Get ready to “Meet Your Match” with Windows Phone

Get ready to “Meet Your Match” with Windows Phone

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About a year ago at CES we kicked off Smoked by Windows Phone, and since then, we’ve run over 250,000 challenges in 54 countries, and the videos of these good-natured smackdowns have been watched more than 70 million times.

Smoked gave people concrete evidence why Windows Phone was better than their smartphone – namely, that it’s simply faster at the real things that people do every day.

Speed is great. But most people aren’t looking for a phone that’s just fast. They’re looking for a phone that’s a perfect match for them—their style, the things they do, and the things they love. That means pairing shutterbugs with a world-class camera phone like the Lumia 920 and the power of automagic SkyDrive backup. Or Skypeaholics with the ultra-wide-angle front-facing-camera on the Windows Phone 8X and deep Skype integration. Or showing social butterflies how they can stay in touch with the people they care about through the People Hub.

That’s why I’m excited about the launch of Meet Your Match. It’s a different take on our Smoked challenges, focusing not just on why Windows Phone is faster, but also on why it’s better, easier, more useful, and more fun. The soul of Smoked – a side-by-side comparison of us vs. the other guys – hasn’t changed, but now it’s about why our phones and features are a better match for you, no matter who you are or what you’re into.

To kick things off we’ve put together a new YouTube video series. Each shows real people putting their smartphone – and more importantly, their idea of what a smartphone can do – to the test against Windows Phone. Here’s a sample involving the Cooks, a family I met when we were shooting in Santa Monica.

Here’s another featuring a couple who were both avid iPhone 5 users:

And here’s a spot where we introduce Kid’s Corner to busy moms and dads.  If you have kids, you’ll definitely relate to their reactions.

As I said, these videos are debuting on YouTube today, but you might run into some of these spots as digital banners or running before video content on your favorite site over the next few weeks.

Seeing people find their perfect smartphone match in Windows Phone is good, but nothing beats experiencing it for yourself.  That’s why we’re taking Meet Your Match on tour across the world! Starting this week, you’ll find Windows Phone events featuring Meet Your Match challenges in malls all and Microsoft Stores all over the US, as well as in the UK, France and Germany. Come by to check out the new phones and accessories, learn about what’s new in Windows Phone 8, and put your phone to the test against our latest and greatest. Who knows? You might win something awesome when you stop by!


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  • Good post again.Thank you for sharing, I hope you happy and wish you good luck! this helpful information!!


  • @PAFC....seriously?  You hate an entire ecosystem over something as lame as not being able to add your own TEXT sounds?  Oh, good grief.  There are certainly more important features to complain about regarding the latest Windows Phone.  And, apparently, there's an update being worked for 1Q 2013, which, according to rumors, will likely include the full EAS support and the notification hub (which is STILL a lame feature in my opinion).

  • @abm, copy & paste phone number from WHERE?  Wherever I am in the device, if there's a phone number I'm able to dial STRAIGHT FROM THERE.  I never have to copy & paste the number.  AND, if I've used that feature to call a number, it's now in my dial history, which means I can turn around and save it to/as a contact.  Test it out: have someone text you a phone number...or email it...or see it on a website.

  • @Hawk, WP8 does share contacts via text.  I just did it, as a matter of fact.  WP8 also adds backup to the cloud now.  As for a FULL backup, the only value in that would be if you needing to completely reinstall to the same device.  I would venture that 99% have never run into that need--they've long since moved to a new device entirely (where a restore from a full backup from another device would be useless anyway).  The monthly calendar can already be "zoomed", so I'm not sure what you're complaining about there.

  • PAFC
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    I like the new windows phone , i got the nokia lumia 800 and its the worst i have ever had so i will never be getting another windows phone , for years i have had nokia phones and been able to put my own text tones on , but you cant do this on the lumia 800 , on a suggestion box for windows phone 20660 people have asked about custom tones , so why wont microsoft listen to there customers??. People like me with the lumia 800 will just be left behind because microsoft cant care lest.

  • @djmikebrady MDM management (Intune or SCCM) is what you are looking for, take a look at this by AIRWATCH

  • It's unbelievable that WP8 still doesn't support the full EAS profile.  I work for a Healthcare system, in the IT department.  For nearly two years, I haven't been able to get email on my phone because I went with WP7.  I've been so anxiously awaiting WP8 - and a couple days ago, a co-worker showed me his gorgeous new Lumia 920, and asked if I could help get it connected to Exchange.  I happily offered to help, since I'd been waiting for this for so long.

