Now in the Store: Priceline

Now in the Store: Priceline

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Last month I listed some of the travel apps I use when I hit the road. Here’s one more worthy addition: the official Priceline Express Deals app, which arrived in the Store late last week.

The app makes it possible to find and book hotel rooms at steeply discounted rates—up to 45% off in some cases—and narrow down your options by location, star level, and amenity. One nice benefit of the app: Unlike the website, it doesn’t require time-consuming bidding because it’s already stocked with the choicest room deals identified by the Priceline team. Download it

Priceline Express DealsPriceline Express Deals

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  • @Leigh - I recognize that it's not truly REQUIRED by the HIPPA regulations, however the organization that I work for, as well as several other organizations DO require the SD Card to be encrypted as well.  My exchange engineers aren't willing to do an exception group, especially for such a small subset of the smartphone market.  And why should they, when the iOS and Android devices cooperate with the requirements of the server?

    I'm pretty sure I'm ditching the WP platform.  It makes me sad to come to that conclusion, but MS really appears to be TRYING to get it wrong on several fronts.

  • Interestingly enough, most of the comments here reflect why I went back to my iPhone.

    Here comes Mr. Stroh extolling the virtues of some new app, and all the comments talk about how buggy it is or how it flat out won't work. Oops!

    I think we need to send him a six pack of beer, because if I had his job the noose would already be tied.

    And as an aside--what's up with this kitchy "Hello from Seattle" in the footer of this page? Last time I saw that was on the carcass of a Zune. It's like the drunk old uncle at a wedding trying to show off how he can dance to the kids' music.

  • Leigh
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    @djmikebrady the healthcare privacy standard has no such requirement.  Communications, emails, attachments are required to be encrypted, not personal photos, music, videos, etc.  What Windows Phone does is compliant, and the problem is your IT department requiring things that are not required.

    It is typical of all sorts of engineers, and IT folks are no exception, to want one way to do everything.  What's more, people tend to blame any problems on the new device when anything goes wrong, instead of trying to troubleshoot and understand.

    All they have to do is create a group for Windows Phone 8 and change the policy to NOT require an encrypted card for those phones.  The reason this works is no emails or attachments, or anything that could require the stringent guidelines is simply not stored on the card.

    The reason that things work on some of the other OS's is that they simply ignore the policy.  Real secure....

  • Nathan
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    @Rodney E. Jones, agreed


    @djmikebrad, agreed

    Then there are those tons of US only app. What happened to the notion "Microsoft is a global company"? There is a sheer need of engineering to convince the WP developers to deploy the apps for worldwide markets (not necessarily multilingual version).

    But then there is the USA and there is this "rest of the undead alien world".

    Nonetheless, same developers on Android platform doesn't discern and weed out the rest of the world why? Because the ecosystem exhibits openness. All Google's products are open for all regions for everyone. Bing? mmmmmm go to the settings page of Bing and change your region and you SHALL find #$-#~! (NOT EVEN THE BING ENGLISH DICTIONARY!! triggered by "define" keyword). You have to change region to the USA to access shopping etc. Its being what 3-4 years since it was launched? Nothing but just an other AOL. Too much for nothing...

    Similarly, you have to change your marketplace to the USA to find the apps on Windows Phone 7, 7.5 and 8.

    so Android for life. Yeah "Honestly"!

  • Well, I had an Android phone before my WP, and didn't have problems with new released apps.  I still have an android tablet, and I can download whatever the new, hot app is, right when it hits the Play Store, and it works.  You know I love me some WP, but this is really getting old - it's been nearly two years since I jumped in the pool, and over a year since I tossed my wife in as well.  Every commercial she sees that says "download our mobile app!" I have to tell her that it's not available to us.  The Safeway app.  The app.  SongPop.  Again, Instagram.  It gets harder and harder to claim that we're on a good stable platform, when everything she wants to do with her phone, she can't do.  Add in how flaky the FB integration has been over the past month (check - it's been over a month), and she complains about her phone more than our Android toting daughter, who LOVES to complain about EVERYTHING.  The difference of course, being that my wife's complaints are fully justified.  

    I hacked 7.8 on to my Arrive last month, and the interface is awesome.  I would LOVE to go with WP8 for my next phone, but they have GOT to get the big apps on board.  The common response to that is, "it's not Microsoft's job to get apps on their platform, it's the app developers!"  Well, I say, from very real-world experience, that it IS Microsoft's job to make developers WANT to be on WP.  

    It would also be nice if they finally got corporate email working...  More than 2 years since WP launched, and still nobody in the healthcare industry or anywhere else that requires device encryption (including storage cards) can check email on their phones.  FROM THE SAME COMPANY THAT MAKES THE MAIL SERVER??!!??!!

  • I installed the priceline app, and found that it can be really useful. It functions well, and brings up the best priced hostels fast just like it says it does. The only thing I found odd is that it won't give you the address, or the name of the hotel, until you book the room,, which requires entering your credit card info. What's up with that?

  • @ DJ mike

    The app is working fine now. They sent me a email saying it was fixed, and asking how its working. It actually works great, really nice it is! Very, very high quality.....

    But, you're right. It does seem like a lot, most of, the official apps that are released for WP simply just don't work out of the gate.. I always find myself asking "do they actually test these apps before they submit them??""" I wonder if other platforms have total lack of function on their V1.0 apps... This time it actually wasn't the app, rather some issue on Ookla's side. I figured this because no update was required to get it working.

    One thing I think about is the fact that some of these issues seem to be either device, or region, specific.. Thinking about that makes me wonder what Android users have to go through.. I bet this doesn't only happen with new WP apps.

    Nevertheless, don't you think it's nice to see these official apps finally coming to WP? This is a good sign I think.. But Where is INSTAGRAM❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓

  • @Rodney - it's really making me wonder why it's so hard to write working apps for WP... is just the latest in a long line of otherwise in-demand apps that just flat-out don't work on our platform.  Seems like every time we "score" a long-wanted app, a day later, there's an, "Oh, but it doesn't actually work" message.  Draw Something, Speedtest, etc, etc, etc...  Anybody know if we'll ever get Instagram?  My wife was told by her job to set up an Instagram account to promote the business.  Guess what - it's a phone only thing, no official way to upload from the web or PC.  Thankfully, there are hacky solutions, but she is to the point of getting mad about her phone never running the apps she sees advertised.  

    The fact that a Priceline app is something to get excited about, really kind of illustrates how dire the situation is.

  • magio
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    When is Windows phone 7 gonna get some love yeah yeah new windows phone is out but what about people who bought it before it was cool honestly I think this is why apple is succeding even if thier phone use child labor they don't leave past models alone and in the dark

  • The official app is also available now,, but sadly it doesn't work.