Catch the Windows Phone Challenge on TV during March Madness

Catch the Windows Phone Challenge on TV during March Madness

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Since we kicked off the Windows Phone Challenge over a year ago at CES (it was called “Smoked by Windows Phone” back then), the one question I’ve been consistently asked is:

“When do we get to see this stuff on TV?”

The answer is…THIS WEEK! A new spot that pits the Nokia Lumia 920’s PureView camera head-to-head against the Samsung Galaxy SIII will run on ESPN and CBS throughout the men’s and women’s NCAA tournament. Not a basketball fan? No worries – you can watch it online. Check it out:

The spot is 30 seconds long, but if you want to see the full video of how things unfolded with Brittany – and all of our other Windows Phone Challenge videos – head over to the Challenge Playlist on our YouTube channel.


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  • Correction. The ads aren't only airing this week but throughout the entire tournament.. But still. Lol!

  • It's great that this is finally airing on tv!!! The only thing that I question is why are these ads only airing this week during March Madness? We need more!! Why not all year, all month, every week, everyday, all day, and everywhere? Why can't we not be able to leave the house, watch TV, pick up a magazine, go to the mall, drive down the highway without seeing some form of WP advertising??

    I'm sorry to complain, and I think this post is terrific news, but I just wonder why other corporations like Apple, and Samsung, can manage to do this but it just seems so hard for the media to be saturated with WP advertisements. Is it that Samsung and Apple have the funds to pay for more advertisements than Microsoft does? Or, is it that MS doesn't see WP as important enough to invest in? Or, is the plan for WP to grow by word of mouth? IDK, I'm just confused because I don't know much about the marketing business. It just feels like more can be done to increase awareness that's all.

    Nevertheless, big ups to Ben Rudolf the red nose reindeer, and keep up the good work... To all the WP team keep up the awesome work that you have been doing for years now!!!!