    As is obvious from the posts above, and on the WPCentral forum post, it didn't work.  And it won't work.  And the people commenting that we just need to talk to our IT department are simply not in touch with reality.  We have over 60,000 users on our exchange server.  All of the users with iOS or Android are connecting without issue.  Sure, earlier Android versions required the use of the TouchDown app, but we don't have such a thing on the WP platform.  The Exchange Admin Team couldn't care less about the MAYBE couple-hundred of us who made the mistake of buying into Windows Phone.  All they care about is compliance reports showing that our email is as secure as they can make it.  Apple and Google are allowing them to do that.  Microsoft??  Only creating a disgruntled userbase.

    The contract on my current phone is up in March.  If this isn't fixed, I won't be signing on for another round, period.

  • abm
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    I still have first gen WP device (big supporter of Windows Phone). I have been following a feature request ever since I bought this phone (in Jan 2011). Copy paste in phone dialer (

    This feature was present in Windows mobile OS. In Windows Phone team realized that its an unnecessary feature because Steve Jobs thinks so? Yeah iPhone doesn't allow copy pasting and editing the number while dialing either. Otherwise its so absurd that Windows Phone team doesn't feel its necessary to update concerned users about the philosophy behind dropping this feature. If the dialer's field is made editable, would it cost system resources? Is there a security issue?




  • What is the best way to recovery my whs 2011 server.  Its fine now, but just in case I have a harddrive desaster.  Anything similar to restore a client computer?

  • +10 , ...good points!

  • Danielg
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    Would love to jump on the windows phone/RT platform.  I had windows phone 7.5. I won't be purchasing any of these devices until I can run my own code without a 99/yr licensing fee.  Doesn't matter how good the platform is, it can't make up for locking me out of my own device.

  • Hawk
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    @Scuba...that wasn't me but I tend to agree with that user.  Apps come to WP but receive very little attention afterwards esp for enhancements.

    @Leigh...sharing contact info via NFC is another useless feature.  Most people share contacts when they're texting each other or while on the phone, meaning, not standing next to each other.  The iOS and Android both can share and receive contacts via text messaging which WP cannot do!  That's a big deal.  Almost a deal breaker for me and my wife.  FYI...that User Voice link is more like a gimic if you ask me.  There are TONS of votes out there for basic fuctionality that have been ignored by MS.  Volume control, true Outlook sync, monthly calendar that can be zoomed OR shows event(s) below it, etc.  All have lots of votes but none have been included in WP8.  Not having a true backup/restore function is another huge oversight on MS's part.  Seems like MS is more interested in enhancements that have a Wow factor than adding basic functions that should have been there since day one!  With my upgrade coming up soon, I'm finding it hard to stick with WP.  

  • Thanks for the pointer. Such calendar viewers are OK to view the calendar. As soon as you want to create a new Outlook appointment, you have to switch to the built in calendar (in WP7).

    In WP8 it's seemingly possible to create an appointment, but API's for modifying an existing appointment are still missed.

    So you have to switch continuously between calendars...

  • @Aristino, I've been using the app called "Week Calendar" for "years" and it suits the purposes perfectly.  Integrates nicely with all my calendars.

  • @Hawk, the update frequency of apps is dependent upon the developers.  Unless Microsoft is actually BLOCKING developers, then it's completely up to the developers to update their apps.  Also, if the apps suck on iOS, then of COURSE the developers will be updating them more frequently.  Context of the argument is important.

  • Leigh,

    your advise to go to uservoice is appreciated.

    But such simple things as a week view in the calendar is still not implemented, after literally "years".

    I have all my votes already used up, to no avail. Not one of my voted features are implemented yet, despite all of them had quite some votes since a year or so.

  • Great.

    I have two challenges you could try.

    1. Download a pdf Document (a receipe) from a Website and send it to your mum vial mail.

    2. Check your agenda for a free time in Week 3/2013 in order to set an appointment from 2 to 4pm, and create this new appointment (you may enhance your experience by checking the shared Exchange calendars of 2 colleagues who should participate too...)

