Fun with Internet Explorer 10

Fun with Internet Explorer 10

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So you’ve just picked up Windows Phone 8 and are eager to take the new browser for a spin?

I’ve got just the spots to check out.  As the team behind Internet Explorer 10—the browser that comes with both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8—notes on its blog today, the popular sites Pulse and Atari Arcade have just been optimized for the phone. Go take a look, then read the IE team’s post for more of the backstory.

Atari Arcade

If (like me) you grew up with a 2600 under the TV—or just love classic games—you’ve got to try Atari Arcade on your phone. The site—a Time Magazine top website of 2012—is a collaboration between Microsoft and Atari designed to bring Atari’s classic line up to the web with HTML5 and multi-touch. Now the two companies have teamed up again to optimize four of the games—Pong, Missile Command, Asteroids and Super Breakout—for Windows Phone. Check them out.

Atari Arcade

Atari Arcade


One of my favorite newsreaders—with its elegant and colorful mosaic tiles—has also now been tuned for Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone. Try it at


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  • And the adaptation of the texts?

    nobody says anything?

  • KR
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    What made Nokia successful in the first place is the fact that it delivered products tailored specifically for each market,because each market has different needs.the one size fits all approach doesn't work no more in the world.Microsoft should think about this when it's implementing default parameters of the OS

  • KR
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    Don't be fooled by Rodney,if you're not in the US,Bing is the worst thing that could ever happen to search.

    @Rodney and @abm

    When I talk about Canadian banking apps I mean Microsoft can partner and possibly subsidize the development as they've done with many other games and apps.

    Specifically to abm,the fact that you've adjusted to something doesn't reflect the majority will do the same.

    The market doesn't lie,and so far it's saying WP is a failure.WP commercials air on tv here every 15mins on average,but people just don't like it,those that try it,a lot of them return it here up you can keep saying marketing is problem but I don't think it is.

    As you've been saying for the past 2 years,let's wait and give it some we'll be waiting even 30years from now with WP

  • @ Microsoft, and John.UK

    This guy is a new convert and he raises some great points... His opinion is priceless!! We'd better listen to new users like him.

    @ John... You're gonna have to get used to the MS ecosystem that WP is built around. The services are great, and you will not only find that Bing gets you the results that you need, but with time will love how it is integrated into WP.

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    As a new convert to wp8 I dislike the way ie10 only let's you go back, is there a forward button?? I also dislike the way on the lumia 920 you can't see the signal strength when ie10 is open! I have also had problems when setting google as the default search provider and requesting full desktop view. It clashes with google and google attempts to make the websites for mobile viewing.

    Another bug is that you have to spam the back button to close applications, why the hell is it not like my windows 8 desktop and you just drag the app to the bottom of the screen???

    To be completely honest wp8 is half cooked.

  • Right! What abm said....

  • abm
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    @KR, sharing contacts via NCF and SMS both DOES make sense.

    The idea really is: If someone needs to share contact with a person near by, they can do it without involving a carrier (or consuming credit). You can also send files, share other content etc. via NFC. How is this NOT innovative?

    Your second argument is what everyone is asking on WP blogs. But the lack of separate volume control is NOT something which determine the innovation. Some people just prefer one volume control. I am accustomed to that approach in WP7 for 23 months now. BUT its a great suggestion, a pretty basic feature request. Hope they will release an update soon.

    Finally, Canadian Bank app? I guess you need to ask your bank folks about that. Isn't it silly to ask Microsoft about that? Microsoft has provided the tools for apps development; the API mapping tools to port the apps from Windows, Web, Android and iOS platforms and means to earn money from apps. But nothing can be done, if your Bank's dev team is not interested in investing their efforts or they are relying on WP marketshare. For example, when 20% of stakeholders start using WP, they we will start the development.

  • !!! Just a suggestion !!!

    In the people hub,, in groups,, the live tiles for the contacts added to a group should be able to be resized, and reorganized, just like the start screen on WP8.

