Meet the business hub, a new online resource for managing Windows Phones in the workplace

Meet the business hub, a new online resource for managing Windows Phones in the workplace

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You know that Windows Phone 8 is great at keeping you connected in your personal life, but did you know that Windows Phone 8 is also great for work?

I’d like to introduce you to the Windows Phone business hub at It’s your one-stop shop for finding out about business-related phone features like hardware-accelerated device encryption for robust security, or built-in Office Mobile apps like Outlook.

The business hub is also the place for IT pros to find the latest technical info on the business and enterprise features of Windows Phone 8—including how Windows Phone 8 works with Office Server products like Exchange, Office 365, and SharePoint; providing security and managing devices; and creating and distributing line-of-business apps and Company Hubs.


Since the launch of Windows Phone 8, we’ve published several downloadable white papers that provide information for IT pros, administrators, and business decision-makers on key business and enterprise feature areas. This list is updated regularly and will continue to grow. Here are a few of our most popular ones:

In the coming months, I’ll be back to blog about specific topics of interest to business users and IT pros, like managing a Windows Phone 8 deployment using Exchange ActiveSync policy settings, or how you can distribute line-of-business applications to employees using Windows Intune and Company Hubs.  If there are specific business-related topics you’d like to see me cover, or you want to provide feedback on our white papers, please email me at

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  • @ Thrashee, and Hawk... Can't argue with either one of you! The people have spoken!! You hear that MS? WP just has to get the apps that people want, and they have to be high quality, or adoption just won't be as high as it could be. Thanks guys!!!!! Lol!

  • Entegy
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    EDIT: I should mention that when I was first pointed to the business hub, the EAS overview PDF wasn't on the Canadian site, but now it is. But look at the other links missing from the Canadian site.

  • @ Rodney: Yes, I've given up on Windows Phone twice now.

    @Hawk: If you're worried about the app space, then do not get a Windows Phone. It's as simple as that. NFL? Instagram? Pandora? NBA? DirecTV? Nope, nope and nope. Windows Phone is absolutely an afterthought in EVERY developer's mind. Even the apps that WP does have are often poorly implemented, buggy and feature-crippled.

    It doesn't matter who's fault this is. It's the reality of the platform. And it's a reality you must face if you decide on WP.

  • Entegy
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    I feel need the need to point out that for some reason, the business hub has different content for no apparent reason depending on your region. For example, take a look at the American page for Windows Phone and app management: Now take a look at the equivalent Canadian page:

    The Canadian page is completely useless. I had been looking for the Exchange ActiveSync overview for WP8 for a while and kept getting pointed to the business hub. Why is the Canadian site getting useless generic links to TechNet?

  • Hawk
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    @Rodney...I know MS has done a good job of pushing for the top 50 apps but it's the apps outside of the "top 50" ranking that are still missing.  Tons are missing and may never make it to Windows Phone.  For example, I coach youth sports and Coach's Eye is a great tool to use when coaching technique, not on WP.  According to the developer, there are NO PLANS for WP.  Is Pandora available yet?  Then there are the apps that are on WP but never updated or way behind on updates.  Take a game like Flow Free as an example.  the iOS and Android apps are the same but the WP app lacks tons of levels.  Temple Run...on WP...Temple Run 2, not on WP.  Still no Instagram.  I'm not a big user but my kids are and as a parent, I would like to "monitor" what they're posting!   I can list more but I think you get the point.  

  • To show us that you are serious about business users.....implement a calendar which

    - has a week view

    - shows the week number

    - allows to see meetings which were more than 30 days ago

    - allows to set a meeting time with dials which have 5min / division. Its a pain to scroll to a xx:30 time quickly

  • @ Hawk..

    I said that MS stands by it's products.. Now, the fact that you haven't got your update is a carrier decision. Its sad, but the carriers have the power to do, or not do, what they feel necessary. Nevertheless, I understand your frustration because I waited forever to get the disappearing keyboard fix on my Focus and that never happened, but I blame at&t not MS. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but if you do decide to get a Galaxy S device then wait for the GS4,, that way you have the latest tech.. What I would do if I were you is go ahead and get a WP8 device and try it out before its to late to return it. Most carriers are giving 14 days now, and that's plenty of time to get a feel for the device. I will say that WP8 is a much better experience than WP7.5, and it just feels like you can do more with it. I'm especially loving the lens apps that plug into the camera, and all other apps just do more for your money. I only see this getting better, and better. When the Xbox music experience is refined then WP8 will be almost perfect except for a few missing apps that are popular.. No biggie... If you can then get a 920 just so you're getting the most out of WP8,, but the other devices are great to. BTW. What apps are you missing out on so bad??

  • Hawk
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    @Rodney...7.8 update?  For which devices, the Lumia 900 only?  I still have the Focus with rev1.4 and no update available....yet.  I'm sure I'm back in the same boat again where the rev1.3 devices will receive the update first then the 1.4 will finally get it 2 months from now.  

    I know I need a new phone but I'm still undecided.  My wife wants the 920 but I'm leaning to Android (G3).  I know, don't freak.  :-)  The app gap is what kills me.  After all these years, it seems like the Windows Phone OS is still an after thougth for developers.  I work for a software company and we're iOS and Android only with no care to create a Windows Phone app.  Before I make my final decision, I sure would like to at least use 7.8 for a period of time.  If that time ever comes!

  • Hi WP Team. I think you know that, but you need to decrease your release time to be able to catch up the other players on the mobile market. Take some advice with the TFS (Brian Harry) or Azure (Scott Gu) or even the "Angle Brackets" (Scott Hanselman) teams to learn how to release software FASTER.

    I am a WP fan, but is hard to see how behind the OS is...

  • come on Microsoft !!!!!!!!!!!! where is VPN function!!!!

  • @ Thrashee... Didn't you abandon WP, or was that someone else??

  • I'm sure all 13 business users of WP8 will appreciate this blog post.

    Oh, Microsoft. How adorably optimistic you are.

  • Please read article and comments.........

  • Please read article and comments.........

  • @Ark-Kun...

    What the heck are you talking about?? None of the things you mentioned have been abandon or cancelled! Zune has been rebranded for WP8, and still exists in WP7.xx. The fact that WP7 users just got a update to 7.8 is proof that MS supports its products.. Sorry dude but you're a dumb -ss.. Sorry. Lol!!!

  • ap3rus
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    @Ark-kun, why did you post that - is that because you're lonely and want some attention? Heh, not the best way to do that.

    For the subject - finally, that's a great news that SCCM SP1 is finally out.

  • One critical piece that is missing: unable to use personal certs for WPA2-Enterprise Authentication for WiFi.

    I also hope that a Certificate Manager could be created to add/delete certs that are installed on the device by the user, and not necessarily needed via Windows InTune or SCCM.

  • Ark-kun
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    Why would anyone invest in the Windows Phone ecsystem if Microsoft is routinely abandons most of its products, technologies, developers and users.

    Windows Phone 7




    .Net game development


    Xbox 360 game development

    Windows Home Sever


    How long before Windows Phone 8 is killed in a cloud of silence and lies?

    Microsoft just likes killing stuff that people like, doesn't it?