Verizon Wireless to start taking Windows Phone 8 preorders on Friday

Verizon Wireless to start taking Windows Phone 8 preorders on Friday

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Heads up, Verizon Wireless subscribers. The carrier just announced that it will start taking preorders for the Windows Phone 8X by HTC and the Nokia Lumia 822 starting at 1 a.m. Eastern Friday. Once they start, go here to snag your shiny new Windows Phone.

In all, Verizon Wireless plans to carry three 4G LTE smartphones running Windows Phone 8:

  • The Windows Phone 8X by HTC will be available by Thanksgiving and come in blue, red or black. Price: $199.99 with a new two-year contract. (Red and black models are Verizon Wireless exclusives.)
  • The Nokia Lumia 822 is exclusive to Verizon Wireless and will be available by Thanksgiving in black, white and grey. Price: $99.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and with a new two-year contract.
  • Another Verizon Wireless exclusive, the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, will be available by the end of the year, the company said.


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  • The Windows Phone display at Best Buy said Windows Phone 8 will soon be coming to the Verizon Wireless HTC Trophy. Is that true?

  • The official BBBA Compass banking app is now available in the WindowsPhone store.

  • I love the l920, but can anybody explain to me why it doesn't record video in 1080p???... Am I wrong about this or missing something?

  • bkmurf
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    While it's natural to directly compare mobile OS platforms, the benefits are much harder to distill.  Android (which I used for 2+ years) reminds me of a Swiss Army knife I saw once.  It had over a hundred little tools and could do just about everything.  Great, if you actually needed all those tools in that particular package.  But the truth is that Victorinox sells mostly the little knife with a blade, fingernail file, scissor, and toothpick.  

    The thing is, most people don't need everything Android CAN do.  Needs are far more simple, and I've found that Windows phone fills my needs very well.  HTe main thing is that I spend far less time with my Windows phone, yet get the same or more out of it.  This is a hard metric to measure, but try to recall the original marketing campaign with people wandering around with their eyes glued to their phone.  Win phone requires a glance, not constant attention.  

    Initially I was disappointed that the Lumia 920 would not be available on Verizon.  It's the dream phone I've been waiting for.  On closer analysis though, the 8X seems a very, VERY good device and I'm confident it'll suit my needs for quite some time.   Ordered mine this morning, looking forward to spending the holiday getting used to it.

  • @ abm

    These are good points you raise. My upgrade is in May 2013 and I hope we have a new batch of devices to choose from because by then these specs will be mild by any measure. I do believe that the L920 is a really good buy considering the innovations and that no other phone on the market offers as much for the price. I think you're right about the spec for spec comparison, but the average user will find that WP8 has more than enough features to please them. Personally I can think of a few missing features in WP8 I would like to be added in future updates. I still don't want to even think about switching to iOS, or Android, what a nightmare that would be,, because just the beauty, stability, originality, synchronization, and potential for what WP could be keeps me excited about the platform. No, I don't plan on switching anytime soon.... But, it would help if WP8 would receive periodic updates with new features to keep the platform competitive. As far as development tools, and compatibility, it should be the teams main priority to be neck in neck with what's available for developers. You can forget about 500k apps by summer. Lol.. But, I feel confident that the big name apps will grow exponentially this coming year. A while ago I was convinced that WP didn't need quad core processors, but now I'm like screw that I want it all!! I want a super device, and I want it running WP. So, why can't I have that? Why would MS and it's partners not want to offer what so many consumers want? These new devices are fine, and very competitive. But, I really think that some you guys, including myself, really want that device that just says " I'm a bad MoFo and you can try all you want but it's going to be a long time before you knock me off my pedestal""

    abm,,, I sure hope you get your Lumia 1000 sooner than later, you deserve one... We all do.

    Just trust me.. It's coming!! Trust me!

