on Iphone and Android phones.  A possible fix would be better background tasking like the one on Galaxy S 3 .

    But really, why should i wait longer if i don't know what the big advantages of WP 8 are?

    I would maybe consider getting a WP 8 if they at least get some of the apps on Apple and Android app stores such as instagram, oovoo, etc

  • www.wpcentral.com/nokia-releases-q3-financial-results-lumia-sales-falls-29-million

    Yep.  Back again.  Has it been 24 hours already?  The bad news about Nokia continues to pour in.  Is this enough bad news to make Microsoft think twice about holding off on that Surface Phone?  With the success Microsoft is seeing with the Surface Tablet, why would they not want to ride that wave and insure the success of WP8 - just as the Surface Tablet is doing for Windows 8?  Let's get the Surface Phone through the FCC and roll!!!

  • www.theverge.com/.../nokia-lumia-920-exclusive-att-six-months-rumor

    TIME TO ROLL OUT THAT SURFACE PHONE!!!  Are you really going to let Nokia kill the release of WP8?  Do you really think that consumers are going to flock to AT&T for the 920?  Things have gotten so bad that potential WP8 customers are now talking about waiting until CES 2013 to see what phones will be available.  Nokia will be dead by then and Ballmer will be pulling his hair out.  Okay, so I got the Nokia part right.

    Regardless, Steve's letter to the investors was spot on.  Microsoft needs to protect their own interests and the only way to do it is to continue producing great software and strong supporting hardware.  I want a Surface in my stocking.  Please stop making me endure this Nokia BS.

  • abm
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    @rambohacker, @stn and @Adam

    Thank you so much for the replies and about the Welcome Nokia app. I will forward the link to my soon-to-be an x-iPhone friend.


    I have a Windows Phone 7. Its my first smartphone, I bought it.. some 18 months ago and I am planing to purchase Windows Phone 8 as soon as it get released. As a developer, I am the last person on the planet who care about *.XPS files and annoyed by the fact that Microsoft has silently discontinued it and no one from MSFT has said any word about it. I tried to port XPS document parsing engine to WP and Windows 8 RT but the only publicly free library available is failing me to do so. I hope someone from the Mono group will port it as C++ is supported in WP8. As for the poll website, I voted the uservoice request windowsphone.uservoice.com/.../2157707-allow-pasting-in-the-phone-dialer with these comments:


    Here is the complete feature request for Windows Phone phone dialer:

    - Copy-paste alpha numeric numbers retaining the intended format of the number from clipboard and coping with the international phone keypad scheme (www.dialabc.com/.../keypads.html).

    - Cursor in the dialer: if someone enters the wrong digit at the beginning of the number, they have to erase all the succeeding digits to make the correction.

    - Autocomplete & suggestions: as we are dialing the number (from the unsaved numbers in the history/recent). Some old Samsung phones had this feature!


    iPhone was the only phone lacking the paste in dialer feature, unfortunately Microsoft since WP7 second iPhone on that one.. WP8 could have supported it as there is no rocket science!

    Also, in my last comment, where I referring to the service codes (with # and *), it was about the third party app support in the SDK which was blocked in Microsoft.Phone.Tasks namespace (under PhoneCallTask class). Rather than blocking, allowing it with user discretion and warn users that "This application will dial security codes. Do you want to allow this feature?" will be sufficient to mitigate any risk and Microsoft won't be responsible if the user loses anything.

  • Even better, make the Surface Phone available in unlocked GSM *AND* CDMA variants, so you can take it to the carrier you're already with, no matter what they're actually offering.

  • Blah, blah, blah.  More "midrange" garbage from Nokia.  Today, the "midrange" Nokia 822 for Verizon was leaked as well.  Microsoft - you had better warm up that Surface Phone because the toxic (exclusive) mix of Nokia and AT&T gets more and more disgusting with every Nokia midrange phone announced.  Surprise the socks off of all of us an roll out the Surface Phone when you roll out WP8.  OR, prepare for a midrange response to WP8.  Right now, as a VZW customer, I will wait for the Surface - as well as NEVER consider a Nokia device again.  A better phone does not make the Apple.  Live by the exclusive phone and die by the exclusive phone.  Need any beta testers???

  • So yet another time that T-Mobile users got shafted with a low end phone.  I'm sorry, I do not understand how anyone can be happy about the fact that the Lumina 920 was AT&T only and the lower end phone went to T-Mobile.

  • aksmurf
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    Ok so a question I can't seem to answer. Does this phone, or does it not support micro sd like the 820 a few sites say no and a few say yes. I'm currently stuck with Android and can't wait to get a new windows phone, but as I am on TMobile this seems to be the only affordable option for me. (unless they get the 820[doubtful] ) I'm willing to pay the full retail on the 920, but also wiling to settle as long as I can have more than 8gb of storage for an affordable alternative.

  • Hey @Rodney - a new hope this morning....  I had to take a much earlier train this morning, and as I walked up to the tracks, I could see a guy showing his phone to a pretty decent crowd (at 5am, more than 2 people counts as a decent crowd!) of 5 or so people...  The closer I got, I heard him say things like, "so I pick this person, and can call, txt, Facebook, tweet...) and the crowd was saying, "That's so much easier than what I have to do!"

    I finally get close enough to look, and sure enough, he's god a Lumia 900!  I made a comment about knowing that it had to be a WP, and everyone laughed and said, "You have one too?" so I pulled out my Arrive and showed them.  One lady said, "oh but YOU got the smaller one..." to which I slid out the keyboard and said, "sure, but I get to use THIS!" and got the "ooohs" and "aaahs" that indicated a few new future members of the WP family had been born!

  • BTW @Greg, have you gotten hooked up with a sweet new device yet?

