Eyes wide open: New Microsoft Research photo app helps prevent missed shots

Eyes wide open: New Microsoft Research photo app helps prevent missed shots

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Blink app iconCapturing great action shots—or just about anything involving kids—is tricky on any camera. Savvy photographers toting fancy-pants DSLRs typically boost their odds of success using burst mode, which automatically snaps multiple photos faster than any human could press the shutter button.

Now Microsoft Research has brought this capability to Windows Phone 8 in a free (and cutely named) app called BLINK, which just arrived in the Windows Phone Store. Download it now

The app—exclusively for Windows Phone 8— starts capturing a flurry of images before you even press the shutter button, and continues for a few moments after, so it no longer matter whether your finger is a touch early or late. Then just drag the small yellow box across the image-stabilized photos and choose the best of the bunch. BLINK is fast, easy to use, and gives you more control over your on-the-go picture taking, so you no longer have to curse your bad timing or grandpa’s unreliable lids. And if you’re curious about the app’s backstory, Rob Knies fills in some of the details on the Inside Microsoft Research blog.

BLINK for WIndows Phone 8

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  • Very useful app.  The option to have higher resolution images but lower number of images captured, would make it the perfect alternative to the built-in camera app.

  • @jjbowles what apples using was licensed from msr its called photosynth but sadly they haven't updated the wp7 app for wp8 yet. Its sad that it wasn't ready for wp8's launch as the lenses idea was great.

  • @Yasingedik.. Your app concept is cool! And, I can see how it would be useful. Don't give up, keep working on it, and please post your progress here so we can check out your future updates.

  • This app works great! The only problem I can see with it is it doesn't have the option to just tap the picture you want. Instead you have to use the slider, which to me is a tad bit annoying. Personally, I would like both options.. It also would be nice to have options available like being able to turn the flash off.. Where are the options? And last, if some effects were added then it would be perfect. Nevertheless, the app is seriously worth the download!!

  • Pretty useful app IMO coming from MS Research.  Would love to see this included with the native Camera app itself, just like I would love to see Photosynth native.  And speaking of Photosynth, where is that app?  We are 90-days past the release of WP8, and Photosynth is no where to be seen.

  • wow!!, I wish I had spent more time on my buggy app, before ms research :/ www.windowsphone.com/.../2367749f-db97-4f9e-8569-89ac8290ed76

  • jjbowles
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    I've got WP8 and the camera in 7.5 was actually more useful for me.

    1. 7.5 had spot metering where my lumia 930 does not.  I could touch the screen and that's where it would focus and meter.  In wp8, I can touch the screen and it focuses correctly, but it meters based on the entire image -- not just the spot I touched.  Grrrr.

    2. In 7.5 I could set defaults for a little contrast and saturation boost.  These very helpful features are missing in WP8.  Why?

    Would also like to see an HDR and pano setting in native WP8 -- not just an app.  You've seen how the iphone takes panos and it's cool. Sony had this on their Nex and Alpha lines waaaaaaay before Apple did it.  Microsoft could do it too!

  • Why only for win phone8 not for 7.8?? my Omnia w catches very better pics, not like my slr but at least a better macro or motion snap could be expected....:|

  • myokeeh
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    These Lens apps don't retain/include EXIF information. Photos taken using these apps won't have "Date Taken" info. On a similar note, it would be nice to have a way to include the Owner's Name in the EXIF as an opt-in field in the Windows Phone OS.

  • How about something like this combined with PhotoFuse so I can select the best frame for a particular section of photo?

    Something like Blackberry Timeshift