Skype releases a preview of its Windows Phone 8 app

Skype releases a preview of its Windows Phone 8 app

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An early preview version of the new Skype for Windows Phone 8 app arrived in the Store overnight. Download the preview now

As Derek Snyder explains today on Skype’s Big Blog, the preview provides “all of the Skype basics” along with new features such as People Hub integration and a combined contact list with buddies from Windows Live Messenger. Plus, you'll start receiving some call and message notifications–even when the app is closed and running in the background.

Derek’s post also talks about what’s ahead for the full release. 


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  • Its just a nice and beautiful experience having skype on windows 8. Really wow


  • I was bummed after reading all the hype about Skype, after I bought the Lumia 920 I didn't find it integrated... However the next day the Skype app became available. I downloaded & installed it, same for my wife and in seconds was video calling. Super, Super Cool. This is the way it should work. This feature alone makes the Windows phone worth every dime!!!

  • one more thing learn about the failure of miccrosoft an it products

    please let him go , and replace him with a younger persion that understand the new generation of people

    and small devices what impact they have on people lives,,

    as a great presedent shood have warend his company about people are moving away for a better and more fair ecosystem


    apple and google create the plasform , and let the 3 party developers shape the future of the platform

    Michael create the platform, and do not allow 3 party developers shape the future of the platform


    there are no exlusive devices for 3 party company ,, = restrict the device in any possible way = apple do not do this

    neter does google , only microsoft does that

    amazon , google, apple , all has a online social games API that developers can user = ativements,highscore,

    MiCROSOFT has xbox live , only for a selected few,, == that is why developers STAY AWAY , a closed 3 party developer lock down ,, i ask havok if i cood buy a licens for there vision engine , and they says you got to have a contract with you = Microsoft in order to licens the havok vission engine

    BUT I COOD FREELY LICENS FOR ANDROID and upcomming apple platform WITH NO PROBLEM `? why

    is it not the apps that sell the devices,  i ges not..

    a little help,, please open up

    and you need to integrate into society the windows ecosystem ,, all over the world like the apple and google has

    i can buy movie tickets, pay for bus, pay for muserums and whole othere public services

    both on my android and apple phone



  • Hawk
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    Here's the delima I have...when we first heard of WP7, we were sold that ALL the apps were coming and guess what, none of the good ones did and thousands still only available on the iOS and Android.  Now with WP8, again, we're being sold on the fact that ALL the good apps are coming.  Some definitely are but there are still thousands that aren't and I doubt ever will.  The delima is, do I buy a new WP8 device and just HOPE that deveopers will continue to build apps for WP8 OR do I buy a phone that has a proven track record with always having ALL the apps one needs?  I so sick and tired of my friends saying "hey man, do you have XXXX app?" then my answer is, "NO, piece of crap Windows Phone."!  Just the other day, a coach friend of mine told me about 'Coaches Eye' and guess what...NOT ON WP!!!  I just see this NEVER improving.  I really like the new WP8 start screen but that's a BIG 2 year investment if we're right back in the same boat a year from now.  Still no Instagram...

  • the Verge’s inside source reported because of the poor sales of Windows 8 and/or Surface.

    Sinofsky's departure the best thing for windows

    here is a little help ,, you allso need to show him the dor as well

    so Andrew Lees for the failure of windows phone 2010

    and you have been in charge of the tablet ,, and look at the sals

    are they comming as i promise in my previrse post,, or is just in the air

    Microsoft you have been a global company for the last 15 years


    and christmas time is comming ,, it will fail if you do not start to take pre orders at your online store

    for all the people in the world ,, like you say you have open for 220 contrys


    or anothere agenda ,, microsoft has to fail in order to build a new strong microsoft


  • @ScubaDog20 - I'm still on Mango (Arrive on Sprint) but the more I hear from the early WP8 adopters, of which you are not alone, I'm perfectly happy to stay on Mango while 8 fixes all the things that aren't working.  Apparently it's been known for a while, but I just learned that Wireless Sync has gone away, as well as playlist syncing and OTA Podcasts??  SERIOUSLY??

    Last week I commented that it seemed all the OEMs were contractually obligated to leave off at least one important feature from each phone.  Now it's looking like Microsoft required itself to remove a handful of the things that were done RIGHT on WP7.5 and replace them with... what?  

  • robble
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    This is great guys; what are you doing about full device backup? Upgrade time's approaching...

  • But no Tango app.  No TuneIn Radio app.  No PlayTo.  So far, my frustration with WP8 is growing by the minute.  I pre-ordered the Lumia 920 and it only just arrived to day.  I hate the new Start screen and I hate that a number of the apps I use daily are not available.  What the heck happed to "it will run WP7 apps", huh?  I am NOT happy.  I was just about to sell my Lumia 900, but I may hold off and switch back until WP8 catches up to WP7.5.

  • Oh.technological shift they say.can't be run on wp7.5 they

  • looking forward to getting my nokia lumia 920 and skypee!!!!