And the winning Cam Newton ad is…

And the winning Cam Newton ad is…

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Last week we asked you to vote on your favorite alternate Cam Newton catchphrase. You tweeted out hundreds of votes for your favorites and for awhile, things were pretty close. While “Peanut Butter, Jelly” almost clinched it, in the end, “Pound Cake, French Fries” returned to its dominant place at the top of the pack.

Nonetheless, because the outpouring of support for “Peanut Butter, Jelly” was so strong, we’re going to reward fans by airing both ads this Sunday. As promised, the original, winning ad will air on Sunday, January 20th during the NFC Championship pre-game show on FOX. The “Peanut Butter, Jelly” version will also air sometime during the NFC Championship game on Sunday, as well as during the AFC Championship game on CBS that night.

Thanks for your votes and for sharing your love for Cam and Windows Phone!

Here’s the original ad:

And the runner up, “Peanut Butter, Jelly”:

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  • Elie
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    Im agree with @ Carl Hawkinsn the pound french fries is the best :p also to Ryanjberg, if you hate microsoft why did you read this blog ? Go away on Apple Blog, !!

    Elie From  

  • The Pound Cake French Fries the best one.

  • @ ryanjayberg

    You're an idiot! I can tell you why.... Because first off any issue that you are having with W8 is probably because of the fact that you're an idiot.. Lol!! And second, if you are so sure that Macs are better why would you waist time, and money, on anything else..

    To tell you the truth I don't believe you ever bought in to W8, and your story's fake.. You're a troll!

  • Worse company ever. Spent my day off dealing with people I cant understand. I HATE MICROSOFT. WASTED MONEY ON WINDOWS 8. Macs are better. WINDOWS ARE FOR LOSEERS

  • I just had one of those moments that made me wish WP8 had a notification hub. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, which I do enjoy so much, and make the notification sound.. I was busy at the time so I didn't catch "who" it was. I figured it was the WPC app, as it usually is, but it wasn't.. I had no clue where the alert came from so I began to search my live tiles for messages. After going over them twice I found that it was "My Battery" who was trying to alert me of only having 22% charge left. Because I have the tile minimized as small as possible it had no alert icon on it.... This is hardly my idea of glance and go. So, yes the live tiles are supposed to function as our Notification center, and they do a fine job of it, but because of the nature of the OS I think its time for us all to admit that we need a dedicated notifications hub.. Enough said!!! Lol:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  • Because nothing is as rewarding as a contest with *two* winners, not just one!

    Oh, Microsoft. How I love thee.