Now in the Store: Ruzzle, the latest word-gaming craze

Now in the Store: Ruzzle, the latest word-gaming craze

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Word aficionados rejoice: Ruzzle ($2.99), one of the most popular word search games in the world right now, imagearrived in the Store this morning. Buy it here. Billed as the “fastest word game on the planet” by Sweden-based developer MAG Interactive, the game is a Boggle-Scrabble mash up that already boasts more than 10 million players in 128 different countries.

In the game, you and your opponent race against the clock to find as many words as possible in the four-by-four letter game board. After three rounds, the player with the most points wins. Hone your skills in practice mode, then take on Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Ruzzle friends, or random opponents. The game tracks your most recent achievements on the Start screen via its Live Tile.

There are lots of great word games in the Store—what are your favorites?


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  • no trial? Come on Ruzzle!

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  • hehe. Glad to hear that. I hope that instagram releases any app to Windows Phone.

  • Marcus--Trust me that when I have any news about any popular app, I won't keep it to myself. :-)

  • Nice game.

    Anyway Michael Stroh you have some news about Instagram in this month? :P