Samsung ATIV Odyssey arrives at Verizon. Plus: A Lumia for Valentine’s Day

Samsung ATIV Odyssey arrives at Verizon. Plus: A Lumia for Valentine’s Day

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Sweet news for Verizon Wireless subscribers: Starting today, you have more great and affordable Windows Phones to choose from.

As promised, the Samsung ATIV Odyssey made its much-awaited debut. Buy it here. The third Windows Phone 8 model in the company’s 4G LTE lineup runs $49.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and new two-year contact. It features a 4-inch 800x480 Super AMOLED display, 5-megapixel rear camera with full 1080p recording and playback capability, 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, and 2100mAh battery.

Here’s a video of some folks at Verizon taking it for a spin at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.

In the fun surprise category, the company today also started selling a flashy red Nokia Lumia 822. (It is almost Valentine’s Day after all.) The Lumia 822 first went on sale last fall in white, black, and grey. The new red color is available online or from any Verizon Wireless retail store. Best of all? The Lumia 822 with Windows Phone 8 is now FREE with a two-year contract.

Nokia Lumia 822 

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  • @RodneyJones

    1 - Exclusive was not healthy for WP8 and Microsoft.  AT&T found a "sucker" and Nokia took the bait; hook, line and sinker.  Based on sales, I bet Nokia regrets going exclusive - almost as much as Microsoft does.  And, yes, I understand that it takes 2 to tango.  The 920 is the #1 selling WP8 device and could have been much better in terms of sales volume had other carriers been allowed to sell the device or a "like device" from Nokia.  

    For example, everyone knows that Verizon has the Nokia 922 waiting in the wings.  Why was this device not rushed and pushed for release? For example, Microsoft was so unimpressed with Nokia and others that they decided to move forward with the Surface Phone.  

    Hindsight is 20/20:  Microsoft should have released the Surface Phone with WP8 just like they released the Surface Tablet with Windows 8.  With competitively priced devices, Microsoft could have crushed Apple in both smartphone and tablet sales during the holidays.  No Surface Phone and expensive tablet prices killed that opportunity.

    2- Sorry, not moving to AT&T.  Not now, not ever.  First, because I am on a corporate contract with VZW.  Second, because even without a corporate contract (like the rest of my family), CONNECTIVITY is KING.  Verizon gives me LTE all of the time and everywhere.  AT&T does not - plus the lack of connectivity comes with the lowest rated customer service in the US.  If you plan to use one phone in one town, why pay AT&T or Verizon prices?  Go with a MetroPCS sort of service.  Same connectivity at half the price.

    3 - Experienced smartphone buyers know better or should know better.  Battery performance dies on all smartphones after 12+ months of ownership.  920 = live with it.  822 = get a fresh battery.   SkyDrive?  Really?  Why?  920 = SkyDrive.  822 = expandable memory.  822 = Same Nokia APPS as 920.  822 = Gorilla Glass Touch Display like 920.  822 = 8MP Carl Zeiss Camera and Dual Flash - only outdone by Pureview in 920 (um, if you are into pictures).  822 = NFC and wireless charging just like 920.  822 = rare sightings of reboots or bricking.  822 does not "desperately" need Portico update. (What's the cover-up there?)  822 is lighter device.  822 not oversized and uncomfortable in hand.  And while I hate to go back to Bullet #2, my 822 has at least 3 bars of LTE at all times in Tampa, NY, Newark, Boston, Vegas, New Orleans, and San Fran - indoors and out.  920 and 822 have same processor and RAM.

    4 - Currently, Verizon has the 822 priced for free.  Not buy one, get one.  Not $99.99.  Verizon also has multiple colors in stock.  Verizon also has colored charging back-plates that do not impact the size or weight of the device in stock.  Verizon also offers a number of cases, skins and covers - specifically designed for the 822, directly from their Website.  Yea, in stock.  Yea, AT&T reports that the 920 inventory on accessories "is getting there".

    What it all boils down to is the simple choice of what YOU find to be the better device at the time of upgrade or purchase.  Because, after this summer, both the 920 and 822 will be obsolete anyway.

  • @ Madd dog

    I'm happy you got your 822, and a fine device it is... But, we have to be realistic here.. Now if you put the 822, and the 920, in a head to head comparison the 920 is very much overall the higher end device,, even the makers of the device would agree so.. You can't say that a device is bad because of the network its on... As a matter of fact,, so far the best download speeds I've had on my L920 have been 24mbs, and that's with only 3 bars out of 5 of at&t LTE power.. It also may depend where you live. I live in Dallas, so the networks great here. This is why you can't say a device is bad because of the carrier.. Also, 32gb of storage space is plenty for most, and the battery is technically removable, just not easily removable, but that's ok because this is WP8 and there's no need for a battery pull to reset the device....

  • I have had my 822 for several weeks now.  I absolutely love the phone.  I already upgraded my memory.  Went camping this weekend and went from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon on 1 battery charge.  Added the wireless charging back plate.  Added the Nokia Cordless Charging Stand.  Added the Trident phone cover.  Added the Verizon 822 skin/cover.  Got the phone for "free" with my 2 year renewal.  Got 25% off of all accessories at the time of order.  Get 3+ bars of LTE wherever I go.  Gorilla Glass and Touch Sensitive screen.  Dual LED flash on the 8MP Carl Z. camera.  Lots of Nokia (+WP8) apps.  And I can hold it in my hand (with a cover or skin) and not feel like I am going to drop it.

    Anna Reid makes a comment about her white 822.  They are cool in white.  I have also seen some 822 users get a white phone with a black rear charging plate and vice versa.  Some users are now mixing the grey with white or black, too.

    So, how is it that the exclusive 920 on AT&T better again?  Sorry, but I'm not really looking for a 920 or a 920 "variant".  But if Nokia plans on pushing out that rumored 922 on VZW, I only hope they learned from the mistakes of the 920 (sealed form factor, no battery access, no memory upgrade).  I will tell you one thing, selling it on a carrier with more than 3 LTE towers in the US of A shows that there might already be some lessons being learned.  Imagine how well WP8 would be doing today if Nokia didn't jack things up with their "exclusive" AT&T deal.  The carrier was enough to keep me away from the 920.  The battery and memory limitations just sealed the deal.

  • I'm seriously happy for Verizon users. These are two great additions to the lineup.. I just wish Verizon had a 920 variant now instead of later this year.. Actually, it would be nice if all the major carriers had a higher end Lumia that launched before Christmas, but hopefully 2013 will be the year store shelves get stocked with plenty of WP devices.. Nokia really seems to be trying considering that the US market isn't the only one they have to develop for. It would also be good if HTC had more WP device releases because I just don't think that 2 devices a year is going to cut it. Nevertheless, this is great news!! Good job, and lets keep it moving forward........

  • I have the Nokia Lumia 822 and I'm in love with it mine is white and it is a beautiful phone

  • vreese
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    This is exciting. as an employee our reimbursement ends in May but just heard Sprint will have phone this summer. Will employees be forced to change carriers to receive the benefit?