Announcing Xbox Music

Announcing Xbox Music

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Those of you that follow me here on the blog or on Twitter know I love music! So I am really pumped about the recent announcement of Xbox Music. If you haven’t heard about it yet, check out and this article in the Microsoft News Center. We will have more information about what this means for Windows Phone 8 later this year, so stay tuned!

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  • playy8
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    thank, hope that you will have more news

  • dalydose
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    It is a shame that Windows Phone 7 devices are being left out of this.  Maybe there is hope that the the WP7.8 upgrade will bestow this treasure to the loyalists who have been supporting the platform.

    I don't have too much to complain about.  I use Nokia Music on my Lumia 900.  It's free, unlimited and no commercials.  No other service matches that.  I **might** use Xbox Music on my Windows 8 laptop, since Nokia Music only works on the phone.

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  • When will the new Xbox Music client/app be released?  I hear it comes with Windows 8, but I have been running the RTM as a Partner for several weeks and have seen nothing - not even in the store.  Zune now mentions Xbox Music, but it is the same old Zune.  My new Xbox Music Pass does work in the old Zune application!

  • @ScubaDog It is funny that at work and amongst my friends, people think of me as a WP fanboy. I definitely have preached the advantages of WP. I cam from the iPhone 3G two years ago, so WP was a huge improvement. Some of the littles things annoyed me about the iphone were "fixed" in WP7. I got the Focus and would have expandable memory. The email notification should new email and not unread email. That is a big thing for me as I get hundreds of emails daily for work. The calendar on the start screen, I have tons of meetings. There are other things as well. When I compare the iphone 4s and 5 to WP, WP comes out on top. My teenage daughters have iphones. My 17 year is ready to abandon Apple. The funny thing is it is mainly for the design. The turn by turn directions on IOS 6 are horrible. I have heard people say how great it is, but I left my GPS in another car and had to take my daughter to pick hers up. I had her use the IOS6 Turn by turn, and was quite frustrated. I was driving so I could not handle it, but I would not get rid of my GPS for it.

    One thing I have never compared is my WP to Android, until recently. A coworker and I have been discussing phones because I had been excited about WP8 and the Lumia 920. Everything I want and like about WP seems to be on Andriod. There are more choices and most all of MS items are going to be on Android. I have 45GB on Skydrive and am willing to purchase more memory to put my music on it. I also have unlimited data and live in an area with LTE. I have tried it out, on another phone and have gotten between 10-30Gb download. My problem is, I travel for work to areas that will not have it. Most hotel Wifi suck and are not much better than 3G.I am a middle aged man that has kept all my CDs from when they first started releasing them. My first CDs were Led Zepplin and ZZ Top. I love to put complete CD on my Zune/Music Player. Without the on board storage I will need to still carry my  Zune 120GB player. I have learned to not by something based on promises of what it WILL be able to do in the FUTURE, but on what it can do NOW. MS has lost all credibility with me. So I will not upgrade, but wait for something that will do what I want. If Andriod gets it first, they will get my business.

  • @pvcleave, I thought I was bad about the onboard storage.  I am totally in favor of using the cloud, and I now have my entire music collection on my Skydrive.  I use the CloudMusic app as a more convenient way to stream that music onto my Lumia 900, which only has 16GB of storage, but it's clearly the XBox Music and the matching capability that will help out there.  The only downside, of course, is that if you don't have high speed wireless access then you can't stream your music.  In west Texas, this is usually the problem.  So, onboard storage is a must.  I was able to fit a number of video podcasts and a considerable amount of my music onto my Samsung Focus, which had a 32GB card in it (giving me a total of 40GB), and that was acceptable.  Getting the Lumia 920 will help dramatically compared to my Lumia 900 and, while it would be nice to have expandable memory (the Lumia 820 DOES have that), I'm willing to trade of some storage for having a camera that beats the pants of the iPhone and everyone else.

    As for the updates, if you search out some of my other tyrades, you'll see I have NOT given Microsoft a pass on this, but I've been quite fair.  Microsoft actually has done a remarkable job of late in being able to coordinate multiple OEMs and multiple carriers to update them all within days of each other, which is something Google still couldn't do to if its life depended on it.  Apple, of course, only has one device, for all intents an purposes and only in the last couple of years had more than one carrier to deal with.  And they still only update about once a year.  WP8 actually introduces a way for "enthusiasts" to update just the OS changes .cab-style, similar to how we use to with PocketPC and Windows Mobile.  You just wouldn't get the OEM or carrier-specific updates that way.  So, that front should improve even more.

  • One reason for coming to Windows Phone is I thought they would be better than Android on the update front. They have been horrible. I have over the last two years purchased three different WP7 devices. I have used it, but I am no longer seeing the advantage. I was all set to upgrade to Nokia 920, got my mother the 900 and think it is a nice device. However, I cannot get a device that only has 32GB and no expansion. Since MS has done away with Zune, I want to replace my Zune device with my phone, 32GB does not cut it.

