Hit the slopes with Winter Ski & Ride, a Nokia exclusive for Windows Phone 8

Hit the slopes with Winter Ski & Ride, a Nokia exclusive for Windows Phone 8

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One of the perqs of owning a Nokia-made Windows Phone is access to the Nokia Collection, a portfolio of 40-plus exclusive apps for Lumia owners in the Store. The latest timely addition is Winter Ski & Ride for Windows Phone 8, one of the best ski apps I’ve seen yet. But don’t just take my word for it: The app is also endorsed by the official U.S. association of ski and snowboard instructors. Grab it now on your phone. (Don’t own a Lumia? Here are more great winter sport apps to consider.)

Winter Ski & Ride features everything from snow reports and safety tips to detailed info about your favorite ski resorts, which you can pin to the Start screen as Live Tiles for faster access (the app also makes great use of the lock screen). Another standout feature is the ability to create groups of ski buddies, then challenge yourself and them with goals like most number of runs. A leaderboard shows who’s the current king or queen of the mountain. Winter Ski & Ride also takes advantage of Windows Phone’s speech feature so you can ask it stuff like, “Show me snow reports.” When you’re ready to take your talents up a notch, upgrade for video lessons from some of the top ski instructors around.

And thanks to the Lumia’s glove-friendly touchscreen, you can use the app without freezing your fingers off. (How many pairs of gloves can you put on before the screen stops responding? Check out this test by the wacky folks at NokNokTV to see.)


Nokia’s Winter Ski & RideNokia’s Winter Ski & RideNokia’s Winter Ski & Ride

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  • jaimetg
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    Love the tips and the app. I do have a questions about this blog, how did you add the translate tool? If I have a blog on wordpress.com is there a way that I could add this Microsoft Translator? I appreciate it

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  • Shimizu
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  • @ Avidgator...

    Sounds like a real amicable way of talking your way out of a argument. Lol!! No, its cool. I hope I didn't come off as attacking you, or voice my opinion to strongly. And, don't worry, we always go off topic on the blog. The team knows we read the stories first then, bitch about other things not related second.. Lol! Its all good.. But if you want to talk WP anytime hit me up on Facebook.. The blog used to have this messaging feature that work really good for private conversations,, actually I like the functions of the old blog website better. I wish the team would fix this one... Find me @ www.facebook.com/rodneyej ... Or search for Rodney E. Jones.. Peace out!!

  • Thanks for the reply Rodney.  To be fair, I am not a fan of app exclusivity for any manufacturer on the platform.  While I initially drafted a point/counter-point reply, I want to be careful not to abuse this particular forum (at the risk of already having done so) with too much content not directly related to the original post.

    I believe we could have a lively and ultimately healthy debate on the app exclusivity issue, but in the interest of the app at hand, hopefully we can agree that it is a cool app (no pun intended), and that we both hope the WP platform ultimately becomes as successful as possible.

  • Finally an app that brings some really cool features, and a dev that is standing behind it!  There are some bugs, but the dev has stated they want a fast release cycle.  this certainly beats out The North Face app.

  • @ avidgator

    I can understand the basis for your argument, but is it wrong that my Nokia device can't get HTC "Sense" style app for WP? Would it make sense to argue that Samsung's photo editing apps aren't available for HTC devices? The fact is that not only Nokia has apps exclusive to their phones, but all of the other vendors have exclusive apps as well. Nokia has better apps because they care about WP, and actually try to improve the WP experience. Its Nokias team who works with individual developers to get exclusive apps on Nokia devices, so why should the others benefit, sit back, and let Nokia do all the work for them. No, that would be to easy, and Nobody gets a free ride in this market.

    Actually, you should be happy that Nokia is making these exclusive deals with developers, because its driving more users to Nokia Lumia WPD. Not that we don't want the others to succeed, because that's the ultimate goal. The other manufacturers, hopefully, will get sick of Nokia having 70% of WP share and step up their game. For, example, with the power, and resources, that Samsung has nowadays they could've probably muscled a exclusive to Samsung WP devices only version of Instagram, yes I say Instagram! Or even convinced Wells Fargo to make a app exclusive to Samsung only WP devices. There's so many big name apps that WP doesn't have, and neither HTC, or Samsung has done anything to get these apps on board the platform. HTC has plenty of resources, and Samsung is about as lucrative as a manufacturer can get, so why should we be expecting these two to be ridding on Nokias coattail??

    Every manufacture has exclusive apps, but some have better than others that's all this is,, not fragmentation, or anything else. I have to admit that I used to think like you before I had a Nokia device, then having a Nokia device made me realize how neglected a consumer I was as a Samsung Focus owner. I'm sure Samsung takes care of GS3 owners, and that really pisses me off. In time WP will grow, and these manufacturers will be more concerned if you chose a Nokia device over theirs, which in return will make them try harder. But, I'm going to say something that you can take to the bank.. If Nokia is forced to give all the apps that they worked so hard to get, to all WP devices, then they might not work so hard in the future.. We don't want Nokia to work less, we want the others to work harder, and doing all the work for them is not the way to make them stronger!!!! Lets also remember that its Nokia that gets these apps on the platform, not MS letting Nokia have exclusive rights to these apps, so anybody who has a problem with Nokias collection being exclusive should talk to Nokia about that,, not that it will do any good... That's the way this is going to go down! Sit back and watch.....

  • GregK
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    I'm rarely excited about apps. But this is a beautiful app! One of the best on the platform, period. It's fast, very fluid, and battery efficient (important while tracking activity). Speaking from experience of having ski apps on Android, this app stays up all day while tracking! Great battery efficiency, amazing (I mean outstandingly beautiful!) interface. Great job.

  • As a Nokia (920) owner, Windows Phone developer, and community speaker (New England), I have to offer that I really do find this "apps exclusive to phone brand" thing to be utter nonsense.  I remember Belfiore's initial Windows Phone MIX presentations where he spoke at great length regarding the "customer first" ideals of Windows Phone - why this model for app deployment was ever allowed in the first place is utterly baffling...it certainly is neither in the consumers' nor in the platform's best interests.

    From a technical implementation standpoint, if the App Store can detect what phone the app is being installed on, it can certainly approach this kind of platform preference differently - "free for Nokia, available for a fee for everybody else"?  In such a case, Nokia gets to reward/incentivize people who own its devices, and also gets to promote the platform as a whole while making money off of apps for those poor foolish mortals who happen to own other brands' devices.

  • Lis
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    Thanks for publishing this app, have been waiting for it for a long time on Windows Phone. The app has exceeded my expectations: better thank any iPhone or Android ski app. Thumbs up!

  • RyanL
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    Wow, just in time :) best app I've ever seen for skiing

  • skicast
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    Awesome app, tracks ski stats, beautiful design, must have for skiers and snowboarders