A better Twitter for Windows Phone arrives

A better Twitter for Windows Phone arrives

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A big new update to the official Twitter app for Windows Phone hit the Store this morning. Download it now. Version 2.0 has been significantly redesigned and adds a bunch of great new features, which our friends at Twitter also highlighted today on their blog.

Here’s what’s new:

Four new navigation tabs

  • Home: View Tweets from the accounts you follow. Tap a tweet to expand it and see photos, videos and website summaries.
  • Connect: Keep up with your mentions. See who’s followed or retweeted you, or added one of your tweets to their favorites.
  • Discover: See trends, and find new content on Twitter—browse categories, find friends, and see suggestions for accounts to follow.
  • Me: Read and respond to your direct messages. You can also see your lists and favorites or view and update your profile.

Lock screen support

Twittify your lock screen to show a counter or detailed status updates.

Live Tile support

Now you can pin Twitter accounts, lists, and searches to Start.

Speech recognition support

Just start a new tweet and speak the text.

Tweet and search buttons

Compose a tweet or search from anywhere in the app.

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  • Would like to have the ability to long press on a picture to save it to the phone.

  • 2.0 hasn't hit India yet?

  • While everybody else, who gets it, is busy reworking their application to adhere to Metro design principles as much as possible (because it is intuitive and consistent and beautiful), Twitter goes back in time and "re-introduces" icon tabbed layout taken from iOS and Android, adds to wasted screen estate and removes dark theme.

    I don't know what is so "much better" about this. It just hurts my eyes more than before.

    Personally, I am happy that we have other (unofficial) Twitter apps available that look and work much better than the official one.

  • @ Hawk.... You're right. It was promised before Q2?? Was this official from MS?? And, Instagram!! These two apps are a must!!

  • Entegy
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    The only thing I saw that's been removed is that adding a location to tweets just grabs coordinates. The venue picker is gone. Does Twitter not support that anymore?

    Otherwise, great update to the official app.

  • Hawk
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    Ok...but where's Pandora???  1st qtr almost over and still no Pandora!  

  • I've been using Twitter on my Windows Phone from last 3 hours. It's simply amazing and has reached a new level. I wrote a review about it here: http://bit.ly/XYY86c

  • The bar at the top -- the place where "Sarah garcia weeks" appears in the screenshot above -- it is blank for me. Even if it did show my screen name, that entire part of vertical screen estate is wasted on me: I only have one twitter account.

    I thought the most important point of modern apps was "content before chrome"... so why would you waste 20% of the vertical screen estate on chrome... the very thing your design guidelines ask you *not* to do?

    Sigh :( You took my dark theme away :(

  • still only seeing the old version in the Marketplace. I am still on Windows Phone 7.5

  • Azenis
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    Now just waiting for a decent Facebook app.

  • I don't see the speech recognition in the app.  Am I missing it?

  • myokeeh
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    @stn, I did try that before posting, but did not work. Good news however, it just became available from the Store. Got the update! Thanks!

  • @myokeeh: Once published, an app can sometimes take a few hours to work its way through the system and show up in Store where you are. I definitely understand the frustration. But I typically don't publish a post on a new app or update until I see it myself in Store and can download it on my own phone. So if you see a post, it shouldn't be too much longer.

  • stn
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  • myokeeh
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    I still don't like the fact that announcements like this come first before the actual app (or update) is available for everyone. I keep checking and my Lumia 920 isn't showing an update in the Marketplace. Searching for the app still shows the 1.5 version. I can't force the update.

    Please Microsoft, this gap between announcement and availability for everyone is terrible.