Brainy gaming on your Windows Phone

Brainy gaming on your Windows Phone

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It might be chilly this time of year, but that doesn’t mean your brain has to freeze. The just-launched Brain Games Collection brings together some of the most challenging entertainment apps in the Windows Phone Store. Here are a few of my own favorite highlights. I can’t promise they’ll bump up your IQ, but these titles will definitely keep you on your toes. What are your favorites?




If you love words, you’ll love AlphaJax, the award-winning Scrabble-esque game that’s now a part of Xbox Live. Play up to 30 games at once, with instant notifications as your opponents make moves. Set up a skill match with strangers, or find play partners easily on Twitter and Facebook. Free



The goal here is to collapse match sticks in the right order so as many as possible fall off. Pencils, bugs, bullets and other obstacles, meanwhile, try to foil your efforts. The game is deceptively simple and quickly addictive. The full version includes 6 different game scenarios with 20 unique levels in each. $1.49



The name is the game: fling fluffy little fur balls into each other to clear the playing field. It’s not always as easy as it looks but it’s definitely hard to put down, and with more than 10,000 different puzzles and 30 levels of difficulty, you could be flinging for a long, long time. $2.99



Born on Windows Phone, this fast-moving, wildly-popular game involves finding as many words as possible on the game board before the two-minute clock runs out. Words can be arranged up, down, or diagonally. Oh, and just to make things interesting you’re also pitted against every other word hunter in the world who’s got the game running.

AE Sudoku

AE SudokuAE Sudoku

A favorite among Windows Phone Sudoku fans, AE Sudoku has four difficulty levels, hints and mistake alerts to help when you’re stuck. A must-have for number puzzle lovers. Free.

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  • Love it.

  • Nope, there is no Standard - Samsung Devices seem to have their own Extended variant as well:

  • ...could it be, another area where a WP version of a "should be standard" feature isn't implemented correctly?  It's feeling more and more like the beta test is still going on...  Rodney, great blog post you linked to.  For every step forward, WP takes at least a step and a half back...

  • Because NFC is very slow - only the initiation data is transmitted via NFC(or smaller data chunks like URLs or Contact data) and the actual transfer that takes quite a bit longer is then done via Bluetooth.

    So if I send a picture from my Lumia 920 to a colleagues 8X I tap them together to start the transfer which will take about a minute given that the 920s pictures are ~ 3 MB. Aside from that: transferring images in that way only works from Windows Phone to Windows Phone and currently not in between Windows Phones and Android phones.

    While NFC is standardized the way to initiate Bluetooth sharing seems to be not and therefore you can't use it to initiate the Transfer with Android devices. Regular Bluetooth sharing works fine.

  • This is seriously unrelated, but who cares... Does anyone know why Bluetooth has to be turned on in order for NFC/Tap to share to work?.. I tried to tap a photo to another device and I got the message "Bluetooth must be on"" on my 920.. What's up with that?

  • Triangula is my favorite. (Only the free version, not the paid one listed. :)) In fact, all Beautiful Mind Games belong in this collection.

  • I'm going to have to go with Logic Games. Currently 2,322 puzzles, the easiest of which is easy and the hardest of which is VERY hard. Andrea's a great, thoughtful author, who regularly updates the game.

  • Everyone should read this. This is very interesting..

  • Really like "wordament".  One of those games where before you know it you've spent 20 minutes playing it.  Awesome time passer

  • penguin
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    Two of my favorite games are listed here: Wordament and Collapsticks.

    Good games, but only Collapsticks is original one. Others are remakes of classic games.

  • Good list, but how could you forget Brain App?