3 Windows Phone apps for hockey fans

3 Windows Phone apps for hockey fans

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Three long months after their lockout began last October, National Hockey League players are finally hitting ice Saturday to start the 2012-2013 season. Here are the Windows Phone apps every fan needs before the face-offs begin. You’ll find more options in the Store’s new Hockey Arena collection (including some good air hockey games in case it ever happens again).


Hockey Pro ‘12

Hockey Pro '12Hockey Pro '12

From makers of the highly-rated NFL Pro '12 app. Hockey Pro makes it easy to follow your favorite teams (pinned to Start as Live Tiles) and offers comprehensive scores, news, roster info, photos, and more. Free

Hockey Goal Horns

Hockey Goal HornsHockey Goal Horns

A must-have accessory for any hockey fanatic. Annoy your spouse and fool your buddies when they turn their backs away from the TV. The app mimics horns for all 30 NHL teams. Free

Hockey Tracker

Hockey TrackerHockey Tracker

If you can't watch the game live, Hockey Tracker is the next best thing: The app shoots you an instant notification the second your favorite team (or their opponent) scores. It also shows you the score when the final buzzer sounds. This app isn't complicated, but what it does, it does well. $0.99

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  • I am very interested in hockey sports game; I hope these apps are very helpful to interested person, by the way overall great post.


  • I will have to agree with thrashee on this one, the smart thing would have been to get these apps out there before each season started. I love my Lumia 920, but it does pain me every time I have to hop on my Surface or Yoga to access all of this great sports content. A better thing would have never done this post in the first place.

  • mleroy
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    I'm the developer of Hockey Tracker. Thanks for featuring my app!

    The app sends push notifications for game events and also supports live tiles (see the other screenshots in the store). I sometimes make it free so check back in a few weeks if you'd like to get it on sale. Let me know if you have any feedback!

  • @thrashee: Fixed. Thanks!

  • By the way, Hockey Tracker isn't free. It costs $.99.

  • They're not. the NHL will be on them in no time. Looks like they circumvented the same issue with their NFL--sorry, "pro football" app--by not using any NFL or team logos or even team names (hence why teams are listed by city ins+tead of team name).

    Kind of sad that this is what MS has to showcase for Windows Phone hockey apps. Over here in iTunes I'm looking at the official NHL GameCenter app, as well as the official NFL app, as well as the official NBA app.

    The hockey buzzer thing would be pretty useful, though. You could annoy the heck out of all your buddies while they're looking up play-by-play info on their iPhones.

  • Hello,

    Those apps are nice, but I'm 99% that they are not allowed to use the NHL logo without asking the NHL company.