Now in the Store: Rhapsody for Windows Phone 8

Now in the Store: Rhapsody for Windows Phone 8

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If you’re a music lover, you already know all about Rhapsody, the popular music subscription service and its catalog of 16 million-plus tracks. This morning, Rhapsody delivered a juicy new update to its free app. Version 3.0 is designed for Windows Phone 8 and comes with a slew of new features and refinements. Download it from the Store. Here’s just a partial list of the upgrades:

  • Offline playback of downloaded tracks, albums, and playlists
  • Support for My Music, including the ability to add or remove tracks, albums, and artist
  • Add and remove stations from My Stations
  • Add and remove playlists from My Playlists
  • See your listening history
  • Improvements to audio playback, album art, and search

The update just started its rollout, so if you don’t see it, check back a little later. If you already own the app, watch for an update notification on your phone.


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  • I found an app accidently called Radionet. This app pulls in your Pandora account info. It works great. All of my customized stations I developed w Pandora were there!

    Hope this helps! =)

  • jradg
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    so.... where's Pandora? I thought "one year free pandora" was part of the deal when I bought my phone?

  • Choose your best application for your windows mobile

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  • @ WBSobe...

    Well, if Apples mapping solution is a complete bust, and the iPhone can survive, then I'm sure the Win/X ecosystem can hold out until the XboxMusic experience is cut and polished. I say cut because its surely a diamond in the rough.

    Now for my most recent complaint about XBM... XBM has the worst, I mean the worst, logic when it comes to mixing up tracks to form a mix. How is it that you can have 200 different artist on your phone, hit that little play button, that by they way used to be a cute double note button, and hear the same artist over and over before you hear something different??? I mean, it seems as though its only mixing music up according to song name, and it has no clue about what artist its choosing. I'm just expecting for it to be a lot smarter about mixing music. So, with 200 artist I expect to here 199 different artist in a row before I hear the same twice.. If this is even possible.. Maybe we should have some mix preferences to choose from. Maybe some users are fine with hearing the same artist multiple times before a new one is played,, I don't know, but I think this might be where options might be necessary so that we get the best experience possible.

    I think one thing that would help WP The most is to have more options. Please don't change things, or omit features, just add more options to settings, so that we can tailor the WP experience to ourselves. Instead of wasting time trying to decide what the best way out of three good ways is, just give us the option to choose which one we want.. I think this falls in the category of "feature rich"...

    Nevertheless, its going to be a little wait before we see any improvement in XBM, but you can be sure that its coming, and probably in a huge way!!!!!!!

  • Any chance of this app being updated to use cdn. Napster accounts? as they now are under the same service it would nice to use since their subscription cards are only thing available in canada

  • WBSobe
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    Anything is better than that awful "Music + Video" application.  It did not upload my music collection correctly, mind my music catalog came from Zune.  You would assume same eco system it would work.  It says that is syncs music across phone, pc and xbox.  I have not been able to sync music across xbox. I own movies on my xbox unit.  It states on xbox owned movies and tv shows you can love to watch on your pc or windows phone.  The movies are not viewable on the windows phone due to DMR.  Total pain....this should be the nail in the Windows Phone coffin.  What good is a smart phone with out media?  

  • Yes! Rhapsody!! Instagram?

  • Dave St
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    Great! Rhapsody has improved in leaps & bounds - their new Android App is awesome, this should be too!

  • mkelley
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    Indeed.  I would love to see Pandora.  I've had enough issues with Rhapsody on other platforms that I'm not about to put it on my phone.

  • Remember like 6 months ago, when you promised we'd be getting Pandora?  Remember that?