Now in the Store: Vimeo for Windows Phone 8

Now in the Store: Vimeo for Windows Phone 8

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Vimeo—the popular video sharing site catering to “high-quality videos and the people who love them”—just published a new version of its official app that’s designed just for Windows Phone 8. I haven’t had a chance to test drive it yet, but it appears to include some neat upgrades that take advantage of some of the cooler features in our new release—such as the ability to share videos between phones via the new NFC tap-to-share feature.

Download it (it’s free) and tell me what you think.


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  • jonvee
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    The app works on my Lumia 920 but the video quality is shart! Especially annoying since my videos are set to default to HD and play on mobile devices. What's more annoying is the fact vimeo embedded videos still don't play in IE10 on Windows 8 RT nor WP 8. Pretty disappointed in Vimeo especially when the staff is condescending to members posting these issues on their forums. Boo vimeo!

  • Can't download. It says not available for your using Lumia 920

  • Nathan
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    @prymribb, @Hawk, This app was previously available on windows phone 7. But viemo has removed the previous version.

    @abm, @wizll, Windows Phone Store can have more than one version of application. This one is on Vimeo developers. They removed the WP7 version.

    Please contact Vimeo and report these issues.

  • This is not good. WPcentral has also reported trouble with this app..... And others as well.

  • wizll
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    yeah why is the win phone 7 version gone. seems crazy that the store can't have both versions available. if that's the case, you're doing it wrong.

  • I just tried the app today..found it confusing to use..also some videos I tried wouldn't buffer on my Nokia Lumia 920...can't believe supposed to have a top notch phone..anyway..have uninstalled the app..will try again in future when more updates are given

  • Hawk
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    Guess only available to WP8...

  • abm
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    , For Windows Phone 7, it says "This app is no longer published"

    Same thing happened with Tango app.

    Care to explain what's going on?

  • Loaded it on my Lunia 920. When I try to watch any video it says "This video can't be played on a mobile device." I tried a number of different videos, no luck on any.