  • @Greg Bulmash - Glad to see you on here!!  Your points are duly noted, and the fact of the matter is that while Sprint would love me to upgrade now (full discount went live a few weeks ago) my Arrive is still working, and I'm not in a super big rush to get to the next big phone.  

    That being said, my next phone must have (among other things) significantly higher resolution than the 820 family provides.  I think the Ativ S looks like an excellent phone, and am holding out hope that Samsung covers all carriers like they did with the GSIII - then I'll be back on the cheerleading squad!

  • djmikebrady: Worth noting that Sprint's exact wording in the doc leaked last month was "we have no announcements regarding Windows 8 devices at this time."

    Come on, they NEVER do until a week or two until before the device launches.

    T-mo just finally announced this with less than 3 weeks to the Oct 26th extravaganza. Lenovo, Dell, and HP still haven't made their hot new Win 8 machines available for preorder, are still keeping some specs (and pricing) under wraps. EVERYONE is playing coy with ALL the Win 8 hardware. It's frustrating as heck and I feel your pain, but give it a few weeks before you give up on Windows Phone.

    Also, I've only seen mfg. announcements for Nokia and HTC. I've got my fingers crossed that Sammy, Moto, and LG will announce by the 20th and we may see some exciting stuff.

  • @windowsphone The Nokia Lumia 810 on @TMobile comes with an interchangeable cyan shell and a gorgeous 1.2MP HD

    Since when can anything with 1.2MP be considered gorgeous? I am a big fan of WP but come on.

  • Adam
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    @abm, there is a solution for transferring data from one to phone to a Nokia Lumia, and it's called the Welcome Home to Windows Phone - www.markspace.com/.../nokia

  • @Rodney - Yeah, feeling really bummed about it, and really, shocked that of all the really, stellar hardware announced for WP8, NONE has been even mentioned for Sprint, or confirmed for VZW.  Add in the AT&T exclusive on the 920, and it straight up makes me mad.  The 820 variants and their 480x800 screen are NOT what I'm interested in.  Even if one of them were to land on Sprint, I'd pass because I require all the pixels I can get on my screen...

  • Hawk
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    @Sumit...yes, Verizon will be carrying a Nokia 820 model but the name will be Nokia Atlas.  At least that's the rumor per CNET.  www.cnet.com/.../nokia-atlas-might-be-verizons-next-wp8-handset

  • Sumit
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    AT&T is carrying Lumia 820, T-Mobile is carrying Lumia 810. How about Verizon and Sprint, are they going to launch Lumia 820?

  • stn
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    It doesn't migrate your SMS, but aparently everything else. Take a look at this migration tool, which migrates from iPhone, Blackberry and Android, to Windows Phone:


    Here's a comprehensive description of the tool:


  • abm: Now please develop a migration tool from other phones (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian) which import export SMS messages stored in phone, user notes (from default notes apps), contacts and pictures. Some people have this very concern which is yet to address.

    Two questions, if anyone knows the answer please do tell. In WP8 and WP7.8 OSes:

    - Can we paste and edit the number phone dialer?

    - Can we, as a developers, have the ability to dial security numbers (with # and * in it)?

    You can import your contacts and picture. It's actually very easy, if you are on Android you just make sure all your contacts are Google contacts, which is the default for most android phones and keep all your documents and pictures  backed up with Google Drive, which is also the default for most android phones. You can then enter your Google account on your windows phone and it automatically imports your contacts, photos, calendar and everything from Google. This feature has been around for a while, just has not been advertised very well.

    In regards to pasting and editing phone # in dialer they currently don't have that feature but I'm not sure if it will be added in the new windows 8 or windows 7.8. However Microsoft does have a poll website were you can list features you want added and they add features in updates that get the highest amount of votes. Now in windows phone if you are in a screen some were outside the dialer and come across a phone # you want to call just hold down on that # and it will give you the option to call it.

  • @ DJ Mike

    That sux that Sprint isn't getting any new WP8 devices. It seems almost impossible for them, as large as they are, to not even get one new device. I just don't understand why something couldn't have been worked out. They surely have to be getting something some time in 2013. This is ridiculous!

  • Okay, someone please explain the function and need for holding onto and transferring SMS messages.  I just don't see it.

  • So does that mean I'll get the option of a Nokia 910 for T-Mobile?  That would be awesome!

    If I go for the 810, will I be able to get a red case? with wireless charging?

    Just curious.

  • Zartan
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    Nice that they added a bigger battery and a HD camera to the front. Makes it an even better phone.

  • abm
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    Great news.. Now please develop a migration tool from other phones (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian) which import export SMS messages stored in phone, user notes (from default notes apps), contacts and pictures. Some people have this very concern which is yet to address.

    Two questions, if anyone knows the answer please do tell. In WP8 and WP7.8 OSes:

    - Can we paste and edit the number phone dialer?

    - Can we, as a developers, have the ability to dial security numbers (with # and * in it)?

    Thank you.

  • So the oft-rumoured 822 will likely be a similar variant for VZW.  While everyone actually WANTS a 920 variant...  This is a tiny baby step toward a good solution - what is really gained by keeping all this stuff secret this close to the release time?  If VZW has one or more Nokia phones ready to go, they need to just say so!  Otherwise, all they get is negativity in comments and potentially lost sales and customers in the aftermath of other carriers' exclusivity announcements.

    As for me, I'm locked into Sprint with a 5 line family plan, so I'm likely leaving the WP family early next year when my contract expires...  And that saddens me, but equally angers me because WP could and SHOULD be gaining popularity and marketshare, but MSFT and its partners all seem to be treating it as an "oh hey, look, we made this phone system that's kind of okay, maybe you could try it sometime?  No?  Oh well that's groovy.. Maybe next time.  No?  Well that's fine too." situation...  That's not how things succeed.