  • To be fair, I sort of understand why XBox Music can't be added to WP7 devices.  Since Zune is so tightly integrated into the OS, you would have to do an OS update in order to add the functionality.  Other than the superficiality of the (lame) new Start Screen, there are no more updates coming.  Well, perhaps OEM or carrier updates, but not from Microsoft.  It's just a shame, that's all.

  • My understanding is that they will not support Windows 7, but they will be supporting iPhone (even the oldest) and Android.  I am not quite sure how MS expects developers to support WP when Microsoft doesn't. There are many examples of areas where MS supports other phones first and in some cases only. I have had a WP7 for nearly two years and was excited to upgrade to 8, but I am thinking of going to Android. I am tired of MS not supporting it's own product and putting other formats before it's own. The rumor is that most, if not all, MS exclusive on phones are coming to the other platforms.

    I know I can get a WP8 and get this one feature, but it is the others and the ones I do not even know about.

    Also it would be nice if MS could get Ford to create a Destinations App, for the Sync by Microsoft.

  • Way to go, Microsoft! Too bad I can't start using it right away on my Lumia900, but the future looks oh so bright! Will have to stick to Spotify just a littlebit longer.. Lumia920, come to me! ;-)

  • You announcing a product release on the Windows Phone blog, when it won't even be available to any Windows Phone currently available? This is crazy. Can you imagine Apple doing this? We are announcing a new music service! But no one with any device at the moment will be able to use it! Seriously why is there no support for WP7, it is unbelievable.

  • While I'm very excited for the Xbox Music launch, I can't help but feel a bit of that enthusiasm damped by the fact that it really means very little difference to those of us with WP7 devices.  I'll be able to take advantage of it on my desktops and laptop upgrading to Windows 8, but the "three screens and the cloud" is only going to bet two screens.  Sadness.

  • Zik
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    The free version being limited to 10 hours per month (after 6 months) is *extremely* limiting.  $10 a month is a bit steep (I won't give Spotify $10 a month either), which means I probably won't end up using this.  If the free version was limited to 10 hours a day, or only cost $5 a month, I might consider.  Maybe you'll convince me after the initial 6 months but I'm not that hopeful.

  • I Love it! Go Microsoft! Bring you entire powerful ecosystem together! At this rate you'll have the most complete and dependable ecosystem picture (If you haven't attained that already).

  • hristoi
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    Im using nokia music anyway. You dont need to pay anything, you only need a nokia phone. After reading your article i guess i will prefer nokia. And after all, its pretty stupid not allowing wp7 and w7 user using this application as @Lorenzo A. said.

    All the 8 devices are coll, but please microsoft, dont forget us oldschool wp7 user.

  • Very important question: I currently have two 3-Month Zune passes that are unused. Will I still be able to redeem them through Xbox Music for some type of equivalent service period or will I lose them entirely?

  • Tommyinoz
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    Do you need an Xbox for this service?

  • Hawk
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    So it's $9.99 for this service?  Why is my Xbox Live Gold membership not good enough?  That's money I spend on a monthly basis for what?  Now they want $9.99 more per month?  Whatever.  There are plenty other options for free.

  • Not letting Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 users in on this is, in my opinion, a big mistake. Imagine if you had let us in on the service from now through the release of Windows 8. You could have bragged about having so many tens of millions of users using the service on "Day 1 of Windows 8."

    Furthermore, if a WP7 is on Windows 8, what do they do? Run Zune for the phone but Xbox Music for the streaming?

    I really wish the service would have been better, for as long as it was under wraps and in development. Where's te browser access too, if this is to replace Spotify or Pandora?

    This comment thread isn't blowing up, but anyone at Microsoft really needs to read these comments and comment back on this blog about what your response is too all of this. You've got to read the comments here, many valid:

  • EdH
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    So everything I've been reading is Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 aren't supported. For Win7 users, they can upgrade to Win8 to get this, but it seems like anyone that has ever bought or buys a Win7 phone in the future (until WP8 devices are released) will not get Xbox music.

    Is that right?

  • Yes, please please please(!) add a family pass!

  • jschroedl
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    If this will allow a "family pass" then it will be fantastic. If not, it's more of the same...

  • thx1200
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    So... basically it's Zune with a new name?  It might be awesome, but I'm worried this is more of the same.  Remember all the Windows Live products?  Just because you put a popular brand name on something doesn't mean it will sell well.  I don't really care one way or the other, it just concerns me that the "XBox" brand might get dilluted like how the "Windows" brand has been.

  • And One Service To Rule Them All...

  • Xbox Music looks like it'll be pretty great. The best features, however, seem to be coming next year. I can't wait!