Now showing at a theater near you: The Windows Phone Challenge

Now showing at a theater near you: The Windows Phone Challenge

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It’s not Star Wars, but the battle scenes are just as epic. 

Our popular Windows Phone Challenge video series, which pits Windows Phone 8 against other well-known smartphones, is back on the big screen.  From now through March 28, look for new content playing at top theater chains nationwide, including Lowes, Regal, AMC, and Cinemark.

The episode appears as part of NCM Media Network’s FirstLook preshow entertainment segment—you know, the fun stuff that plays just before they tell you to turn off your phone. (Here’s how to comply on a Windows Phone, BTW.)

Some of you may have seen us in theaters before. In January, millions of moviegoers saw me interrupt a young couple’s dinner date to demonstrate how much better Nokia’s Lumia 920 is at taking low-light photos than their iPhone 5. If you missed it, check out their reaction.

The episode you’ll see in theaters now shows us taking on the reigning Android king, the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Take a look:

Click here to find a local theater showing FirstLook. See you at the movies!


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  • oh.. and to add to the damn injury... I CAN'T EVEN USE THE DAMN SCOUT THING OVER HERE!!

  • +1000 ... exactly my thoughts!

    I mean come on.. can these little competitions be a bit more 'realistic' .. You find a restaurant and suddenly your phone is way better than everyone else's! SERIOUSLY?! I use Windows 7.8...

    I can't even select 2 photographs to delete them together but suddenly my phone is better than Android. I can't even lock my phone on portrait mode but yet my phone is better than everyone else's.

    I can't even get my wifi to stay on for 10 mts! but yet my phone is better than everyone else's

    I can't even search my Text messages.. [BIG FAIL] .. but yet my phone is better than everyone else's..

    I can't even jump to a favourite spot on my song but yet my phone is better than everyone else's

    My caller ID images look like sh*t because it's low resolution madness.. but yet.. IT'S BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE'S

    I can't bluetooth a picture to my friend .. but YET..

    Whatsapp is like death ... BUT ..... YET..................

    And why is it better ? Because I can search for a damn restaurant faster than an Android.


    Please don't insult the other industries with this madness.. unless you guys love being laughed at.

  • Hawk
    61 Posts

    Here's a great idea.  For those people who lost the challenge and were given a Lumia 920, how many of those people actually use the 920 and ditched their SIII?  How many tried using their 920 but decided to switch back to their SIII and why?  I'm sure most switched back because of the app gap on Windows Phone.  Maybe these people like using Pandora?  Maybe Instagram?  

    Showing a cool commercial where someone is given something for free is fun and all but reality is different.  I'd like to know if these people are still using the 920 or did they give the phone to a friend???  Come on MS, give a real world example!  

    These challenges are bogus in the first place.  This dude walks up knowing exactly what he's going to do.  He's prepared in advance then catches someone completely off guard.  Give those people 5 minutes and I guarantee you the results will be different.  Even those people sitting at dinner at night could have adjusted their iPhone cameras to take a better picture.  Again, they were caught off guard while this MS dude had ALL settings ready to go for a low light shot.  

    I'm a WP fan but I'm also a realist.  I know the 920 is a fantastic phone but so are these other smartphones.  Even on my Samsung Focus with 7.5, I can use bing to find a restaurant nearby and the reviews, which come from Yelp BTW.  

  • Even my Omnia w 7.8 phone have better camera than iPhones.....:-P:-P:-P:-P:-D

  • PS: Local Scout works outside the US? Because it doesn't works here in Brazil... Bing here is very basic. Give us some love!

  • Could Microsoft build up self-own website for giving feedback? I mean the uservoice is not really a good way to feedback. For example, UserVoice lets people vote the ideas which they believe those are important, but seriously, I see some ideas have been taken place for a long time and maybe you knew it already. But there are still many other feedback and some of them should be on the top of the list to let you know and fix it, but they don't. So my point is Microsoft could build up another website or just change the way that receive the feedback.

  • It is great work . Thanks .

  • Yes!! I like this.. Great idea, and give us more, more, more. Nice job!!

  • By the way, also a file explorer is something that Microsoft should not have thought we should do without... The impossibilty to attach any kind of file to an email is a consequence of that...

  • WP8 would be great if only Microsoft didn't think it knows better that us: why did you decide we are not supposed to record phone calls? Call recording might actually be more useful than quickly finding a Mexican restaurant...

  • juwagn
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    One Problem i have with Local Scout - In Germany we can't use it! Hope you will bring it to us soon :)