    Some of the people in a group are closer than others, and you might want their tile on top. It would also be nice to be able to resize these tiles to different sizes so that we can choose how much information we see for specific people.

    It's sad because my GF's name starts with a T and she's at the very bottom of the group... And, for all you haters out there,, no she's not pinned to my start screen... Yet!! Lol.. You can learn a lot about a man from his start screen.. Lol!!!

    Anyways, I think this is an absolutely wonderful idea, and a no brainer... The functionality of the WP8 start screen should be implemented throughout the entire OS if you ask me. For example, the Office hub, One Note, and developers should be encouraged to emulate the functionality of the WP8 start screen...

    Do you guys think this is a good idea?? Am I making any sense?? Sound off..

  • @ KR

    I'd have to agree and disagree with you on your previous post....

    Innovation? I disagree with you that WP isn't innovative. It's a totally different approach to a smartphone OS than the competition. Come on bro!!

    The problem lies with the OS not the hardware? It's most likely not either! Try awareness... Most of the issues we complain about here on the blog the average user doesn't even care about. WP is just fine for the everyday user. But, we do need more features, and compatibility, for the power users out there.

    Apps? Such a old argument, but an important one.... You won't get your Canadian banking apps until more people are aware of WP, and demand increases. That's just how it is... This is extremely likely to become less and less a issue with time. Oh, and by the way, if you want a device that's just a app launcher get a iPhone.. Lol!! Just joking.. DO NOT DO THAT!

    I do agree that more attention needs to be applied to finally adding some of the basic functions of a smartphone that should have been there from day one. That seems to be the biggest request, or complaint, since the release of WP8. We were sure these gaps would have been filled by now but they weren't,, better be next time! Lol... And yes that's a threat!

    Although WP is not yet perfected, as no OS will ever be, its definitely more good than bad.. Much more good than bad....... Actually, with just a few no brainer apps, and additions, it could be pretty close to perfect!!!

    We're working on it!!! And, hard work, patients, dedication, and passion pays off. Most definitely!!!

  • KR
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    Innovation is about improving on how things are being done.well I've been following closely Windows phone 8 and all i can say is that the OS is anything but innovative.

    1) Sharing contacts by NFC,really? this is as useless as a fish behind the Wheel.why do people share contacts?because they are far away.what does NFC mean? Near Field Communication

    2)I was just listening to music and suddenly got into a board meeting!five minutes later my wife calls and my boombox goes on and distracts everyone.Oh Windows phone doesn't support seperate music control.

    3)Windows phone store has more apps than BlackBerry world!well, Windows phone has no Canadian bank apps.

    Sure Windows phone has a wow factor,but most customers are not looking for another DS or PSP.people want a tool,something INNOVATIVE, that makes them do what they already do MOST FREQUENTLY in a simplier way

    There was a study that said WP will overtake iOS in 2015 last year now that study says 2016,next year it will say 2017 and so on.

    The problem with Windows phone has never been the hardware it has always been the OS.

  • @thrashee... exactly.  All these so-called innovative features like an optimized Pulse and Atari Arcade website in IE10 are great but who asked for them?  Who screamed that they should be included with WP8?  Who was so incensed that it should be there or there would be hell to pay otherwise?  Yet seemingly simple and glaringly obvious features are still missing or half baked.

    Step forward - Notification Centre; more Bluetooth profiles; separate volume controls; Fixed IP addresses; custom tones for SMS or alarms; how about a one-touch tile to toggle on/off BT, Wifi or NFC instantly (and no, shortcuts to a menu are not the same thing).  The list goes on.  Fix the little things, innovate second.

  • when is the update going to be avalible ?

  • @ Microsoft.... I hope a future update to WP8 is in the works with more basic functionality and compatibility planed to be added...

    We got a real good thing going with the concept of WP8, and with a few of the basic features and compatibility that everyone is begging for this platform can really move forward. The last thing we need is to loose some of our most loyal and dedicated original supporters of the platform. The move to the new kernel should make it to where there is no excuse to not be able to execute these additions and function.

