88% of people who took the “Meet Your Match” challenge prefer Windows Phone

88% of people who took the “Meet Your Match” challenge prefer Windows Phone

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A few weeks back we kicked off “Meet Your Match”, which is an informal head-to-head customer challenge of many popular smartphone features. It’s a new take on “Smoked by Windows Phone” and it shows people why a Windows Phone is more fun, more useful, and more personal that the phone they’re currently using. So how’s it going so far? In a word…AWESOME!

So far we’ve run more than 75,000 Meet Your Match challenges & demos across the US, UK, France and Germany. That’s a big number, but what’s even more impressive is that based on these head-to-head customer challenges, a whopping 88% of the people who took our post-challenge survey thought that Windows Phone was a better match for them than the phone in their pocket.

Germany - Best Photo (6)

Our Meet Your Match videos are doing equally well. They’ve been viewed on YouTube over 600,000 times and hundreds of thousands times more via our online ads, and 88% of voting YouTube viewers clicked the “like” button. They’re going so well, in fact, that we’ve decided to broaden their distribution. Get your popcorn ready!

She beat us before it started.

If you haven’t seen Meet Your Match online, you can check out all of the videos here. And if you want to come see us in person, there’s still plenty of time to do so – we’re across the US through the end of December, and challenges are ramping up in the UK, France and Germany.


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  • robble
    4 Posts

    @JJohnson you might be interested in the 101 fixes for Windows Phone: 101fixes.blogspot.com :)

  • hysonmb
    6 Posts

    I've been using MS mobile products since CE. I'd met my match until WP8. Media management on WP8 is far behind the excellence that was Zune. Playlists can't sync locally (not stream) and Podcast management from the PC is nonexistent (there's much more). The worst part, no one from MS has acknowledged this so we don't know if it will be improved or we're stuck with this frustration. The months of comments on Community pages appear ignored http://tinyurl.com/d5jpqt8. This is going to drive customers away.

  • While Windows Phone 8 does surpass the competition, there are several important areas it lacks:

    -Skype from Windows Phone 8 to iPhone, at least for me, is an exercise in frustration for video calls.  My girlfriend and I spend 20 minutes of failed connections before it works.  She never has a problem with Facetime, and she is making me want an iPhone because I simply want my phone to work.  Skype doesn't work.  Windows Live Messenger does, and that's being taken away from us, just like Zune was.

    -the Windows Phone 8 synchronization app is horrible, especially in comparison to Zune and iTunes.  I am loathe to admit it, but iTunes now makes me jealous, and I'm considering an iPhone 5 specifically because iTunes is a jukebox and synch tool all in one, like Zune used to be.  I despise X-Box Music, X-Box Video, and the synch app as separate and distinct apps because they are all woefully incomplete feature-wise.  I do not use my WP8 very much because synchronization of media is so pitiful

    -Facebook integration - I cannot share the music I listen to, nor can I share articles posted by friends from within the People Hub, nor check in with a photo and caption and tag friends with me.  Basic tasks for Facebook on a computer, but lacking on the phone.

    -storage: 16GB isn't enough.  I got a 64GB Zune HD for a reason - I wanted to carry my entire music library with me, and I'm often in places without an internet connection or adequate cellular reception, so having things "in the cloud" is more often than not, totally useless to me.  For me, requiring micro SD on all phones, regardless of unibody construction or anything else should be done now.  I had a 120GB Zune also for the reason that I want to carry my music with me, and have enough room for a few movies and TV Shows, and lots of video podcasts.  I can't be the only one who wants my media to be physically present.

    -Search button only loads Bing: in IE, I expect it to search that page; in People to search contacts; in Mail, to search my e-mail; in music, to search music.  I don't need to search Bing all the time, so for me, the search button is now broken and useless.  At least give me the option for the search button context-sensitively so I can remove the need for the app-bar search button, which we shouldn't need.  Maybe a long-press to go to Bing search.

    -Week View in Calendar.

    -Smart Dialing in the dialer.  This was in Windows Mobile 6, but for some reason it's not present in Windows Phone 8?

    -weather on the lock screen: this would be amazing for glance-and-go functionality, and if it were live like the HTC Hub's weather for a particular city, and location-aware, that would be amazing and impressive.

    -lock screen notification center - currently we have to unlock, open an app, then go see the notifications.  For iPhone, you can unlock on a specific notification and go directly into that app.  For example, my brother posts an article on my FB wall, on an iPhone I could swipe that notification, go specifically to that one article, and see it immediately; ditto if I'm notified of a like on a picture - I could swipe and see which picture.  On Windows Phone, I can't do that because there's no notification center for that.  I would propose a 'swipe-down' notification center with pivots for all apps that have notifications so I can see specifically which apps sent me updates, all without unlocking my phone.  If I tap a notification, from the lock screen, it will unlock my phone and open that app on that specific notification.  This would provide the same level of functionality as on the iPhone, without copying their implementation.

    More suggestions: http://wp.me/p1fLW2-4v

  • fyronik
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    I am using a lumia 710 right now. The time to upgrade my phone is approaching and i would love to upgrade to a 920, but theres No way right now that I would upgrade to another windows phone when you have taken away support for the zune software... and for what reason? none. Windows and xbox were once about giving people choices, now you are taking choices away, saddening. New sync software = 100 steps in the wrong direction, not just choice, but features as well. horrible. Plz take this feedback and fix....

  • Drew
    19 Posts

    Microsoft needs this.  Their marketing for 7 was not enough and the phone was otherwise being buried under all of the Windows 8 press.  One part of me wants one, while the other part is a little apprehensive since I don't have a smartphone of any type to have experience to what I want.

  • Just got an 8s, really love it so far.  However, it doesn't have turn by turn navigation.  What the heck?  I thought all phones had it.

  • Yes, Windows Phone is awesome..

  • dinjugu
    0 Posts

    I want one, want to be a part of the next big thing------> windows phone

  • caresrg
    5 Posts

    Does that mean MOVIE THEATERS? Hooray!

  • That's awesome guys! :) I'm glad that people are really enjoying Windows Phone, and more than that... I'm glad people are taking Windows Phone seriously now. You guys even have Google nervous, lol.