Latest Angry Birds games arrive for Windows Phone 7.5

Latest Angry Birds games arrive for Windows Phone 7.5

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Rovio announced today that new Windows Phone 7.5 versions of its space-themed megahits—Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars—have arrived in the Windows Phone Store. Grab the 99-cent titles here:

Buy Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows Phone 7.5

Buy Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone 7.5

The games arrived in the Store just about a month after the debut of the Windows Phone 8 versions. “We promised it wouldn’t be long and we always keep our promises,” Rovio explained today in a guest post on the Nokia Conversations blog. The company also said that “with a little bit of Angry Birds magic and some help from Nokia” these new versions can also run on lower-memory Nokia models such as the Lumia 510 and 610.


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  • But in android Store is FREE!!!

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    "“We promised it wouldn’t be long and we always keep our promises,” Rovio explained today"

    Alas, one CAN'T say the same thing about Microsoft.

  • Ok.. I got it!... A shiny new red Lumia 920, and charging plate.. Not looking back! I feel happy with my purchase.. Very happy!

  • Hawk
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    Rodney...glad us boneheads could help.  :-)  I will agree that it would be nice to have a QUAD core processor, even if today's WP OS doesn't need it.  That doesn't mean future updates couldn't take advantage of a quad!  Even the Samsung Ativ, which was launched in Austria TODAY, is only dual core!  

  • @ Hawk, and Mike B...

    Ok Ok, you guys are right. I will suck it up and get the 920.. Not that it's a bad phone by any measure. Lol! But, I think Hawks point would be more valid if an even more advanced device was available, or about to come out soon.

    Also, its not that I have to always have to latest and greatest device. My point is that when I do finnaly decide to upgrade, which is about every 18 months, it would be nice to have the option of having this killer device compared to others on the market. Like I said, If there was a WP device out right now with hardware that could compete with the DNA then I would be glad to keep it for 2 years,, Seriously, have you read the specs on this thing? I mean, look how long I've had this first Gen Focus, and I still love it. No, I never said that I always have to have the L&G, it would just be nice to get it for once from a WP device.

    And, speeking of HTC... They make WP devices!! If enough of you slosh heads would beg for, instead of giving up, a WP device based off the DNA chassis..well, anything's possible.. Sounds like a Titan III to me!! I think big guys, sorry, but you can't say it's unrealistic.

    Nevertheless, you two boneheads helped me make my decision, so L920 here I come!! Thanks guys for the push...

  • Rodney - I've got to agree with Hawk on this one...  As you know, out here in the Sprint wastelands, I've been lamenting the lack of updates and new hardware for months.  Last week, I finally took matters into my own hands and hacked a 7.8 rom onto my Arrive.  Now?  It's like a brand new phone!  My burning desire to replace it has all but been extinguished, and I'm perfectly willing to wait out my contract, and likely won't even be chomping at the bit when they do finally bring out another model.  To be honest, I think that's why MS is holding back on the official release of 7.8, because once we get it on our first/second gen hardware, I think a lot of people will be amazed at how fresh and functional their phones feel again!

  • Hawk
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    @Rodney...I usually agree with most of your posts but I don't think I can today.  You sign a 2 yr agreement because you are buying a $449 phone for $49.99 or whatever the discounted price is.  If you are so concerned about always having the latest and greatest, then you should buy an unlocked phone for $449.  

    You can't have it both ways my friend.  You can get the best of the best today but being in a contract is the price you pay for being able to get that phone for only $49.99.  Actually, if you check, the 920 is on sale for $0.01.  That's right, a penny!  The Droid DNA is on sale for $149.99.  I bought my Samsung Focus over a year ago for only a penny via Best Buy Mobile.  

    Why do you always need the best of the best when what you buy today works and most likely will receive updates from time to time over the next 2 years???  My Samsung Focus still works just as good today as it did when I first bought it.      

  • @ StevieBallz

    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, you're most likely right, although I think Nokia has to be looking to the future about a 920 successor.. The point is that you just can't keep waiting around for a superior device forever, and at some point you're going to have to settle for what's available.. Settling is what my issue is that's why I think my second comment is important.

  • One of my favourite game and its really fun playing them and waiting eagerly for its arrival.

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  • Well, you only have a chance of having the latest and greatest of any hardware if you buy it on release. But in that case you will have to live with the little kinks that get regularly worked out over the course of the first 6 months after a device has hit the market.

    Honestly I don't see Microsoft going for 1080p displays too soon, mainly because even the powerful Adreno 320 GPU in the S4 Pro struggles to push that many pixels around. If you want a nice and fast device now, get it now - if you want a fast and nice device in 6 months get it then. You will never know how long a device will last at the top before the next one comes around.

    Currently there is no indication of Nokia working on a device superior to the 920 that would arrive before Fall 2013. The only wildcard is the rumored HTC Zenith Quadcore we heard about when WP8 was anounced but haven't heard much on ever since.

  • See, this is why its important for WP Hardware to be in line with its competitors and not always a half step behind. It just may be my Android buddies, with their constant new Droid device updates, that have kept me from purchasing a new WP device. I know that if a new device, like the HTC Droid DNA with its quad core and 1080p screen, comes out then eventually Nokia, or HTC, will follow up.. The only problem is that by time Nokia/HTC follow up I'm already looking at the newest, most recent, technology. This keeps me feeling like I'm not using my two year contract to the fullest. And speaking of that two year contract,, that's another reason why I want the latest, and greatest, technology I can get. I mean the latest technology available on a mobile device, not just the latest that WP has to offer.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way...

    Maybe the issue is the frequency of which WP devices are reveled. I don't know, but what I do know is that if that Droid DNA debuted with the same hardware specs, and WP8 on board, I would not have any fear, or doubt, about buying that device. And that's the way it's supposed to be. I want to walk out of the store feeling as though I have the most powerful, and innovative, device available,, even if I know the feeling won't last but for a few months. Im sure that one day another device will come along and make that DNA look like crap, but that's the name of the game.

    I really, really, want a lumia device, but in order for my q4 2013 lumia 1000 to feel like its the best MOBILE device available I need it now.

  • @ Whoever wants to entertain me.

    I'm thinking about getting a shiny new red 920 this week, but I need a little convincing. A few things are keeping me from taking the plunge.

    1. We know the price is going to drop to $49.99, but when?.. How soon??

    2. Will the wireless plate still be offer free of charge if I wait for a price drop?

    3. How soon will it be until an even better WP device comes out? Quad core? 1080p screen?

    The 920 is great, and I want one so bad, but I just can't help but think I'm going to be sorry I didn't wait. On the other hand it could be another 9 months before Nokia drops another flagship device, and the biggest WP fan can't wait that long to get a WP8 device.

    What should I do folks? Should I go down to the store Wednesday for the 920, or should I keep the old i917 burning with 7.8????.... By the time 7.8 hits the streets a Lumia 940 might be unveiled.. Lol!

  • Why no achievements? Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows Phone 8 has Xbox LIVE achievements. So does the Windows 8 version. The original Angry Birds had Xbox LIVE achievements for Windows Phone. So why no achievements for the Windows Phone 7.5 version or Angry Birds Space at all. These things might seem small but are important to gamers.