How to watch our Windows Phone 8 event

How to watch our Windows Phone 8 event

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Curious what’s going to happen Monday at our press event in San Francisco?

Tune into the webcast and find out.

You can watch the live stream, which is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. Pacific, on either the Microsoft News Center or our Facebook page, where you can also see what people are tweeting about and join the conversation.

See you there!


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  • angad
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    In office,in home,now in hand (in mobile)everywhere is just windows,windows and windows. I just love it.Waiting for more and more apps and games.And yes i click the like button on fb.

  • Hawk
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    So far, the app announcements are nice...Pandora, Temple Run and Angry Birds Space coming to WP.  

  • OK, here's a real complaint for you, Microsoft... Why the hell can't I use my shiny new Surface to watch your Windows Phone 8 Webcast? Requires Silverlight?! Or I go to Facebook where it's Flash, but no-- your whitelist doesn't allow the plugin to work on that site.

    Come on, Microsoft. Form and features are great, and always have been... but you need to work on the user experience with things like this.

  • Hawk
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    Hmm...missing apps.  The BIG ones are Pandora, Instagram, Amazon Video, HBOGo, Temple Run, Angry Birds Space and other NEW versions, Coaches Eye, AT&T Uverse (withdrawn from WP7.5), WalMart, and countless others.  I can go on and on!  Almost everytime a friend recommends an app, I find that it's NOT available to Windows Phone.  Maybe developers are waiting on WP8 but I doubt it.  Most developers aren't dedicating resources to WP because there aren't enough customers so why bother.  

    As to multi-tasking...not a priority for me.  It's a phone for crying out loud.  Current functionality works fine for me when using the Task Switcher by holding down the back button.  All the apps I use are there and running live.  

    My issue is the lack of apps or apps that show up 6-12 months later after launching in the iOS or Android.  The WP works great for phone calls, texting, email, surfing the web, GPS, photos/videos but limited apps has been and I think always will be an issue.  

  • Regarding multi-tasking:

    I don't know what category this falls into, but some apps DO have the ability to run in the background at some capacity.

    Take the EBAY app for example.  That app will notify you of incoming messages, ending auctions, etc as notifications on your phone even with the app closed and without needing to setup a live tile.  It'll even pop-up with your screen locked (similar to how txt messages do).

    So yes, there is some form of multi-tasking on the WP7.5, I think developers just haven't taken full advantage of it yet.

  • abm
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    Please listen to what dptntkfkd has to say. Give some leeway to the developers like Android's ADP. Deliver some PowerShell cmdlets so we can operate the device. Give us the native support to send application via Bluetooth, recover and restore apps "with data-configurations", send audio/video/text/multimedia file over Bluetooth (this is obviously a mandatory feature when you talk about ecosystem and close-range devices). Other than closed-source kernel, the platform must be easy to tweak and configure. Only this way it would be considered relevant.

    Secondly, Google doesn't discriminate between US and non-US users when its about providing services. Microsoft otoh, claiming themselves as a global company but doesn't really mean it. Outside United States, no promotions are available, Windows Phone is very rare, , Bing is still in beta, boyscout and other services doesn't work... Its time Microsoft needs to learn few things from Google how to address the users at global scale simultaneously. Microsoft may be competing Android in USA, but by the time their product is available to the global market, Google acquire the market mindset. For example, in most parts of the world, people consider HTC and Samsung as Android phone manufacturers, XDA as a website for Android and since so forth.

    I was one of the first people in my country who bought WP in January 2011. Its being 21 months and till date I have found only one guy besides me using Windows Phone and few who recognize this device as non-Andriod HTC device without me explaining them before hand... People around me with S2, S3, Note, Note 2, Xperia, whatnot when asks me why should they buy Windows Phone, I don't have anything to tell them besides Metro style tiles, Microsoft Office hub and Xbox live (which is pretty thin for an Android user)... So I am beginning to realize that its on Microsoft because they are doing everything to render themselves irrelevant. Technically they are not incapable, that's for sure! But some genius running the company's decision still thinks there is a room for delay and error in phone market.. I know people who ask me if ever Windows Phone can do everything which Android does, they will buy WP.. I don't see this happening in at least another 2 years in this lonely ecosystem.

