Big, cool stuff coming from Windows Phone on October 29

Big, cool stuff coming from Windows Phone on October 29

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As many of you know, we are landing in San Francisco on Monday October 29th to showcase some new things from Windows Phone. For those that can’t join us in person, no need to worry! You can tune into a live webcast here, all from the comfort of your couch, cubicle or coffee table. We hope you can join us, see you on the 29th!

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  • Yang Lu
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    why couldn't see all the comments?

  • alunj
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    I hope one of the things you'll announce is the ability to sync Outlook Contacts and Calendar through the Zune software (or whatever it's going to be called this week), without having to have Exchange or Hotmail or any online component. Just a PC running Outlook, connected by a USB cable to a phone. This one feature is why my wife refuses to ditch her Blackberry.

  • dalydose
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    Very excited to see what's in store.  Would LOVE a surprise 7.8 announcement.  I know it's a slim-to-none chance, but it would be great to end the day with the custom tiles. :)

  • I am looking forward to the new Windows 8 Phone! I've enjoyed my Titan II so much! I installed Windows 8 over the weekend and love the seamless integration of my phone.  On a down note, as a company we've decided to move to Verizon..  and was really bummed out by the Exclusive 920 thing with ATT.   Hoping Verizon gets it together very quickly with a reasonable offering.  150+ Phones to move service providers is no picnic.

    Any thoughts on Windows 7.8 timing?  Hopefully that update will be coming soon.

  • Looking forward to see the new functionalites of windows phone 8.

  • My guess is Surface Phone = WP + Touch Cover.  Blackberry users will love that.  The biggest selling point for Surface is the touch cover.

  • Wow.  WP8 launch on the 29th, but no devices until 11 Nov?  Fail.

  • Hawk
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    Receiving an email yesterday from AT&T letting me know that their UVerse app no longer works for Windows 7 phones.  What the F is that all about?  Are the WP7 owners gonna start seeing this now?  Developers now working on WP8 apps and discontinuing their WP7 apps?  Microsoft...I know the Uverse app is probably out of your control but this is total BS!  What other apps do I have on my WP7 device that will soon be discontinued by other developers?  I know updates to certain apps may not be allowed for older OS's but discontinuing an app so that it no longer even works is horse crap.  If that's the case, then I'm probably done with WP's.

  • @ScubaDog2011 I just checked the calendar, nope, no change. I think they forgot about it or change it when they introduce WP8 officially since the phone calendar corresponds with hotmail calendar. @Goodthings2life, I'm sick of Apple news, too AND tired of Google yellow raining on MSFT's parade!

  • @ScubaDog2011 I just checked the calendar, nope, no change. I think they forgot about it or change it when they introduce WP8 officially since the phone calendar corresponds with hotmail calendar. @Goodthings2life, I'm sick of Apple news, too AND tired of Google yellow raining on MSFT's parade!

  • Really, the only thing that's keeping me from getting a new WP8 is the apps...WP needs to get the big name apps that IOS and Android has.

  • Does this mean the Stray Cats broke up?

  • hopmedic
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    If there's no Lumia 9xx on Verizon, I won't be buying a phone.  Not going to waste a 2 year committment on something that is less than what I want.  *hunkering down with my Trophy*

  • Wow, I love the new look too!  And of course, I echo ScubaDog in requesting for the Live / Outlook Calendar to receive the update... Great looking stuff!

  • I just wanted to second all the comments about looking for a Wow moment.  For all the stuff that MSFT has done this year, they should have own this whole week's news cycle.  I'll be watching on my new Surface on Monday; please have made this the weekend of MSFT by the close of Monday.

  • mog0
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    Anyone going to give us a clue as to what TIME the event will be? We can't really stay on the website for 24 hours waiting for it to start.

  • Meanwhile, I got a kitchen pass to purchase the Lumia 920.  The larger storage and fantastic camera are the selling points for me.  And the off-contract price isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Sadly, when I went into our local AT&T store they had NO CLUE about it...or ANY of they Windows Phones debuting.  Once again, AT&T FAIL.

  • Totally off topic, but last night I kept trying to get into the Windows Blogs and was just met with a requirement for an Authentication Code.  Now I see why.  I love the new Metro look to the site (and, yes, I said Metro---sue me).  I just with the Calendar would get this same treatment.  It's a pretty big jolt to go from the clean lines of the reset of the site then to the old-school Hotmail Calendar.

    I'll be sitting at my computer at midnight tonight hoping to buy and download the GA of Windows 8.  I'll be doing clean-slate installs, so I'll be joining up my Lumia 900 fresh ;)

  • Here's to hoping we get a presentation of the Surface Phone

  • Any chance that for us who have a Nokia Lumia 900 but are not yet eligible for an upgrade, that Microsoft/ Nokia will provide some discounted options for upgrades? What's the plan?

  • mutabor
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    I'd rather see *small* cool stuff coming. Seriously, all those phones are HUGE! None of my pockets will be able to accomodate those devices. I really hope there will be a phone announced which is as thin as Ativ S and same size (or smaller!) as Nokia 800. Kickstand optional, hehe.

  • w1ngnut
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    You guys have been so silent about WP8 that I thought you had given up about the OS... =D

    Jokes apart, anxious to know more about WP8!

  • riseagn
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    can't wait to see the new features of windows phone 8

  • This is nice ..waiting to see all new features demoed of WP8

  • Agree with DJ Mike and JJ Bowles.......

    We definitely need to see something new, and the marketing has to be downright relentless this time around. I'm almost convinced that the reveal of new major apps is more important than new features to the OS itself. And, these new devices, are almost perfect IMO, but they won't sell if they aren't seriously pushed on the public for a prolonged period of time.... WP ads seem to run for only a few months then complete silence,, everytime! We need these ads running everyday for the whole year until new devices are released the next time around.

    I can't wait for the event, and I have high hopes for WP8- WPxx.. It's still my platform of choice, and I'm sticking by it.

  • jjbowles
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    Please up the marketing. I hate being the only one in the office with a WP.  In the real world most people haven't even heard of it.  You know that Surface ad with all the clicking keyboard covers?  Great ad!! Do some of those for WP8.  Get in the news too!  Why does CNN cram Apple news down our throats but nothing from Microsoft? Same thing with product placments.  It seems there is always an Apple logo on prime time shows all the way down to HGTV.  Get that WP8 and Win8 logo on our TV sets.

  • Would be  nice to know a starting time.  Didn't see it on the page.

  • I really hope the Bluetooth will be awesome and hardware API's open enough for us to make Hardware controllers (e.g. RC Helicopters to be controlled via WP8 App).

  • We all already know about the Nokia phones, the HTC Phones, and the Samsung phone, which as of yet, isn't announced for any U.S. carrier...  So I'm with the crowd - we need to be WOW'd, we need to see something (or THINGS) that we haven't seen already.  Surface Phone would be cool...  Big name apps would be very cool...  More demonstrations of the people hub and live tiles are not what we need.

  • Let me guess, there will be a 30 minute demo of the People Hub?

  • Korn1699
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    It better be worth the wait for the SDK, otherwise I won't be renewing my AppHub subscription...

  • I really hope you guys are aiming to wow everyone... have some surprises and wow-factor to the presentation. Big name app partnerships couldn't hurt either... ;) Looking forward to the next week of news from you guys, because I'm SICK TO DEATH of Apple news.