Spotify arrives on Windows Phone 8

Spotify arrives on Windows Phone 8

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This should be music to your ears: The popular song streaming app Spotify is now available for Windows Phone 8. Download it from the Store.

Spotify, which is being released as a beta, instantly increases the size of your music library by millions of tracks, making it easy to discover new songs and artists. You can create your own playlists, or browse and indulge in the ones your friends put together. Going off the grid? The app also lets you download and enjoy your playlists without an Internet connection. Tracks you add to any playlist are simultaneously available on your phone and PC.  

The app is free and so is the service for the first 30 days. After the trial expires, the premium service costs $9.99 a month.


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  • I installed it and when I attempted to log in, got an error "Login failed" you need a premium account (409).  I do have a premium account on my desktop.

  • robbal
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    Yeah! So glad to have Spotify again. Easy download this morning, straight from the Store on my 920. Looks like the same app I had on Mango, anyone know what's new/different?

  • jjbowles
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    I've got it on my Lumia 920 and it is a good beta app!  I primarily used Nokia music which is better than xbox music, but I can see me using Spotify more often.

  • Here's a quick tip that some new WP users might not have figured out yet... About the notification bar that appears at the top of the screen with a message... We all know that you can tap it to view the message, or open the app that sent the notification, but you can also make the notification bar disappear by simply swiping it to the right... Just a tip for those who didn't know already.

    I wanted to post this because of a comment I read online that a WP user posted about how he had to wait until the notification bar disappeared, and it was ruining his game playing time.. Simply swipe to the left I told him, and his entire life from his relationships with family, and friends, his marriage, his wealth, health, and even his eye sight has improved.. Lol! Well, maybe only his gaming experience has improved, but I'm sure he loves his WP experience that much more.

    BTW,, this functionality is not exclusive to only WP8. WP7.5 devices can do this as well, although I'm not sure about versions before 7.5,, sorry I can't remember, but you can give it a try!!!

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  • grh
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    Not available in Ireland :(

  • bartw78
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    Awesome to see the app is back! Really missed it on my phone!!

  • bartw78
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    @estark Give it a few hours as it will show up as normal download. No need to mess about with a .XAP file

  • estark
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    How do I load onto my Lumia 920???

    The Spotify app is only available as a beta download XAP file. You can load it to an SDCard, but the Lumia 920 doesn't have one. If you send it as an email attachment or enter the download link directly and download the file to the phone, it can't be loaded. It pops up an error about a company app.

    So, again, any ideas?

    I also tried to "application deployment" tool from the SDK and it says the XAP is invalid.

  • I'm glad to see this app in the store. Keep em coming!!!