  • congratulations on making it to the release announcement.  I'm sure it will be a product that will make a positive difference in the lives of millions.

    If I've been critical concerning the lack of software updates for WP7 in the past, it's only because I love the interface and want everything to go well for you.

  • Sure, I think having major app partnerships is important, but it's more the platform ecosystem that impresses me. I can already do 99% of what I want, so why do I need an app? Sure, I use a few, but not often enough that I'd miss them if they weren't around. People stick their face in their screens too much as-is.

    Anyway, the multi-tasking is up to the developers to update their apps to enable multi-tasking. There ARE already announced improvements too, but app developers have to take initiative to bring it to you.

  • Having Apps relaunch in a defined state is a design decission in WP7. The Apps are kept dormant after you leave them but are only resumed if you either navigate back to them using the Back-Button or return to them using the Task Switcher which appears when you long press the Back-Button.

    If you start them from the Start-Screen they are actually restarted and the dormant instance is killed.

    Aside from that dormant Apps don't do actual processing. There are certain Tasks that can be performed in the Background in WP7:

    - Music Playback

    - Completion of Downloads

    And regular Tasks can be scheduled but with limited resources at their disposal. Those regular Tasks are run every 30 minutes and can update your tiles with data, etc.

    Windows Phone 8 increases on this in at least two ways:

    - GPS/Navigation-Apps can be run in the Background as well

    - VoIP Apps like Skype can be run in the Background

  • I somewhat agree with "dptntkfkd".

    I believe that the WP7.5 OS is the best operating system of the 3 because of its reliability and its design. It has the reliability of iOS and it has the design functionality of Android. I can also see that Microsoft is serious about making it a solid product.

    That being said, I agree... the multi-tasking seems to only be true multi-tasking  with Zune... everything else seems to actually just shut down and start up again... Take the facebook app for instance, or Skype. After you open them, go back to the start screen, use another app, and then click on their tile again. You have to watch the app launch again... that's disappointing.

    As for the app selection... I think 95% of the app you would actually use are there for WP, but it is unfortunate that Microsoft is not aggressively perusing some of the most popular apps to make a WP version in a more timely manner. And though I personally wouldn't use it... I think Instagram is a fare example of that!

    Still looking forward to the new OS and currently loving the direction that Microsoft is going in!


  • dalydose
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    Really? Threats?  Ugh.

    I honestly have every app that I need/want/use.  I'd be curious to know what all of these "WAY too many major app" are.  The only one I hear people complaining about is Instagram.  Since you called it "WAY too many", I'd love to see your Top 10 "major" missing apps.

    What I want to see tomorrow is an impressive ecosystem link between the phone, the computer, the tablet and the console.  This will be Microsoft's strength, not going to with battery draining "ACTUAL" multi-tasking (as you call it).

    The only thing that really needs to happen is for Microsoft and the carriers and OEMs to announce pricing and availability and maybe even start taking pre-orders.  I'm not threatening to leave the OS if that doesn't happen, but please...make it happen! :)

  • If Microsoft doesn't come out big on this one, then i'm jumping into the Android camp.

    Honestly, i really enjoy Windows Phone's design, but trying to use 3rd party apps is just too difficult.  (not to mention that Marketplace lacks WAY too many major apps that are on Android and IOS)

    I would also very much like to see ACTUAL multi-tasking like the ones on Galaxy devices.  On Windows Phone, when i multi-task, most apps just shut down or freeze (which isn't much of a multi-task)

    More than the looks of the devices, i'm hoping that Microsoft will finally add some of the major apps and also make the Windows Phone experience smoother.

    Please surprise me Microsoft :)