What’s big and hairy and loves Windows Phone?

What’s big and hairy and loves Windows Phone?

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Meet Bumble, our new celeb spokesmonster. If you’re a fan of the 1964 stop-motion animation holiday classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you’ll probably recognize The Abominable Snow Monster of the North and many of his friends. Anybody else grow up loving this show?

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  • Elie
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    Haha verry funny !


  • @Rodney - all great points!  But there's a downside...  Guess what?  Those of us who work for healthcare or other institutions that require encryption, STILL can't connect to Exchange ActiveSync.  I already know of three people in my organization that bought L920s and returned them because they couldn't connect to our email server.  There are a handful of responses here:


    but the bottom line is that the Android and iOS devices connect without a hitch... The Windows Phone will not.  With 60,000 users in my organization, for me to personally know 3 who loved what they saw in the marketing, I'm betting there are many more in the same boat.  It's really, REALLY disappointing that this long overdue marketing push is backing up a still-dysfunctional product.

    That being said, I personally still love it and am probably staying in the ecosystem.  And I LOVE THIS AD!!

  • @ DJ Mike

    Yes, I agree... It seems like this time around the advertising is much more serious. I have seen online ads, mailers, tv commercials, and something that I suggested they do a long time ago,,, billboard advertising. It's nice to be driving and see a huge WP up on a billboard, knowing everyone is seeing what I'm seeing.. The coolest thing I saw was a WP up on one of those huge LCD type billboards alongside the highway. These billboards really capture the drivers attention, and it's perfect for a area like Dallas where literally millions of people drive up, and down, the highway everyday.

    I'd have to say good job on the marketing.. Finally,, but as Mike says we'll have to see how it pays off. We still have to count on the store associates to push the platform, and while I have some amount of faith that att associates might push the platform im worried about Verizon associates for obvious reasons..

    Nevertheless, I'm sure this wave of marketing, and new devices, will add millions of new WP users, and that just sounds awesome. I'm pretty convinced that WP is here to stay, but in order for these new users to stay using WP we need updates to fill in the gaps where some basic features, and functionality, are still ridiculously missing.

  • Over the last two weekends, I've seen and/or heard MANY ads on high profile TV touting Windows Phone!  It's like maybe - MAYBE - the beta test really is over, and they're finally promoting the platform!!??

    This should be the ultimate test though.. This commercial should be EVERYWHERE for the next month!!!

  • That's very funny. The doll and abominable snowman is a creepy potential couple, but that gives us lots of laughs nonetheless.

  • This is good! Air this... This works!

  • Drew
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    Is Bumble speed dating?  That's funny!