Best Windows Phone news apps for 2013

Best Windows Phone news apps for 2013

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The year’s just three days old and already there’s a lot to keep up with, from fiscal cliff folly to Oscar predictions to (guilty pleasure alert) Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy and daily fashion picks.

That’s why I love the Store’s new News Rack collection, which assembles an entire newsstand’s worth of top-notch journalistic sources for your phone. These apps are timely for another reason: Many of them received significant updates or launched new Windows Phone 8 versions in the last few weeks. So if one of your resolutions is to be better informed (or just less boring at cocktail parties), now’s a good time to grab a few and get reading. Here are a few of my favorites. See also: Apps for making your New Year’s resolutions stick


Weave News Reader 

Weave News ReaderWeave News Reader

If there’s one news app to have, it’s Weave News Reader (free), which arrives loaded with nearly 200 high-quality news sources. Customize it by choosing the interest categories you like most, from news, art and celebrity gossip to movies, wine and travel. The recent redesign of this top app has made it faster and even more beautiful.

NY Times

NY TimesNY Times

The official New York Times app (free) gives you all the news that’s fit to print, and lets you read the Top News section and see videos even without a subscription. Its fresh, new redesign offers better performance and great options, too — like saving content to the cloud for viewing from other devices, and easy syncing to your Windows Phone for reading later.

USA Today

USA TodayUSA Today

For a fun and colorful read, USA Today (free) for Windows Phone 8 is a great choice with a gorgeous, speedy new interface. Browse headlines quickly, then access stories and multimedia content directly. Sharing is a snap, too.

AP Mobile

AP MobileAP Mobile

Wherever you go in the world this year, the Associated Press is already on the ground and reporting. Their dynamic Windows Phone 8 app, AP Mobile (free), offers breaking international stories, local news, weather, photos and video, and lets you share articles easily. One touch news junkies will love: The ability to decorate your lock screen with AP’s award-winning photojournalism. The app also lets you submit your own breaking news reports directly the venerable wire service.

WSJ Live

WSJ LiveWSJ Live

Keeping you abreast of the financial and business worlds is what the Wall Street Journal is all about, and their WSJ Live app (free) delivers nearly five hours of live news and on-demand original programming daily. Thousands of WSJ reporters worldwide cover the markets, tech, lifestyle, politics, and businesses big and small — all for you.



Fashionistas have an amazing resource in Vogue (free). Loaded with pictures, insider interviews, and some of the best Fashion Week coverage around, this official app puts you on the runway’s front row. Pair it with the official Glamour app for celebrity insights and you’re all set.

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  • microsoft need to work voip app like vonage, magicjack,oovoo.....

  • Everybody has WP8 now..and my Lumia 800 has more than a year of contract left before i would consider buying a new WindowsPhone.

    Please no more delay on the 7.8 upgrade..people like me NEED it. I tried flashing my phone with the leaked wp7.8 and works great but with some annoying bugs (posted on

    However the WP8 start Screen is more than enough to make every wp7 phone look badass.

    I hope the great wait for the upgrade will also contain features from wp8 which does not need high end specs (like screen capture - even crapdroid phones have that )

    And that upgrade, too, is the reason why I check this blog EVERYDAY.

  • really i agree wid the second user.......the eagerness is up over the mark.......the wp7.8 that is why i open windows phone blog every is just a case like

    ' A chocolate cake is in front of us in paper box,

    everybody knows its a chocolate cake in party,

    no body knows how it taste, but its name is chocolate cake,

    and-and the birthday boy is no where in time'

    ok we can wait but pls make the chocolate cake yum-yum......

  • Hawk
    61 Posts

    I was playing with my buddies Lumia 920 the other day.  Other than the new front screen, there's really not much of a change between 7.5 and 8.  I started thinking, "why do I really need to upgrade?".  My current Focus works like it's brand spankin' new!  It gives me everything I need.  Other than new apps only available to WP8, I'm really not missing out on anything else.  So why bother with an upgrade.  New phones are coming out almost on a daily basis.  Even Nokia announced a new Lumia will be coming out this year with an all aluminum body.  Samsung will have a new GIV and Apple also rumored to be coming out with a new larger iPhone this summer.  I think I'll just sit back and wait.  I can spend my money elsewhere.  MS isn't exactly blowing my socks off in the first place.  

  •        As a Microsoft fans, I look forward to the most is the push windows phone 7.8.I must also all windows phone holder idea from you publish information that will give you the push 7.8, and then said that early in 2013, and now already in early 2013, I do not know how that would be considered, and ISuffice it to say that, that is how we think as a windows phone 7.5 holder.

           First of all, I have to say, we are looking forward to the 7.8 push as early as possible, and we thank you we can not forget the old user, your efficiency should be higher then? Should not in actively preparing wp8 give us some understanding of our urgent desire to get a push.

           Secondly, every day we are concerned about the 7.8 message, I get up every morning, the first thing to do is connect your phone to the computer, not push, in order to obtain the push, I even cell phone data connection remains open, however, disappointed spate of.

           Over and over again, we know you want to give us a more mature, stable 7.8 system, but I would like to, you can busy wp8 the same time, give us the old user exact information? I think this should not be regarded as confidential.

           Finally, I would like to say is that in contrast to the current cell phone a few large systems, the push to upgrade the android and ios quite fast, and you push so slow, it is clear that the majority of fans will abandon Microsoft wp system, he moved to the other system.

           Here, I just want to say, we eagerly desire to push 7.8, while at the same time, we are very disappointed. I hope this disappointment can disappear as soon as possible, as soon as possible 7.8 message.

          Thank you!

  • I'd include Feed Reader in this list as well.