Verizon, Sprint to offer new Windows Phone 8 models

Verizon, Sprint to offer new Windows Phone 8 models

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There were two big Windows Phone-related announcements today at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

First, Samsung said that the ATIV Odyssey will go on sale at Verizon Wireless in the “coming weeks.” Samsung makes some amazing hardware and this is its first Windows Phone 8 device in the US, so we’re all pretty excited about the ATIV Odyssey’s debut.

The phone—that’s it below—is a great new addition to Verizon’s Windows Phone 8 lineup, which also includes the Windows Phone 8X by HTC and Nokia Lumia 822. It features a 4-inch 800x480 Super AMOLED display, 5-megapixel rear camera with full 1080p recording and playback capability, 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, and 2100mAh battery.

The ATIV Odyssey, designed to work on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, comes with 8GB of storage and supports up to 64GB microSD cards. It also includes handy Samsung apps such as Photo Editor, Mini Diary, and Now (real-time weather, news, stock, and currency info). The Verizon Wireless News Center has more details.

The other exciting news today comes from Sprint, which hinted last fall that it would be debuting a Windows Phone 8 device sometime in 2013. Today the company filled in a bit more detail, saying it actually planned to launch two Windows Phones on its network by summer—one each from Samsung and HTC.

Sprint, which is the nation’s third-largest carrier, didn’t provide any other details on the phones (read their press release). But it’s exciting news for Sprint customers and for everyone here at Windows Phone HQ. So stay tuned.

The Samsung ATIV Odyssey is coming to Verizon in the "coming weeks," Samsung said today. 

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  • If I have to wait till summer to get a Windows 8 device I hope Sprint gets the 7.8 update soon.

  • TsTemp
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    I wonder what Microsoft is doing, will they grow? They ditched old features when release new device. Like Wifi Sync in Windows Phone 7 with Zune, now Windows Phone 8 only have USB Sync, when it gonna have WIFI sync? You have to start from zero every times? iOS keep more and more when they released, will Windows Phone 9 came out will you cut WP8 features again? Just keep what is good please.

  • Sadly, this blog has overlooked a major critical problem with Verizon offerings.

    When releasing the HTC 8X and Lumia 822, two very nice phones, Verizon intentionally crippled them in the messaging section by eliminating the Group Text option.  This was by direct order of Verizon.  Since being noted, Verizon has refused to give any explanation or to issue a fix.  As a result, many people have returned their phones, or now have a very negative impression of the Windows phone.  Of course, ATT has the feature still included.  Its not a network issue because it is supported in their Win 7 phones.

    It would be great to see this blog address this issue, and report any attempts to get a response from Verizon.  Ignoring the problem does absolutely nothing positive for Microsoft.  Verizon is actually creating the impression that Windows Phones are faulty, and if consumers shun them, so will developers, and an excellent phone system will go nowhere.

    As a tag to this, Microsoft absolutely needs to address the 7.8 update.  An honest response is far better than the alienation this silence is engendering.  Please, give us supporters some assistance !

  • @Rodney You have a L920, why don't you give Nokia Music a try, unlimited streaming of music for free cannot be wrong. You have the music player there also...

  • @Rodney - you make me glad to be a Sprint customer!  Music is the most important thing my phone does next to communications, and I would be absolutely livid if I'd dropped cash on a shiny new WP8 just to find a broken pile of steaming whatsit in the music area.  Seriously, I would have returned it and gotten the Note II.  Hope they get it fixed by summer!

  • Windows Phone 8 finally coming to Sprint. This is great news!!! hope they include the high end phones as well.

  • I want to piggyback on Rodney's comments.  I'm a loving and showing my L920, which is my upgrade from a HTC Surround.  So, I've been on the WP bandwagon for years now as well.  My experience with music on the Surround and Zune was so good that I even went out and found a Zune HD.  I was so impressed.

    This current iteration of Xbox Music makes me wish for iTunes even after spending my last Sunday having my wife complain to me for two hours on how iTunes lost all her music.   The application on the phone is such a step back from Zune and has a Surface RT user that RT version is even worse.  I would list out all the issues.  However, I think Rodney gave you the basic steps to get started.  I would only suggest that you use the back button to handle shifting the player controls back up on the lock screen, basically the same use case as when you want to hide the keyboard.

    This fall off in music players has me planning to keep my 7 year old Win 7 desktop around just so that I can keep Zune active.  Who know I might keep Zune longer than I would ever keep XP.

  • Slightly off subject!...... I hope the WP team reads this one!


    I have decided to take it upon myself to see that Xbox Music is updated with at least the functionality of Zune in WP7.5. Zune in WP7.5 worked just fine, in fact the functionality was great! But with Xbox Music comes many extremely annoying issues so bad that if you use your phone mostly for playing music I can't recommend that you waste your time, and money on a WP8 device... Can you guys believe I said that? Let me say it again.. If music playback is what you are looking for do not buy a WP8 device. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth, but Xbox Music's functionality is that horrific.