    My question is what can we do to help you guys get us to where we need to be as far as polish and finish go???? Don't get me wrong,, from my hands on experience with WindowsPhone8 Ive been thoroughly impressed, but there's still work to be done.

    Can we please get some kind of feedback on all these issues that everyone is bringing up?? I Think this would help to ease a lot of minds about the choice they have made to continue to stick with WindowsPhone.

  • abm
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    @Brandon LeBlanc,

    Under the avatar of person is the post count (total number of comment that user submitted). It isn't incrementing anymore.

    Also, please implement the ability to reply to a comment (threaded comments up to three nested levels).

    Finally, why does needs to run under IE9 compatibility mode on IE10 browser? Please remove the meta-tag with X-UA-Compatible to make it run under standard/edge mode.


  • Anyone able to help? I installed IE10 on Windows 7 and it broke my Aero. I have already tried:

    1. Manually editing registry,

    2. Updating my video card driver.

    3. Aero troubleshooter.

  • @Rodney - I'm stuck at 221...  Apparently none of our comments count anymore!

  • I put this on the last post, but it'll never get seen there...

    It's unbelievable that WP8 still doesn't support the full EAS profile.  I work for a Healthcare system, in the IT department.  For nearly two years, I haven't been able to get email on my phone because I went with WP7.  I've been so anxiously awaiting WP8 - and a couple days ago, a co-worker showed me his gorgeous new Lumia 920, and asked if I could help get it connected to Exchange.  I happily offered to help, since I'd been waiting for this for so long.

    As is obvious from the posts above, and on the WPCentral forum post, it didn't work.  And it won't work.  And the people commenting that we just need to talk to our IT department are simply not in touch with reality.  We have over 60,000 users on our exchange server.  All of the users with iOS or Android are connecting without issue.  Sure, earlier Android versions required the use of the TouchDown app, but we don't have such a thing on the WP platform.  The Exchange Admin Team couldn't care less about the MAYBE couple-hundred of us who made the mistake of buying into Windows Phone.  All they care about is compliance reports showing that our email is as secure as they can make it.  Apple and Google are allowing them to do that.  Microsoft??  Only creating a disgruntled userbase.

    The contract on my current phone is up in March.  If this isn't fixed, I won't be signing on for another round, period.

  • robble
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    Thrashee has seen me banging on about full device backup ( and wants some of the action :)

    Seriously MS, how can you release a product and not give an upgrade path? I don't want to upgrade without mving SMSes, savegames, etc across. I also don't want to set everything up from scratch, especially linking contacts together. Give us the functionality that the first iPhone had.

  • @ Thrasher

    Well, it's ridiculous that basic features like sepparate sound controls, and sharing contacts still aren't in the OS. I also think it's weird that you can't view file properties. Sometimes I wonder how large of a file a picture or song is. I swear that all this basic functionality was available in WinMo 5.x

  • @ Brandon

    I don't know why but no matter how many new comments I post it stays stuck on 794.. This started when the site was updated with the new Metro,, sorry!,, W8 style look.

  • @ Rodney,

    Thanks :) I know Mr. Stroh is likely just the messenger, but I intend on nagging this point until we get it!

    For a bit of positive thinking, I will say I'm happy to be back on a Windows phone and am even more excited to see what's new in the developer side of things.

  • - Post counter? You mean the comment count? Could you describe the issues in more detail for me so I can look into the issue? We know there is an issue where in some cases the number of comments doesn't accurately reflect the actual number of comments and this is due to trackbacks being counted as comments in the background. We're working to resolve the issue shortly.

  • Question????

    Why does the post counter on this site not work anymore???

  • lol!!!!

    @ Thrashee... Looks like you got the right idea. You got to keep asking if you want certain features.. You are doing a lot to help WP be competitive... Keep it up!

  • Hi Mr. Stroh.

    Where's the separate volume control? I'm tired of missing calls because I had my music down low, hurting my ears when a call comes in because I had my soft music too loud.

    Volume control.

    Volume control.

    Volume control.