And the winner is….these 6 Windows Phone apps for award season

And the winner is….these 6 Windows Phone apps for award season

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Oscar buzz kicked into high gear today with the announcement of this year’s Academy Award nominees—go Argo!—all part of the excitement of what’s casually become known as award season.

From the Golden Globes (Jan. 13) to the Grammys (Feb. 10) to the Oscars (Feb. 24), there’s lots of interesting trivia, gossip, and backstories to keep up with until the statuettes are handed out. Here are the must-have Windows Phone apps to stay on top of it all. Look for more great options in the Store’s Award Shows collection.

What film are you rooting for?





Here’s the granddaddy of movie, television and celebrity facts. The Internet Movie Database—aka IMDb—offers more than just trivia, though. It also has trailers, info on DVD and Blu-ray releases, and local movie schedules. It’s a must-have, one-stop reference point for just about everything you’ll need for the award season and beyond. Free



Here’s another great app for catching Oscar nominees, winner of three Webby Awards itself. Fandango makes browsing films and buying tickets from your phone easy, with a wealth of info, trailers, and photos to help in decision-making. This updated version lets you pin ticket confirmation to your Start screen and receive notification a half-hour before movie time. Free

MTV News

MTV NewsMTV News

Pop culture is king in this photo-rich, easy-to-navigate app. Customize it so your favorite celebrities get top billing, and watch exclusive videos updated throughout the day. Also, follow MTV blogs for News, Shows, Music, Movies and Gaming. Free

E! Red Carpet

E! Red CarpetE! Red Carpet

When it’s down to the big night and the stars are out, they all have to pass the E! Red Carpet. This app gives VIP access to all of Hollywood’s top events, with up-to-the-minute reporting on the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys and SAG Awards, along with movie premieres and film festivals year-round. Free

MSN Movies

MSN MoviesMSN Movies

Missed a few Oscar winners? MSN Movies makes it easy to catch up. Get started with trailers, cast info and reviews; complete local theater schedules let you click through and buy tickets from your phone (pin your favorite theater to your Start screen, too). Enjoy all these features even when start your movie search with Bing. Free

Celebrity News Free

Celebrity News FreeCelebrity News Free

This app covers celebrities through the entertainment world, from music to film and television to models and socialites. Packed with news and photos, it also links easily from featured headlines to more detailed stories on other sites. Free

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  • Okay I have been using Windows phone since over an year now...I like what you are doing with the interface but what about apps??

    The store lacks apps and there is no question about it...during the launch of WP8, microsoft announced majority of apps would be available...I'm still waiting Mr Ballmer..

    WP8 design team was building kid's corner when they should have invested more time in creating a decent notification center many users actually use kid's corner or how has it changed the practical usage of the phone..

    MS has to seriously reconsider its move of jumping into samrtphone market...the team has to be swift and thinking futuristic and not just catching up with apple and samsung

    I have already pre-booked Lumia 920 and will go ahead and purchase it in India but if no major upgrades and apps come my way, i have to think of switching over to something else...people in Redmond have to understand patience is running out guys...

  • Eka
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    hi, i was join in here, thanks for share :)

  • Hi,

    I just baught my yellow Lumina 920 from Austrailia on 1st.Jan. 2013. I have couple questions need to be clearified:

    1.I droped my phone on the ground and one angle of phone body gamaged. Could Nokia supply repaie service for this kind of incident?

    2.When will that be available for XBOX games in Lumia phone?

    3.There is some schreched mark on my flashlight cover already, is that availble to change new cover?

    Look forward to hearing from u soon!

    Best regards

    Charlie Wang