Show friends what your Windows Phone can do…right on their iPhone or Android smartphone

Show friends what your Windows Phone can do…right on their iPhone or Android smartphone

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PCMag today announced the results of its annual Reader’s Choice awards for smartphones. In the poll, Windows Phone 8 beat both Apple and Android in overall satisfaction. Windows Phone 8, the editors wrote, “delivers to its users on nearly every aspect of the mobile phone experience.”

Of course, not everyone has seen the light. And if you know somebody like that, point them to our newly improved virtual Windows Phone—a fully-interactive web demo that lets you do just about everything but make a personal call. The demo works on most PC and phone browsers.


The Windows Phone 8 simulator is a great way to see how our award-winning Start screen with resizable Live Tiles works, try out exclusive features like Kid’s Corner, and—starting today—experience what your Facebook info would look on the Start screen and in the People and Photos Hubs (screenshots below).

In other words, it’s the best way to get a taste of what Windows Phone can do without actually holding one. And if you’re already a fan, please help us spread the word by giving it a Like or posting the demo on your Facebook Timeline.


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  • DjiXas
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    How about you guys fix broken live tiles on W8 first?

    Even bing word of the day never works and it was made by you

  • Hawk
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    Cnet had an interesting article posted today.  Rather than some boring tech review, it was 2 kids comparing the 920 to their iPhones.  One loved the 920 and decided to go with it rather than the iPhone but the other kid, younger brother I believe, couldn't get past the fact that there's still no Instagram for the WP.  Interesting read.  

  • It is great news for windows phone ....


  • juice
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    It would be cool if I could show them 7.8, but I don't have it nor have I heard any official word from MS on when I will get it. I've heard rumors of a halt on the roll out, but nothing official.

  • I'd love to show it on my Surface Pro using the Metro IE10, but getting past the blue icon swipe from right to left does not work with touch, only mouse.  Come on.  That shouldn't be broken!

  • Whoops! Thanks for the flag, guys. Fixed!

  • Please fix the link - should just be

  • nivor
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    The link to the VM isn't working for me...