    But there is hope because fortunately software can be updated.. Thank the lord. Besides XBM I absolutely love my L920, and its exactly the kind of device I have been asking for for years. The only downside is that I use it mostly for music playback.. To bad for me there is no real intuitive solution currently in WP8 for Music playback. What's wrong with it you might ask???

    First off,, BUGS!... Has anybody noticed all this popping and crackling going on between tracks, or at start/stop? And, if I wanted my music to skip I would just use my CD player. When you hit the next track button sometimes seconds into the song it will jump to the middle or end of the track. Its weird! Wow!

    And I'm not sure if this is a bug or just poor engineering, but when I try to come back to my mix its gone. I've noticed that if the phone sits idle for a certain period of time it looses, or backs out of the mix you started. This is probably my biggest complaint about Xbox Music. So annoying because I start a mix so that I can continuously play all the music in my device without having to hear the same song twice, but when it deletes my mix, and I have to start over by hitting that little play button,, which used to be two beautiful notes in Zune, it will start back with songs I've already heard.. Its driving me absolutely nutz!! Lol... The phone has to sit for a long time like over night, or hours for this to happen, so when you are ready for your drive to work your mix is gone. I first noticed this when I would press the volume rocker and the audio controls in the drop down box would be missing. I think Zune only did this if the phone was soft reset, which is acceptable..

    Speaking of the drop down box with the audio controls.. We lost the audio controls on the lock screen due to the new lock screen capabilities in WP8, but it was at a cost. I personally want the on screen controls back. I hate having to two step it,, pressing the power button, then the volume rocker to access the audio controls which like I said don't even appear after not using them for a while. This annoyed me with WP7.0, but then WP7.5 came out with the controls affixed to the lock screen, and wow,, so much better. Can you imagine how annoying it is that its already gone, and we're right back where we started having to two press it? I feel like I'm going to ware my buttons out! At least give me the option of being able to select the audio buttons to be permanently affixed to the lock screen. Is it possible for a lock screen app to do this? Either way please come up with a better solution.

    Back to the drop box with the audio controls that are always disappearing. When you do press the volume rocker and the audio controls drop down the box goes back up to fast. Sometimes it takes me a few seconds to decide if I want to listen to a song or skip it and it seems like everytime I decide to skip it, and I go to press the bottom the box shoots back up almost mocking me like " nope". So frustrating this is.. The solution? Maybe the time the engineers decided to have this box stay down isn't the problem. We need a little button on the bottom right of the dropdown box that when pressed will make it hold itself in the down position from any screen including the lock screen, and when pressed again the box will go back up,, especially if you guys won't give us our lock screen audio controls back.. Another smart thing to do would be to add a option in settings for us to determine how long the box stays down, similar to how we decide when the lock screen times out. Please come up with a better solution..

    Why did you guys make the now playing album cover so small in Xbox Music compared to Zune? Bring back the large beautiful album cover with the time, and play status big enough for us to read,, please.. There also seems to be some kind of graphical error with it as well with this weird outline of white on the edge. Please fix..

    Who decided to not include the FM radio in Xbox Music? Please tell them to kindly put it back......

    I have never complained this much about WP software, but the music hub does not seem on par with the quality of programming that we've always seen with WP. It has this sense of poor finish, and incompleteness to it.. I hope I didn't offend anyone specifically on the team with my criticisms, but I have to say this is Android 2.3 quality software at best,, and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves.. Remember,,, biggest WP fan in the world here guys!

  • I am shocked Samsung phones are the best but ATIV S is very comparable to Nokia 920. In fact I was hopping ATT would be the one. I do like my Nokia 920 but the battery life and SD Micro card was a seller to me.

    I have to agree Nokia Lumia 920 is the flagship of Windows 8 phones way. Microsoft is in need of some fresh leadership it is time now to more Ballmer out the stock is not doing anything. These phones are very excellent yet we are not hearing anything about the market shares sells.

  • Zartan
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    1.) Why didn't Samsung bring the ATIV S to the US?

    2.) Why isn't Nokia doing more to bring flagship phones to Verizon and T-Mobile?

    3.) Why Windows Phone available on any of the smaller cellular networks besides the big 4?

  • I'm not a Sprint or Verizon customer, and don't plan on becoming one at anytime, but it saddens me to not see Nokia on that list.  Specifically with Sprint.  I do like the fact more Windows Phone 8 devices are being released on more carriers, but I do wish EVERY carrier in the US had access to the flagship Windows Phone 8 device:  the Nokia Lumia 920.

  • Does anyone know anything about Windows Phone 8 coming to lesser cellular companies?  To be specific, Bluegrass Cellular.