Now in the Store: A better PDF reader

Now in the Store: A better PDF reader

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If you’ve been avoiding our free PDF Reader app for Windows Phone 8 because of its lackluster rating, it’s time to give it a second look. A new and improved version just landed in the Windows Phone Store that adds support for additional PDF formats and a range of handy capabilities, letting you work with, share, and manage PDF files more easily on your Windows Phone.

Specifically, version 1.1 adds new support for read-only and password-protected PDFs, file management features—including the ability to delete PDFs—and the ability to share files with others from the app via SkyDrive. Grab it here and then let the team know what you think by posting a Store review.


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  • That's look great from the previous one...pdf reader in top7 application today

  • dotcv
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    Share via Email.

    If you can't develop this very simple yet very important functionality for PDF documents, it is pointless to discuss any further.

    I hope the answer is not to upload on SkyDrive and then to share via SkyDrive.

  • The easy way to print, wherever you are in W8, is 'control + P'.  You go straight to the print menu.

  • rdubmu
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    My work PDF that are landscape open up sideways. If I use the function to rotate, I can not zoom in. Adobe Reader did it correctly and even orientated it correctly. I hope you guys fix this. This is still a very bad PDF reader.

  • DavidJS
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    I am unable to use the zoom as soon as the document is rotated from it's default orientation. If i zoom and then attempt to rotate the document, the application is barely functional, becoming incredibly slow to render.

  • axodox
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    Thanks for the answer. It looks like the Skype problem is solved, as I got a HTC frimware update today, and it works. I hope that the music player's unresponsiveness bug will be solved soon.

  • @adrianw: sorry, but I'm not sure what to make of this. Have you tried our Answers support forums

    @axodox and marybranscombe: Thanks for the detailed feedback. I've flagged your comments for the program manager who manages the app. He's looking into it.

  • my issue is the unopenable PDFs; click on PDF in mail message, Reader opens, then closes too quickly for me to see the document at all. rinse repeat. it seems there are - not particularly complex - PDFs it just barfs on. love to here what the telemetry tells you is the issue!

  • axodox
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    To be honest I am really disappointed with the current state of Windows Phone 8 on my HTC 8X. And it is not because I can't do everything I could on an other mobile OS, but because I can't do things that I can on WP7, things that are really important to me in a smartphone:

    - Properly view PDF documents

    - Working Skype (and I do not speak of advanced functions, but others simply can't hear me)

    - A music app, that does not hang for multiple seconds (and sometimes crash) when I start playing a song (the same files play flawlessly on my Omnia 7)

    All of these worked on WP7 (and as I remember on WM6.5, 6, 5 and 2003), what happened?

    And there is one more thing that is really missing: a proper viewer for Word documents, which can display the most important elements in documents correctly, as in print view, and is a lot faster (it is particularly interesting, that how faster is the Internet Explorer on the phone in rendering content).

    It would be good know when these problems will be addressed, or at least that someone is working on them. If I could install temporarly WP7 on my phone, even if it would run only on one core, I would do it. Of course you could say why you don't use your old phone then, but I got this as a gift, and I don't want to make sad who gave it to me.

  • axodox
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    I am sorry, but it still can't handle a lot of pdf's right. I study engineering at a university, and we get most of our course materials in pdf format. I have just tried a simple pdf file, which is less than 200kb in size, contains no bitmap images, just text, some formulas, and very simple vector images. Your PDF reader has a lot of issues with this particular file:

    - The default orientation (as it opens) of the page is wrong

    - The page size is wrong (the PDF is generated from a slide show, so it has 4:3 aspect ratio, yet it is shown as if it was on the top of an A4 paper)

    - If I change the orientation of the page the program slows down to unusable speed (yes, it is so slow, you can't use it, it takes about 10-25 seconds to render the whole screen on my HTC 8X), yet in the default orientation it renders at nomal speed (less than one second)

    - This file works without any problems on my previous WP 7 phone in Adobe Reader and your metro Reader app on Windows 8

    If you want to try it, I have uploaded it on my skydrive:

  • rfog
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    Well, only a "better pdf reader", because it continue crashing with some not very complex PDF... Try to read a Scientific American (or your own MSDN magazine PDF version) and app crash, and crash, and crash, and crash, and crash, and...

    Is there any serious PDF reader for Windows Phone? I load a 500MB scanned PDF or cited PDFs in my Note II in Mantano, Adobe Reader, iAnnotate, PDF Reader (from some russian guys), ezPDF Reader but I've not found a Windows Phone PDF reader that won't crash or be able to open complex documents...

  • I would like a way for you to print without having to go the charms menu and clicking on devices.  The update made this app better but still could use an easy print button for sure.

  • Adrianw
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    Michael I have an unrelated question about the windows phone 8. I have 2 contact with mobile numbers that end in the same 6 digit. when either of them phone me I see the one persons name. In Australia we have a 10 didgit mobile number system. On these mobile numbers  only the 3rd and 4th digits are different . I have posted this to you as I was uncertain were to comment on this problem. If you could point me in the iright direction to who I should or can contaact it would be greatly appriciated.