Send Cam Newton to the playoffs: You pick the ad, we’ll air it

Send Cam Newton to the playoffs: You pick the ad, we’ll air it

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It’s only been a few months since we at Windows Phone debuted our “Meet” commercial featuring Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton, and the response has been enormous! People on Twitter love the “pound cake, french fries” catchphrase at the end, and they’ve even filmed their own versions.

But Cam is much more than just pound cake and french fries. He also has some other fun moves in the kitchen. We need your help deciding which one we will air during the NFL playoffs pre-game show. Each one features Cam, running back Jonathan Stewart, and wide receiver Louis Murphy having some serious fun together in the kitchen. But which one (and which catchphrase) is the best?

To vote, just watch the ads below and tweet the one with your favorite hashtag. Voting will end at noon EST on Friday, Jan 18. The winning ad will air during the NFC Championship pre-game show on FOX next Sunday, Jan 20, at 3 pm EST/ Noon PST. May the best and most fun ending win!

Here’s the original “pound cake, french fries” ad:


Now, here are the alternate versions:




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  • actually, I prefer this:

    show that one and the oooops one

  • The ads looks pretty much the same. I have no clue who this football player is.

  • Yeah Chris!! A Superbowl commercial would be THE best way of putting WP in front of Millions.. I always dreamed of a 60 second WP Superbowl spot full of celebrities. Although I am a nerd for sitting around dreaming of such things I think the impact a Superbowl commercial would have would be huge. I mean this commercial would need to be one of the most remembered of all this year, and MS should spare no cost on it.. Seriously, no matter what the cost MS should have a huge Superbowl commercial!

    But, I would be surprised if this actually happened this season... What really burns me up is that I know Verizon, Samsung, and Apple will show up at the Superbowl..

  • While I understand you guys are trying to use Social Media to increase the brand presence, I agree with , AIR THEM ALL!!!  There should be no real reason why you couldn't do that.  I also hope you guys have a BIG Superbowl commercial this year!

  • Why not just air them all?? Apple would.