Now in the Store: Angry Birds Seasons

Now in the Store: Angry Birds Seasons

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If pig popping has become a tradition in your family, rejoice because a new Angry Birds title has arrived. Angry Birds Seasons for Windows Phone 8 adds changing seasonal themes to this wildly popular game—everything from St. Patrick’s Day to Chinese New Year to “Winter Wonderham”.  With more than 300 levels and the promise of regular free updates, it’s 99 cents well spent. Try or buy it now




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  • Why is this free on my iPad but not on my Windows Phone? Is this Rovio or Microsoft's fault?

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  • @ Hawk... Yeah I haven't got a update for my Focus either, but I've been to busy with my 920 to recognize.. So yeah, where's my 7.8 update??

  • Hawk
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    @Rodney...I still have my Focus rev1.4 unit.  Remember, the rev1.4 units are the "second version of the Focus".  The rev1.3 units have always received the updates first in the past then finally, the 1.4 units will get the update.  While I wait to see what the Galaxy SIV has to offer, I was hoping my Focus would have the update by now.  Unfortunately, that's not the case.  I have yet to receive an upgrade notifcation nor does Zune offer an update.  Zune tells me I'm current with update 7720, which I think was the last 7.5 update.  Here we are almost to March and still no 7.8 update nor any information coming from MS.

  • @ DJ Mike

    But, if he got a notification for an update, but only got the first two, then surely he was meant to get the 7.8 Apollo update with it right? He said after the first two it just stopped, or paused, or locked up, or quit,,, I can't remember I was drunk that night, but anyways, I remember him sounding like he was expecting to go Apollo 7.8. Its funny because this was Sunday night and today I just remembered telling him I would look into it.. Lol!

  • Can't resist... "I'm gonna pop some pigs..."

    The vast majority of 7.5 Devices in the U.S. will probably never see 7.8 because the carriers can block it.  Thankfully there are workarounds.  We shouldn't have to jump through those hoops, but that's the reality.

  • Are there any first generation Samsung Focus users who have had trouble getting the 7.8 update to install? A friend of mine says his Focus didn't completely install all of the updates and never made it to 7.8. He did receive some though.. Can somebody tell me how to help him get his device to 7.8?

  • Hawk
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    New apps/games are fun to annouce but people with older 7.5 devices want to know when their phones will be upgraded to 7.8.  People with new WP8 devices would also like to know when other bugs will be fixed via udpates.  How about posting information about known issues and the plans to address those issues rather than posting junk about apps/games that a majority could care less about?!