Planning a Super Bowl party? Grab these Windows Phone apps

Planning a Super Bowl party? Grab these Windows Phone apps

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Whether you’re a diehard Baltimore fan, a lifelong 49ers fanatic—or somewhere in between—your party-planning needs are likely the same this weekend when The Big Game arrives in The Big Easy. So our crack team of in-house app pickers has just created a new collection in the Windows Phone Store to help ensure you have a superb Sunday.

You’ll find apps for up-to-the-minute scores and stats, guides for mixing the perfect drink or whipping up munchies (mmmm, pizza)—even some fun football games for getting past pre-kick off lulls. Here are a few highlights. Hit the link above for more options.

So who are you rooting for?



Football Pro ‘13

Football Pro '13Football Pro '13

Football Pro ‘13 puts team news, stats, and game updates at your finger tips, so you can quickly settle bets or stifle any smack talk that erupts during the game. It’s also a handy way to keep tabs on the score when you’re between TVs. Free

Cocktail Flow

Cocktail Flow5 of 7

I don’t suppose I really need to explain why you might find this app handy for a party. But here are a few reasons anyway: The beautifully-crafted Cocktail Flow shows what’s possible based on what you have in your cupboard, and lets you sort drinks by mixer or color. $2.99 (includes free trial)



Whether you’re whipping up nachos or something more ambitious for your guests, Allrecipies is packed with millions of recipes, sortable by dish, ingredient, or “ready” time. Free

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  • Well, it wouldn't be a Windows Phone blog post without a bit of irony, right?

    There's one app that's conspicuously missing from the Super Bowl collection. I'll give you a hint--it's three letters and starts with "N" ;)

    Of course the irony here goes farther back than this. Did no one really think to work out a deal for an official app before you started advertising during football games or--get this--having pro athletes start endorsing your product?

    Such is the bizarre rabbit hole of this platform.

  • @ Programming Services.... Your organization does realize that this is Windows Phone now,, not Windows Mobile.. You might want to update your website to reflect the new platform,, especially since you show a Windowsphone device on the page.

  • @Rich: I'm leaning Ravens too. I spent nearly 10 years in Baltimore and was there when people spilled into the streets after there 2000 Super Bowl win. It was an awesome sight!

  • @ Hawk.... Unfortunately I won't be allowed to leave terminal B, but I can probably check it out at Cousins BBQ.. You know how us black folks like our BBQ. Lol!!!!!!!

  • @vanmardigan: Doh! Thanks. I was already thinking head to spring.

  • Uh, the San Francisco football team is called the 49ers Michael. The baseball team are the Giants. The Ravens are playing the Niners, not the Giants.

  • Hawk
    61 Posts

    @Rodney...go on over to terminal A and hang out at Cool River for a little.  :-)

  • Well, unless I can catch the game at DFW airport in Terminal B I'm going to miss it because I have to work Sunday.. Lol!!

  • Rich
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    I am a Giants fan but do live in MD so will be rooting for the Ravens. Ray Lewis has some influence on that as well. It's not often that the name of a defensive player becomes a household word but Ray as achieved that greatness. So, I tip one of those Alabama Slammers to him!