Verizon to sell Windows Phone 8 on Thursday. Plus: a cheat sheet for U.S. shoppers.

Verizon to sell Windows Phone 8 on Thursday. Plus: a cheat sheet for U.S. shoppers.

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Verizon Wireless had promised its new Windows Phones would arrive before Thanksgiving. Today, the company made good on its pact, announcing the Windows Phone 8X by HTC and the Nokia Lumia 822 will hit stores tomorrow.

Pick one up online, or from one of Verizon's retail outlets (except the grey Lumia and red HTC models, which are online-only options.) And keep in mind that for a limited time, Verizon is the only U.S. carrier offering Windows Phone 8’s cool new Data Sense feature.

Having trouble keeping track of all these Windows Phone 8 announcements lately? Here’s a quick recap of who’s selling what (prices are rounded off and assume a standard two-year contract). You’ll also find detailed specs and a handy option for side-by-side comparisons on the Windows Phone website.


AT&T Wireless

  • Nokia’s Lumia 920 (exclusive): $100. A wireless charging plate is included as a special promotion.
  • Nokia Lumia 820: $50.
  • Windows Phone 8X by HTC: $200 for 16 GB model; $100 for 8 GB version.


  • Windows Phone 8X by HTC: $200, after $50 mail-in-rebate.
  • Nokia Lumia 810 (exclusive): $150, after $50 mail-in rebate.

Verizon Wireless

  • Windows Phone 8X by HTC: $200.
  • Nokia Lumia 822 (exclusive): $100, after $50 mail-in rebate.

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  • Jaymils
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    Just wondering who's (not so) bright idea was it to remove group messaging from Verizon htc 8x.

  •  Does this mean you've already picked up a WP 8 device... Really curious as to your take on choosing between the 8X or the 920.  I've been more than content with my Surround for 2 years, but my wife's 900 is mesmerizing.  I can't really get a bead on any meaningful distinction either way.  Thoughts?  

    Of course, I'll take suggestions from all... just asking the biggest chearleader first.

  • @ Hawk...

    What's funny is that I'm sure those features were available in Windows Mobile 5.x-6.x.... Lol! WTF!

  • When is swype going to be available for Windows 8 phone...i want to upgrade BUT do NOT want to give up swype

  • Hawk
    61 Posts

    I have 2 other features that are BASIC features in both the iOS and Android but still missing from WP7, 75 and now 8!  One, you cannot share a contact NOR receive a contact and Two, Custom sounds for MMS, SMS, Email, Notifications, etc.  Again, basic features with the iOS and Android and still missing from WP8!  Where can I get a list of ALL the new features that come with WP8???  

  • robble
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    - awesome comment about uservoice. We asked for backup in WP7.x and they closed the 14k+ voted feature saying it was fulfilled - in WP8. Totally useless for backing up WP7 and moving to WP8, and also the WP8 backup doesn't even back everything up! Not that they ever reply to any comments pointing this out; the MS guys pretend to be friendly and interactive, but they're always kept strictly on message.

    P.s. vote here for backup:

  • @ Lawrence Talor...

    What's your question again? Are you asking how the volume control work in 8.0, or are you making a feature request?

  • on the windows phone 8x nokia 822 can you bring up the volume control to the start screen since there are no dedicated volume buttons

  • @ Michael Stroh, and thrashee

    Micheal,, Thrashee is right! Well, I don't know about the class action lawsuits or any other crazy stuff, but no separate volume controls??? This is crazy especially after this being one of the biggest complaints about WP7!!!!!!!!


    @ ABM and Thrashee... No need to argue. I got this!

  • abm,

    I think you might be misunderstanding me here.

    I'm not complaining about the platform insofar as a developer--I only mentioned that aspect to illustrate why one might expect a Windows 8 app to also be available on the Windows 8 Phone. If it's so easy to port from one to the other, then uh.....why hasn't anyone at MS done this for the new phone? Why are there no native News and Sports app?

