WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 arrives; Facebook updated

WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 arrives; Facebook updated

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Over the weekend, updates for two popular apps hit the Windows Phone Store.

WhatsApp, a popular cross-platform messaging app, released an official version for Windows Phone 8—something I know many of you were waiting for. The app makes it easy to send messages, pictures, audio notes, and videos to friends or family members on other phones. WhatsApp is free for the first year and costs 99 cents annually after that. Download it.

The official Facebook app also received an update for Windows Phone 8. Version 4.1.0 fixes some bugs and improves stability and performance. If you don’t already have the free app, grab it here.


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  • The Windows Phone version of Facebook needs a bit more functionality, as does the FB integration:

    App: Add an X-Box music icon so I can share what I'm listening to as easily as the Zune HD Facebook app did with the Zune button.  Currently if I share from Windows 8, it's an ugly generic x-box image instead of the album art, and in Music+Videos, I can only share to comcast/outlook, not to Facebook.  There's no ability in the Me Tile to share what I'm listening to; in the Facebook app itself, there's no way to share what I'm listening to.  That's frustrating.


    -When sharing an article, it's very bare and ugly in comparison to how it's shared in a browser.  In the browser, we can choose which image to use from the article; in Windows 8, we can choose which image to use from the article.  In Windows Phone 8, we cannot.  We should be able to cycle through the images from the article to choose the one we want when posting the article to FB.

    -In People, looking at the "What's New" we cannot 'share' a story someone has posted.  We can only 'refresh'.  I would like to be able to share something a friend's posted from the People hub.  One less reason to open the FB app.  We have to tap to get like/post options, but still - no share option.

    -Check In: I still need to use the app to check in with people, and check in with a picture and caption.  

    -Sharing Music+Videos: There's no way I can share the music I'm listening to from the Me Tile.  Just add a button for it in the Music+Videos app, or from the Me Tile so I can share a song, album, artist, or playlist to Facebook, which is littered with Spotify/Pandora sharing by friends.  Why not add Zune / X-Box Music in there for some more face-time and publicity?

    More helpful suggestions: http://wp.me/p1fLW2-4v

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    and facebook doesn't work either.....my old blackberry was on the ball.....WP8 not looking good people !!!!

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    horrid experience, I don't get notified, then when I do, its a conversation I already had 2 minutes ago ???? sort it out please. Lumia 920 owner.

  • Would be great if they would speed up the Windows Phone 7 Facebook app.  It's still really slow and doesn't seem to be updates anymore.

  • It does work without that hack, all that one does is keeping Wifi connected which the OS will soon allow you to do by itself. Most people don't even need that hack - it's only necessary if mobile data is completely disabled but Wifi is available.

    Actually the worst idea ever that WhatsApp is misusing that API - especially because it can't be deactivated. I'm still amazed that Microsoft even approved that for inclusion into the Marketplace.

  • These performance upgrades to the Facebook app are huge!!! If you lost faith in the app then reinstall it because it works extremely well now.

    Still could use the search feature that other FB apps have.

  • Whatsapp doesn't work on lock screen!! Why?

  • Would be nice if the whatsapp devs didnt need to use a hack to get it to work!?!?!?