  • robble
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    Three things:

    1) Leigh - great answer re the Exchange integration. Makes sense, although to a normal userit'll just sound like, "WP couldn't make it work, the others could". But we get it, which is good.

    2) Marketing people everywhere - if you want to be cool, don't put things in quotation marks. Are you going to "meet your match"? - just sounds as though you don't believe it and are just punting a marketing-consulted slogan. Which I guess you are.

    3) Backup on WP7 and WP8. Where's the response, MS? Vote now, peeps:

  • Leigh
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    Great stuff.  We need to see these on TV.  Kids Corner is going to be a huge selling point for parents, and it NEEDS to be advertised well.

  • Leigh
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    @SirCasio @hawk  WP8 supports encryption on the device.  It doesn't support S/MIME because that's old stuff that has problems and is being replaced by IRM.  In Exchange 2013 there IS NO S/MIME for that reason.  You need to get your IT guys to set appropriate policies, and if you think the other phones are secure, just check the articles on how they incorrectly apply and/or check policies.   And please, if you're trusting Android to properly apply policies and secure itself, think again.  

    Again, if you guys find stuff that can be well described that the platform is missing, go to user voice and report it (if it is a dev feature, and you're a dev, report it on the user voice windows phone developer section).  Many of the developer and user features that are in Windows Phone 8 are because of actionable and popular requests there from users and devs.

    The fact of the matter is NO PHONE is perfect.  iP and And have their own problems, and so does Windows Phone, but the others don't think about the truly innovative features that make up Windows Phone, which It would take me a couple of pages to list.

    @hawk, by the way, sharing a contact happens via NFC on Windows Phone 8.  Call up a contact and then tap the ... and select "share".  Hit the checkmark to send to another phone that is in NFC proximity.

    We are growing in popularity.  With good, usable feedback from our user base, we'll get there.

  • Leigh
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    @theguywhotries I'm not saying it IS your problem, but I have found many instances where iOS and Android break the rules in order to connect to things they shouldn't.  One is the so-called self-signed certificate.  Windows Phone does not allow them because allowing one is sort of like locking your door but then giving a thief the key.  You might check that with your IT folks.  You also would be advised to have them re-check their policies for ones that don't apply to other phone makers.  For instance, the iPhone will work fine when require "encrypt storage card" or "Disable Storage Card" is set, but an iPhone doesn't have one.   WP8 won't connect because it doesn't encrypt the card.

  • Leigh
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    can you specify how?  I don't find a problem with syncing things to the phone, and my phone syncs to skydrive.  Stuff just showed up on my phone when I get my Windows Phone 7 and my Windows Phone 8.   If we're going to make a problem report, let's make a complete one that can be acted on by someone.  "Better" is so subjective -- I'm sure I can name 5 things I like "better" about Windows Phone than any other phone in the department of syncing, but I won't know what you mean until you list the things you're looking for.

    go here: and try to find what you're looking for in detail. If it is, vote for it, and if it isn't, add it.

  • WP8 is really good but I think the biggest weakness is not so much the App count but rather the Apps that are already in the Marketplace don't get updated as often. In iOS Apps are constantly being updated fixing bugs and adding new features. That's the type of support WP needs to truly make a mark now that the Hardware and OS seem up to par with the competition for the most part.

  • Hawk
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    Seems like we keep posting what Windows 8 CANNOT do rather than what it can do.  Is MS not noticing this trend? No ability to share/receiving contacts, no custom sound for different functions, no separate sound volume controls, no true backup/restore process, no Outlook email encryption, etc.  I mean come on MS.  ALL of these features are basic functionality in your competitors.  

  • I also have an issue with corporate e-mail encryption - we are not using/requiring device encryption (yet) astheguywhotries is, however, we are requiring S/MIME signing and encryption which are also not supported. Amazing that the company who sells Exchange can't create a phone (nor a Surface RT) that can interface to it.

  • My new Lumia 920 is awesome. And yet, myself and many others remain unable to sync our Exchange e-mail through EAS, while our peers on the same system, using iOS and Android have no problems. Frustrating to say the least. See:

  • Gosh...when will I ever run into Ben Rudolph? I doubt it will ever happen especially here in my location :(

  • Vedichymn
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    Any idea when the music/podcast/video sync setup for Windows Phone 8 will get better?  There's a lot of stuff I love about Windows Phone 8, but coming from iOS or even Windows Phone 7, it's a huge step backwards.