    The first time I installed Win 8 and played around with the Metro apps, I thought, "you know, this is really good. MS has done something right." The news and sports apps are simple and easily set Microsoft apart for including such real-world, daily usage information right on the desktop. Check national and local news? Check. Look up my favorite team scores? Check.

    Is it unreasonable to have expected these same apps to be included with the phone? Isn't MS trying to re-image its entire platform to demonstrate unity and consistency across all devices?

  • abm
    268 Posts

    glad you know what's the problem with suggestion website (although some of the feature requests are completed but we always need MOAR!). This is the best we got so far. 8-)

    Windows RT and Windows Phone share the same "NT-based core/RT". Had you dig the msdn link little thoroughly, (and if you may watch the porting apps related videos on Channel9 from Build2012 event), you may notice that mostly you need to do the UX part for Phone and RT. Other than that the components (cs, js, cpp, lib etc) are shared. So much so, you can share the "same" XAML components across the two platforms.

    In my experience (as a developer), it takes a little effort to learn how to get-started and make a simple app for both Win8 and WP8. After that its a matter of hours to learn how to make a bridge (components sharing). Once you master that approach, I bet you won't be complaining (compared to the amount of effort you might have put into xcode and eclipse for iOS and Android respectively).

    I admit there is always room for improvement. But I wouldn't call it the underdog; if they are offering something new, and evidently people are yet to fathom the facts. What makes Microsoft strategy different from others is; Apple, Google and RIM married their phones and tablets platforms. Microsoft coupled the Windows for datacenters, servers, workstation, laptops, ultrabooks and tablet together, while they kept phone platform separate but very close. You can run two apps simultaneously (current screen) on tablets running Windows RT or Windows 8 pro. Phone screens doesn't have sufficient space.

    The Windows Store apps ideally need to implement two UX modes (full screen and docked), while phone screen needs one. You can imagine the docked UX mode for Windows Store app should approximately the same version as for Windows Phone.

    In summary, you are supposed to write more than 95% of the code just ONCE so to build the apps for Win8 and WP8, and you will be able to support all those bunch of devices and hardware (based on x86-32, x86-64, amd64 and ARM architectures).

  • After reviewing the features suggestion site that abm most kindly linked in the last reply, I see that separate volume controls is the second most requested feature.

    I'll repeat--the one thing I've been slamming Windows Phone for not having is the second most requested feature among users. Their comments mirror my very own--this is basic functionality that should be expected from even the most rudimentary "smart" phones.

    People have been requesting this since WP7 was first introduced. Mango came--no distinction in volume settings. WP8 is finally here, touting any number of improvements--indeed, some have suggested WP8 is the first "real" release of Windows Phone and WP7 was merely a "production beta"--but still no separate volume control.

    So I guess my question is this. Where do we go from here? The suggestion site clearly amounts to nothing. How do we make our voices heard until someone at Microsoft grabs a few interns and programs this into the next patch?

  • Will these carrier specific phones have the bloat-ware we're used to?  Will we be able to remove what we don't want?

  • Hi abm,

    Please don't direct me to some silly "feature request" site. I tried that. And the feature I'm suggesting is already listed--separate volume control already has 15,447 votes, was created March of LAST YEAR, and is tracking 549 comments. It seems the problem isn't that the idea hasn't been suggested, but rather Microsoft is not listening.

    I do appreciate the links to porting Win apps to the phone and I will investigate this. It's just a shame that one would even have to do this themselves rather than MS baking this right in. I guess when you're the underdog, though, you rely on the community to do the work for you ;)

  • abm
    268 Posts

    , congratulations for your new Windows Phone and welcome to our ecosystem. For feedback and feature requests, please post on

    Furthermore, "Windows Store Apps" on Windows 8 can "easily" be ported to WP8. The WinRT static/dynamic libraries -- in contrast with Win32 libraries -- can be shared on Windows Phone 8 (running NT based kernel; as opposed to CE kernel).

    More on:

  • Something else I've just discovered.

