Bloomberg financial app now available to all Windows Phones

Bloomberg financial app now available to all Windows Phones

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Bloomberg is a big name when it comes to financial info and business smarts, and their free app—formerly a Nokia exclusive—has just been redesigned and made available for all Windows Phones. Grab it from the Store using one of links below.

This powerhouse app helps you track your portfolio using some of the same tools the pros rely on, providing access to the latest financial news, market data, and Bloomberg Television and Radio programs. It also has great lock screen and Live Tile support for at-a-glance updates. Give it a spin and tell us what you think.

Download for Windows Phone 8

Download for Windows Phone 7.5


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  • @ jjbowles

    I'm not sure about Square, but I was able to get a reply from Good, which is a similar type app that very many users need for work. Good Technologies says that they are working on a WP8 version of the current WP7 app. I think it's these missing enterprise apps that are keeping a lot of users from switching, or choosing, WP... Ya Think?? Lol

  • jjbowles
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    This is slightly off topic, but why doesn't Square support Windows phone? I emailed their support and they say they have no plans.  Can someone from Microsoft nudge them a little? Maybe will see this and help out.  Square is a serious small business tool and not having this really hurts the WP8. I have an ipad for this sole purpose.

  • Check out top most windows mobile application. some are change into new look for getting popularity

  • That's great...Top7 application for windows mobile here

  • I'm glad to see this app available to all WP users..

    Now, for my regular off subject banter... I was wondering if anyone, besides me, has ever thought about other live tile sizes. Another size, and shape, that I could really use would be a half tall double wide tile. I guess I mean a full width tile with half the height of a regular full width tile. I would like to have the option of resizing some of my tiles to this shape because I've noticed that the full width, or double wide, tile is great at displaying text, but rarely does the text fill the entire tile. I feel as though a lot of room is being wasted on my start screen when I use double wide tiles, but I don't want to minimize them I just wish they weren't as tall in some cases. So I'm asking for four tile shapes to choose from. Does anybody understand what I'm saying?