Photosynth, the hit 3-D panorama photo app, debuts on Windows Phone 8

Photosynth, the hit 3-D panorama photo app, debuts on Windows Phone 8

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Photosynth is the undisputed gold standard for photo-stitching panorama apps and the only Windows Phone app that can stitch a full sphere (that’s 360 degrees horizontally and vertically).

And now the Microsoft team behind Photosynth has announced that the eagerly-anticipated Windows Phone 8 version is on its way to the Store today. Here's where to find it. (The Store team just pushed the publish button, so it might take a few hours before it shows up alongside the 7.5 version or in search results.)

I know many shutterbugs have been waiting for this free app—and it appears patience has paid off. The Windows Phone 8 release contains several handy new features including:

  • Lens integration – Quickly capture and view panoramas by launching Photosynth directly from the camera.
  • Ability to view shared panoramas—New sharing capabilities let other Windows Phone 8 users view your panoramas on their phone, and as always you can show off your panoramas by email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • More camera controls – Adjust for various lighting conditions by using new exposure and white balance locking options.

If you’re a Photosynth first timer, you can get a feel for just how amazing this technology is over on the Photosynth website. If you create a real masterpiece (like the one below) and publish it there, millions of others can then view it in Bing Maps and Bing search results. Check out the official Photosynth blog for more info on the app—including how to get in touch with the team directly to tell them what you think of it.

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  • @ScubaDog: Have you already gotten the Portico Update? My Lumia 920 has it and PhotoSynth works just fine. Mine is a RM.821 (the european version) - perhaps it's connected to this.

    @DjiXas: Lenses are supposed to take you directly to the ViewFinder so you can take Pictures. And if I want to take a picture quickly I don't really want to be taken to featured images.

  • I think there is a growing problem with the flashing Tap-to-Start screen followed by an all green Tap-to-Start screen.  It makes the camera completely useless until you do a soft reset.  I have a Lumia 920.  No such issue showing up on my Lumia 900.

  • Nathan
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    @DjiXas, apparently its sorted out by the OP. I have no issue with Photosynth!

  • I feel as though Instagram is coming soon...

  • DjiXas
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  • DjiXas
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    "Featured" is not displayed when launching lenses app, is this a bug or limitation? It should promote community but now there are two separate apps.


  • DjiXas
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    Please bring a community support so it reaches broader audience like Vine, etc