Skype, Office, and Bing on Windows Phone 8

Skype, Office, and Bing on Windows Phone 8

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At last, the wraps are off Windows Phone 8.

If you read Terry Myerson’s blog post this morning or watched our San Francisco launch event (here's the replay), you saw some of the amazing new features, phones, and apps on the way. You also saw how Windows Phone 8 seamlessly connects with so many great Microsoft products and services—from Bing to Xbox.

Now several Microsoft product blogs have published more details about their role in Windows Phone 8 and the new and improved features you’ll find in our new release. Check them out—and keep your eye on this blog in the weeks ahead for much more on the Windows Phone 8 story.


Skype’s Big Blog today provides a nice preview of the very cool-looking Skype for Windows Phone 8 app. Among the highlights: For the first time, incoming Skype calls look just like any other arriving call on Windows Phone. The app also now offers call waiting, so switching between a Skype call and a regular call is fast and easy.  Read the post for the full rundown of features and check out this video to see some of them in action.


Bing’s Search blog has a highlights reel of new and improved search features on Windows Phone 8—including the new For You feature and (my favorite) the new Lock screen with its gorgeous Bing picture-of-the-day. Take a look.


Did you know that Windows Phone 8 comes with its own version of Office pre-installed? Yep—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote are all there and better than ever in our new release. The Office Next blog today published an in-depth overview of the Windows Phone 8 Office Hub and the thinking behind its design. Read on.


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  • HTC
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    Need real hooks into phone, messaging, calendar, everything... we should be able to install any third-party chat or social networking app and have single-thread chat per real contact. Killer feature. Still prefer all chats to go via Windows Live (users just link whatscrapp, line, viber, skype, etc. into their Microsoft account) but whatever, just implement it.

  • jader3rd
    24 Posts

    In WP8 can you sign into Skype with your Microsoft Account?

  • What I'd really like to know is if the cell formatting is improved over the current version. I use cell formatting quite a bit, but I always have to edit my spreadsheets via the SkyDrive since the current formatting options are nearly non-existent.

  • Hawk
    61 Posts

    So I can comment here via Michael's profile but MS will not allow anyone to comment or to even view comments on the actually blog article.  What's wrong MS...don't want any negative publicity right now?  What's there to be afraid of?  Worried about your current customers?  The people who've been around since day one and you still have NO annoucement on WP7.8???  You know, some peope have stuck in contracts and just can't run out to the store when a WP8 actually becomes available.  Step up like a man!

  • So after what happened w/ WP7 last year, the question is...Get HTC 8X, or wait until next year to get better devices?

  • techieg
    25 Posts

    The Skype ad above is the move effective ad style. Why can't MS create such simple and straight-forward TV ads for Windows Phone, Surface, etc?

  • Are you guys fixing this blog site that only displays the first 10 comments? Thx

  • There is no doubt in my mind that Windows phone 8 will be a competitor with Apple Iphone 5 and Android Nexus 4.The Nokia Lumia 920 is looking very promising for me. Just Imagine having surface and the nokia lumia 920 , that would be an amazing combination.