  • abm
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    have you heard, 7.8 is not coming with IE10 either! Take a look at the video on this post, from 47:40 to 80:20. If you continue, the QA session, you will find how many times he said "not-supported"! For a developer, the system is still locked with so many restrictions for developers; Remember I was trying hard for OCR library last year? I am still struggling with WP8 SDK! Because Bing Team can't open their vision API to devs, Tesseract (the well-known open-source OCR engine) requires some low-level libs written in C which is not available in WinRt and WP8 yet.. Android users have this for at least 2 years now. If you have a code for Win32 library (dll) written in C++, there are 99% chances to port the library to Android and 50% chances to port it to WinRT (dll) and WP8 device.

    Microsoft is doing everything to make us look bad in front of people holding Android and iOS devices. Even the Surface RT tablet has the lowest screen resolution 1,366x768 and highest price $499 among the latest tabs; Nexus10 for $399 with resolution 2,560x1,600 and iPad3 for $499 with resolution 2048x1536. Samsung has given flagship to Google as its prime software company. If you go to their website, you will find ChromeOS laptops(!!) Android tabs, Android phones etc. Ativ phone, tabs and PC family for Win8 is the most expensive product line Samsung has to offer. I am failed to understand what is the "deal"?

    I bought WP7 as my first smarphone ever for US$450 (off-contract) in Jan 2011. I am still using it. I somehow digested the fact that WP8 is the updated on WP7x devices. But now, with no IE10 in WP7.8 and if I go for WP8 devices, there is no device with quad-core (like iPhone5 and Note-II and don't tell me we don't need it just because MS don't offer it!), the off-contract prices are as high iPhone.

    Having said that, lets say I have WP7 today, and tomorrow I purchase a brand-new WP8 device (because WP7 devices are rendered old by MS marketing goons). Now, how can I migrate everything that I have populated on my WP7.5 in last 20 months to WP8? Everything includes; text-messages, apps, apps-settings, apps-data (like my angry-birds score is dear to me).. etc. So what are my options? Even though many people are least-concerned about the pictures and videos, besides office documents WP team has nothing to offer me for migration! Then the backup-restore feature in WP8 has again "PICTURES", "videos" and the newly introduced text-messages to backup and put it into cloud!

    A friend of mine had Galaxy S, then he moved to SII and now he own Note-II; quad-core, 5.x inches, slim, light-weight and 3-4 days battery life -- (even after playing Metal-Gear-Solid-I for hours in the emulator ported from Windows) with price range equals to Lumia 920! They have a titanium backup utility in Android, so he took backup of SI and SII and dumps on two clouds --> as the Titanium backup integrates DropBox and GoogleDrive cloud services. Now on Note-II he can restore any app by firing Titanium backup utility (which shows SI and SII apps separately) with one click and it will restore the app with same settings and configuration. If some app is not compatible, it will simply mark it.

    So far, WP team is successfully creating hype and giving big-flashy-names to the poor implementation. But when people compare the devices with feature-by-feature, WP stands no where near Android and iOS. I have discussed  alot about the advantages of WP with people in my circle, and in last two years I am able to convince one person using iPhone 3S and he is ready for HTC8X. But after seeing the //build/ conference and testing the new SDK and comparing it with that of iOS and Android (considering I am Microsoft fan), I would suggest anyone to hold on and wait for next batch of WP devices. I know its the royal pain for the people who were waiting and expecting much more from WP and Microsoft. By summer 2013, if there is nothing like 500k+ apps, real-time multi-player 3d games, top of the range (latest tegra3, S4, TI) processors, highest screen resolution in WP devices of time.. I would highly recommend to move to Android. Because Google is failing Microsoft (with price, technology and quality) in this industry like Microsoft once did to IBM in PC..

  • @ programmer man

    Yes, you should jump ship!.... You and every disappointed WP fan on the network. Leave ASAYC!

  • Sadly, it appears Sprint decided not to carry any launch Windows Phone 8 devices. Combined with their degrading data network in my area, I think it's time to jump ship.

  • Rhetorical question: WHAT ABOUT SPRINT? I am &#%$@^& tired of waiting to upgrade my HTC Arrive for something nicer, more elegant, more functional… BETTER!

  • In the Microsoft launch presentation it showed the Lumia 822 at $49.99, why the change?