    Here's another W.T.F. moment for you, Microsoft.

    When I actually dial a number rather than simply selecting a phone contact, the button presses come through loud and clear through the external speaker, even if you're not on speaker phone.

    There is apparently no setting that controls this, other than the universal option to disable ALL button sounds throughout the OS. So if you like having sound when you're using the virtual keyboard, you must also listen to the blaring sound of phone dialing. Most people would expect phone dialing to only sound through the earpiece when you're not on speaker phone--this is how 99% of the phones on the planet work. But not you--you lump all OS sounds together in one giant bucket because, hey--how many programmers would it take to treat sounds differently throughout WP8?

    I know this is a minor point, but it illustrates a fundamental lack of attention to detail that Microsoft is STILL encumbered by. This is what sets Apple apart from the competition, even when the competition offers better hardware, more flexibility, and a more open ecosystem.

  • Verizon finally selling WP8 devices is good news.  However, the best news of the day comes from WP Central where it is mentioned that Verizon is also selling the Surface Tablet.  While it will not have 4G, there is still a lot of chatter about Verizon selling the device with Microsoft to promote the use of internet sharing (via phones) and increased data use (as a result).  There is also a pretty good buzz surrounding promotions of the WP8 devices at Verizon on Black Friday.  Rumors of free chargers, early upgrades, and now - free phones on a 2 year contract are being backed more and more each day.

    I hope that this is also an indication that Microsoft will also be selling their Surface Phone through Verizon as well.  As a long time VZW/Trophy/WP customer - I have been waiting patiently for Verizon to carry something big in WP devices - like the 920.  Perhaps a Nokia 922 is right around the corner, but I would be a very serious buyer should the Surface phone, we, um, surface...

    CES is right around the corner.  While MSFT won't be there, what a great way to attract attention.  The Surface Tablet has brought very positive attention to Windows 8.  Let's bring the same spotlight to Windows Phone 8 by getting that Surface Phone to market ASAP.

  • Mr. Stroh,

    I've only posted a handful of times here in the Phone blog, back when WP7 was new. I dropped WP7 and went back to an iPhone, only to recently pick up the Nokia 920. WP8 was sure to include all sorts of improvements.

    To my utter amazement, this phone still lacks a separate volume control for system alarms, media playback, and ring volume.

    I cannot believe this. Seriously, you guys can now handle native C++ code running on the phone, but you still haven't figured out how crucial separating your volume is?

    Perhaps I should investigate a class action lawsuit against Microsoft for those times when you have the earphones cranked up for soft music and a phone call comes in. Funny enough, my Nokia phone came with a warning about hearing loss from having the volume up too loud, but good thing you all haven't accounted for that!

    What's wrong with you, MS? Are you just getting used to being the underdog now that you're giving up? Do you think someone in your organization maybe--just maybe--might be able to figure out that in order for your smart phones to be successful, they have to perform in the most basic, rudimentary of ways? Newsflash, MS--smart phones double as music players, phones, alarms, and more!

    Mr. Stroh, Google "separate volume" for Windows phones and see what you'll find. This was one of the most requested features on your silly suggestion site that--quite predictably--turned out to be useless. What will it take for someone in your company to take this seriously?

    By the way--where the hell are the news and sports apps that are native to Windows 8 for the phone? As a developer, for some reason I keep coming back and purchasing MS hardware in the hopes that I can write against one platform for both PCs, tablets, and phones. That's the grand unified developer theory, right? So it seems reasonable that the Metro--I'm sorry, whatever you're calling it now--apps that are present on the start screen would also be baked into the phone.

  • @Shaggy: Great question. I only included phones that are on sale now. When ATIV details are announced, I'll add.

  • shaggy
    7 Posts

    How about the Samsung Ativ S in the United States?

  • robble
    4 Posts

    Can buyers who have an existing Windows Phone back up and restore everything on their phone? SMSes, savegames, etc? Or will all that stuff just be lost?