Temple Run is here—and free—for Windows Phone 8

Temple Run is here—and free—for Windows Phone 8

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The addictive mega-hit running game Temple Run is now available for Windows Phone 8. Grab it here.image (The app was just published, so it might be a few hours until you see it in the Store or in search.)

At the risk of stating the obvious, Temple Run sets you off on one of the mobile gaming world’s most heart-pounding challenges. Swipe to turn, jump and slide as you race over obstacles and whip around corners on a pathway resembling China’s Great Wall, all on your way to capturing hidden treasure. Collect coins, buy power-ups, and see just how far your feet can take you, with the beat of native drums setting your pace. A must-have game for your Windows Phone. (And don’t forget about all the other new arrivals I posted on this morning.)


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  • I tried to download it in my Lumia 520 but its showing 'your phone's hardware does not support it' Why?

  • Dear Microsoft,

    I love Windows Phone OS, I'm having Lumia 710 since last year and i'm planning to buy a new Nokia Lumia 720 a windows phone 8 device with 512 MB RAM, I wonder to know that only 23 MB Temple Run not available for 512 MB RAM, 23 MB seems to be not a heavy app, so why restricted for 512 MB RAM devices.

    Also many other great games like Modern Combat 4, Batman: Dark Night Rises and Amazing Spider Man not supported by 512 MB RAM WP8 devices, I Know that in 512 MB RAM WP8 maximum memory that an application  can use is limited to 180 MB rest 322 MB reserved for other tasks and 380 limit for 1GB RAM devices.

    You Must push to optimize such cool games for 512 MB RAM WP8 devices or lift restriction (let user to change threshold RAM usage limit like android) to use memory more than 180 MB so that 512 MB can run cool games.

    Now i'm COMPELLED to buy android over windows phone becoz even cheaper/ low end android devices can support such games.

  • mkp
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    will it be available for Windows Phone 7.8 ?

  • M.K
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    Not for Lumia 620....a big let down from MS

  • glub0t
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    I just bought Lumia 620 and want to play this game in that smartphone. And now I know that i can't play this game on Lumia 620. What a dissapointment!

    I can play both TR and TR 2 in my android with 512 Mb RAM, 1.4 GHz Scorpion (single core!), and Adreno 205 GPU. It is because the GPU? or the developer just don't support for Lumia 620 ?


  • Great game. I use it i my HTC.Microsoft end support windows phone 8 2014. Is that true? I got some news mobileupdate24.blogspot.com/.../microsoft-to-end-windows-phone-8.html

  • It's WP8 only and will likely stay that way. Therefore it won't come to 256 MB devices. Given that those only have ~ 60 MB of RAM available for an App in physical memory (and 90 MB using virtual memory) I would guess that is to little space for the game to run.

    As for 512 MB WP8 devices - I'd be curious to know how much memory TR uses - they can have up to 180 MB (on 1 GB devices it rises to up to 380 MB of memory for an App). But I guess those differences illustrate to you why there might be quite a difference in support.

    If you want to know the details you can have a look at the memory limits in MSDN here: msdn.microsoft.com/.../jj681682%28v=vs.105%29.aspx

  • you guys must be so proud! Well done.. So happy for you Win-8 users!!

    And yes.. I should get myself a win-8 and stop whining.. yes.. that should justify everything!

    So happy for you all.. did I mention that?

  • Rik
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    Great game!

    Runs absolutely flawlessly on my HTC 8X :)

    Well done devs.

    Only problem with it is the live tile doesn't work properly.

  • ...what about the devices running 256 MB RAM??

  • Viki19
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    Hmm ok , plz make it soon for 512mb :( waiting for the update

    there is no free games that are good to play

  • Viki19 the first release requires 1GB of ram. Peharps in the further updates will optmized for 512mb ram devices. Just wait a few days more, to improve the overall experience.

  • Viki19
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    What the hell , it doesn't support for Nokia Lumia 620 and the OS is WP8

    I dont understand whats the reason , plz rply

  • Gary
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    is this the one belfiore was alluding to earlier this week?

  • luisfms
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    It is frustrating to see that this game is not available on my lumia 620 when some of my friends have temple run on their android phones with lower specs --'

  • @Zartan it is not true. This game only use Unity engine on Android Version. The IOS version, mainly the TR1 doesn't use Unity engine. You can bing it.

  • I hope Michael Stroh give us a reasonable answer...

  • Zartan
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    This game uses the UNITY 3D engine, it is impossible to bring it to WP7 since the company that makes Unity has only just ported it to WP8. People crying about this game not being on WP7 need to educate themselves on how video games are made. It is impossible to bring Unity 3D games to WP7 devices. WP8 uses the Windows PC core it is a completely different OS than WP7 under the hood.

    Microsoft made the right move switching to the Windows 8 kernel otherwise games like this wouldn't exist for either WP7 or WP8. Now their phone and PC devices use the same OS kernel and developers can easily port their top 3D games to Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablets.

  • chrishartung to tell the truth, as you can see on the websites, the only phone that is running well it is yours. Only lumia 920. In spite of that this game run awesome in a old 3GS.

  • I live in Brazil, own a WP8 device (Lumia 920) and can't get the game. That's really a shame.

  • What a let down.. Cannot get it on Nokia Lumia 620 WP8......

  • Dear Microsoft,

    I am adressing this topic to you. A company that I used to love. That I used to say the best things about it. Our relation started when my father bought his first computer in the beginner of 91 using your revolutionary system. I was a kid, but since that day, MS is my dream, the company that I always love.

    I passed all the chapters of my life using your produtcs, and I enjoyed every single product released by you. I have not only Windows on my notebook, but I also have Xbox 1, Xbox 360, and many other products.

    I have a lumia 710, yes an old phone, almost a budget phone today. But I used to love the features, the way was WP developed. It is so stable, so beautiful. I thought to upgrade , even though Brazil still don't have WP8 phones and I have to save money first.

    But it is really deceiving to see an old title, like temple run, that my brother (an apple fan) has for at least a year on his old iphone 4 (is not even the TR2) and my phone doesn't even have such title. Worst it will never released to my phone. I upgraded my phone to 7.8, but even today I felt left by MS. I am not complain about all the OS, or limitations, but it is hard to stay calm. Imagine a relationship built in more than 20 years.  I know the effort to MS to offer the best support, releasing 7.8, and even fixing the bugs in firmware released.

    But it is hard, when you see that even an old 3GS has apps like Temple Run (1 and 2), Instagram and etc. I guess that unfortunately I have to admit my brother has a better phone than mine. =/

  • markbt
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    Yet another game that only supports 1GB. Strange that this one runs fine on my 256MB iPod. Talk about fragmentation of the Windows phone devices seeing as the 512Mb phones have been selling well.

  • @jjbowles: done.

    @Lukasss93 et al.: It's only available for Windows Phone 8.

  • lol, question... question everywhere

  • Yes, not available for Windows Phone 7.8. Keep up the good work Microsoft!

  • jjbowles
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    how about a QR code on the page linking to the download page?

  • Do the developers plan to support 512 MB WPs as well?

  • ...and Windows Phone 7.x ?

  • will it be available for Windows Phone 7.8 ?