What’s up with WhatsApp? A lot.

What’s up with WhatsApp? A lot.

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WhatsApp, the free and mega-popular cross-platform messaging app, was updated today in the Windows Phone Store.

The changes in version 2.9 include a great new look and handy new features. For starters, there’s now a lock screen notification option, so you can see new messages at-a-glance. Your chats are also now backed up every 24 hours, so any exchanges you accidentally delete can be restored easily. And the new LiveTile design is sleek and sophisticated.

If you’re new to the app, download it and give it a whirl.

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  • i must say I AM really ANGRY on Microsoft about prefering developer over others. The Whatsapp developer have 3 days in a row 3 updates, how is that possible without relations to Microsoft??? i have submited an update of my app 12.02.2013 i still wait to get it certified! How it was possible to break mayor rules and get three (3) updates in the last 3 days? i paid the same amount like them and i want the same treatment! there is no excuse for this behaviour, an excuse because their bigger developer is no excuse to me because Microsoft and Windows Phone can not live only with 4, 5 big developers? WHO has made the 130.000 apps in the Windows Phone Store? no these big developers! That is simply not fair how small developer are getting treated. My app gets an certification failure every second update i submit, and it is not my fault nor the apps code fault, it was simply and failure of the certifier itself and and dont get even one sorry, no i must submit my update again and wait 7 o more days... And we pay for this treatment?

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  • trzdrg
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    I agree with iosub, WeChat is a much nicer cross-platform messaging app.

  • I absolute love Windows Phone. And I love WhatsApp.

    Therefore, the best thing one can do about WhatsApp on Windows Phone is to be silent.

  • jchanzi
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    Lol, the live tile Is BORING! I don't understand, this is supposed to be an upgrade, looks more like a downgrade. New super duper smartphones and especially the windows 8 type are very graphics oriented and what do we get is a very boring tile. Tile design is probably the EASIEST thing to design. IOS and Android cannot be beaten.

  • Whatsapp,line,gtalk,ym and etc should be integrated in people

  • There's a few annoying bugs in this release:

    1. App resuming causes the app to crash.

    2. App can sometimes take almost 10 seconds to start, the first time it starts up quick but thereafter it almost always slows right down.

    3. No content gets loaded at times (just the pivot titles get loaded) and the app has to be restarted to fix this.

    And lastly not actually a bug, but the new wide tile size is a waste when it can only show the notification number of messages received not the actual message content.  Wish I didn't update so quickly.  Wechat and Line are better alternatives but unfortunately most people are on whatsapp.

  • iosub
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    Yes there is a backup, but where is the restore ?

    also, why is whatsapp using the audio API ? This hack is a battery killer.. In wp8 portico there is a always WiFi on option, so the audio API hack,is not need it.

    how can you certify whatsapp with a hack that is a battery killer?

    there are more bugs like.

    1 you can't remove yourself from a group

    2 on the contact info you can't see the contact picture on full screen

    I'm on a Nokia 920 and I have to remove whatsapp if I play music and get a whatsaap msg... Bad bad